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Description Devoted to Command Decision
Size 20 pages, A5 (ie., roughly letter paper folded in half)
Publisher John Laing
70 Harcourt Street
Newark, Notts

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Nick Meredith (nickm@discover.co.uk)
Last week I found myself at Triples (a major British Wargaming convention) at Sheffield, with some of the Mansfield Wargames club.

The Mansfield group had put on a 15mm Western Desert game using Command Decision. This generated quite a lot of interest, as the general feeling over here tends to be that CD is too complex a set of rules to use for a demo game at a convention.

Anyway, and getting to the point at last -

Late on the Saturday - as the public were being thrown out - we were approached by John Laing - better known over here as a trader specialising in medieval and fantasy figures - who pressed into my hand a copy of the CD Interest Group Newsletter, Vol 1 Issue 1, which he edits.

It is an A5 (ie roughly letter paper folded in half) sized 20 pages long.



pp 1-2 editorial
Musings on how to run the group, brief review/listing of Mirliton 20mm WWII Italian figures, discussion of why the Americans produced such a poor vehicle in the Sherman when compared with their other equipment

pp 2-10 letters
Subjects: general organisation of group, discussion of single fire phase CD3, effects of Crocodiles, definition of a group, plugs for clubs, similar group for Corps Commander, role of umpires, and a very long interesting letter, including reviews, on a project being carried out by one reader for publication in CPQ on BEF 1940 organisation, and 21st Army group 1944

pp 11-15 more editorial
On CD, submission formats and OBs, plus responses to some of the letters

pp 16-19 book reviews
  • When the odds were even, Keith E Bonn
  • Manpower in the Canadian Army, Major General E.L.M. Burns
  • Various, Patrick Deleforce
  • Closing with the Enemy, David Chandler
  • Various, John Ellis
  • Tank
  • The Generals, J L Granatstein,
  • Commando Subaltern at War, W.G Jenkins
  • The Forgotten Battle, A Korthals
  • The Devil's Adjutant, Michael Reynolds
  • Eisenhower's Lieutenant, Russell F Weighley
  • The Battle of the Scheldt, WD & S Whittaker
  • Rhineland, The Battle to End the War, WD & S Whittaker

Additionally, there was a loose page containing some interesting figures in the usage and casualties suffered by USA Division in the ETO, and their casualties, plus a list of subscribers.

Overall, there was quite a lot of interesting discussion in the newsletter, although clearly it suffers from the slow speed of production when compared with discussion by email.

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