FineScale Modeler

Brief Description This magazine is concerned with the construction of model kits (usually plastic, sometimes resin or other materials). Includes news of new products, mini-reviews of selected kits, painting guides, background information, and construction techniques articles.
Focus Plastic model kits
Size 92 pages, evenly split between color and black-and-white. Subscribers' copies are wrapped in plastic.
Frequency 9 times per year
United States $26.95 (9 issues), $50.95 (18 issues), $71.95 (27 issues).
Outside the United States $38.00 (9 issues), $76.00 (18 issues), $114.00 (27 issues), payable in U.S. funds only
Editor Bob Hayden ( Readers can also leave voicemail for the editor at the FSM Comment Line -- (414) 798-6548.
Publisher Kalmbach Publishing Company


Sometimes, the boundaries blur. Does a magazine called FineScale Modeler cover miniatures? Sort of...

Therefore, while I wouldn't characterize FineScale Modeler as a miniatures magazine, it does on rare instances cover miniatures, and there is usually something in every issue which a miniature wargamer would find of use.

For instance, each issue includes a list of new products released that month -- vital info for anyone gaming in the larger scales. For instance, looking in the most recent issue, I can tell you that --

Another regular feature in the magazine is the International Color and Camouflage column, which typically details one paint scheme for a military vehicle or aircraft.

Other columns include Book Briefs (listings of new reference books), Reader Gallery (photos of models, sent in by readers), Clinic (where readers ask modeling questions), and Tips and Techniques (short ideas sent in by readers on how better to construct kits).

The feature articles primarily concern themselves with basic construction techniques, advanced detailing techniques, the painting of models, and the construction of displays or dioramas. Although most articles focus on the larger scales (1:35 scale tanks and 1:48 scale aircraft), the information is often useful for those of us working in the smaller ranges.

If you deal with plastic kits on your wargaming tabletop, you might consider FineScale Modeler to be a useful resource. I find something of use in every issue...

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