Heavy Horse Painting Service

AddressDon Settle
713 W. Madison
Starke, FL 32091
Phone(352) 328-5784
Email heavyhorse14@gmail.com

"I have been professionally painting miniatures since the 80s. I was an in-house painter for Ral Partha... did lots of work for TSR and Thunderbolt Mountain... was on the convention circuit for many years. I do anything from 20mm on up. My prices are $2.50 USD per fig for 20mm, $3.50 USD per fig for 25/28mm, specialty figures are more (personalities, player figs, etc.). I would love to have pics, but I lost all my stock and samples in a house fire last year, and am just getting back together after losing everything from the front door to the back... But you can contact Mike Noe at Iron Wind Metals for a reference. For those who are figure rich and money poor, I also do trade (three for one), and do have already-painted units from time to time for those in a hurry... just ask about either."

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