Frequency 6 times per year
Subscription Rates £12 (UK)
£14 (world, surface mail)
£19 (world, airmail)
Publisher The Pike & Shot Society

As is frequently the case in amateur societies, the articles vary very much in quality, although on the whole they are very good. They tend to detailed historical descriptions of various wars, uniforms and so on, with perhaps a few hints on how to wargame them thrown in. "Pure" wargaming articles are rather rare.

As examples of the type of article you can expect, these are the contents of the last two issues:

Volume 20, no V

Volume 20, no VI
Definitely a publication for the Renaissance enthusiast who wants their horizons widened, rather than the dabbler -- although the descriptions of highly obscure wars (to us in the UK anyway) can lead to ideas in any era.

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Written by David Heading
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