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onmilitarymatters Sponsoring Member of TMP of On Military Matters writes:

Most of the new items are scheduled to be available here at the On Military Matters shoppe in mid-September, but the two Spanish-language books are expected in by mid-October.


BOLT ACTION: Campaign: The Western Desert

Bolt Action: Campaign: The Western Desert One of the most popular and enduring campaigns of World War II is that of the Western Desert, where Allied armies beat back the hard-pressed German and Italian forces under the grueling African sun. Covers crucial operations such as Crusader, Lightfoot and Supercharge, and the great battles of Tobruk, El Alamein, and Gazala for the Bolt Action system. Includes in-depth information on the forces involved, linked scenarios, and new Theater Selectors. $30.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $25.50 USD

Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago – Gods of Fire In the shifting labyrinth of the Ghost Archipelago, there is one group of islands that can almost always be found – the Islands of Fire. Surrounded by a gray haze of sooty smoke, the islands contain numerous active volcanoes. Despite the constant threat of annihilation, many tribal groups call these islands home, building their villages on the rocky slopes or in the black jungles of gnarled and stunted trees that surround the mountains.

In this supplement for Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago, the Heritors lead their crew to these blighted isles in search of clues to the location of the Crystal Pool. Containing a host of new scenarios, crewmen types, creatures, and treasure, this volume also includes guidelines for building unique tribes to use as adversaries in scenarios or as allies to the Heritors in their quest. $25.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $21.25 USD


ODESSA 1941-44: Defense, Occupation, Resistance and Liberation

ODESSA 1941-44: Defense, Occupation, Resistance and Liberation After a brief overview of the origins and development of the city of Odessa on the Black Sea coast, author Nikolai Ovcharenko turns to its citizens' ordeal during WWII. In the process, he describes the heroism of the city's defenders and residents in the summer of 1941 on the land, sea and in the sky, when defending against insistent Romanian attacks. Two years of occupation and underground resistance (the partisans and activists made use of the extensive catacombs underneath the city of Odessa). The occupiers scored successes against the underground movement, which Ovcharenko details in succeeding chapters using contemporary newspapers and interviews with surviving eyewitnesses, but were never able to stamp out resistance completely. Finally, in the spring of 1944, Odessa was liberated by forces of the advancing Third Ukrainian Front. $38.00 USD

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Air War Over the Putumayo: Colombian and Peruvian Air Operations During the 1932-1933 Conflict During 1932, the occupation of the Colombian towns of Leticia and Tarapaca by Peruvian troops and civilians, in the Amazon region, led to a conflict that almost ended in a total war between both countries. Aviation played an important role on both sides, due to the complicated jungle environment, which makes any land movements almost impossible. $30.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $25.50 USD

The Italian Battleship Littorio Littorio was one of the three Italian Littorio-class battleships operated by the Italian Regia Marina during WWII. Littorio (Lictor), in ancient times, was the bearer of the Roman fasces, which was adopted as the symbol of Italian fascism. Includes 166 profiles, double-sided A2 sheet with modeling plans. $37.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $31.45 USD

U.S. Marine Corps in the Second World War: Images of War Series Presents a graphic overview of the Corps' legendary campaign in text and contemporary images. Describes the full range of Marine Corps weaponry, and explains their organization, tactics, and fighting doctrine from Guadalcanal through Okinawa. $23.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $19.55 USD

Air Battles Over the Baltic 1941: The Air War on 22 June 1941 – The Battle for Stalin's Baltic Region First in a series of publications dedicated to detailing the condition of the air forces of the Red Army prior to the Nazi invasion of 22 June 1941, and then offering a chronology of air battles in 1941. Includes 48 pages of color plates (maps and aircraft profiles), 490 black-and-white photos, 13 tables, one black-and-white illustration, and one black-and-white map. Details the composition and the capabilities of the Soviet aviation alignment in the Baltic Special Military District, as well as the training of flight crews and technical personnel; the number and quality of the materiel; the condition of the logistics structures, as well as the operational and tactical plans of both Soviet and German command; and their reconnaissance operations. $80.00 USD

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The First Bridge Too Far: The Battle of Primosole Bridge 1943 The British paratroopers of the famed Parachute Regiment's 1st Parachute Brigade, known as the Red Devils, fought their equally esteemed German paratrooper opponents, known as the Green Devils, in a battle of attrition central to the entire success of the Allies' first invasion of Hitler's Fortress Europe. These two sets of elite Devils fought each other to a standstill at Primosole Bridge in Sicily (13-16 July 1943), where it was the first instance of opposing elite paratroopers parachuting into battle and then fighting each other in a see-saw battle raging under the blazing Mediterranean sky. $35.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $29.75 USD

In the Year of the Tiger: The War for Cochinchina, 1945-1951 In 1950, France experienced two parallel but different outcomes in its Indochina war. While the conflict in the north ended with a disastrous defeat for the French at Dien Bien Phu, in southern Vietnam, or Cochinchina, France emerged victorious in a series of violent but now largely forgotten actions. In the Year of the Tiger tells the story of this critical southern campaign, revealing in dramatic detail how the French war for Cochinchina set the stage for the American war in Vietnam. Includes eight black-and-white illustrations, nine maps, and two tables. $35.00 USD

Hot Skies Over Yemen: Volume 1 – Aerial Warfare Over the Southern Arabian Peninsula, 1962-1994 Since September 1962, hardly a week passed without a major armed confrontation or an outright war in Yemen. The number of long-lasting insurgencies, mutinies, rebellions, or terrorism-related activities that took place during this period is going into dozens. Despite duration of all these conflicts and although they may have caused as many as half a million deaths, the rest of the world heard very little about them. At best, Yemen is nowadays known as a hotbed of international terrorism, an area that is on the receiving end of frequent U.S. air strikes flown by UAVs, or as some place fiercely bombarded by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia. Includes 120 photos, 15 color profiles, and three maps. $30.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $25.50 USD

Hot Skies Over Yemen: Volume 2 – Aerial Warfare Over the Southern Arabian Peninsula, 1962-1994 Following the Civil War of 1994, Yemen experienced a few years of relative peace. This was rudely interrupted in 2004, when the government opened the first of six campaigns against the movement colloquially known as Houthis. The Yemeni Air Force – partially re-equipped over the previous years – saw intensive involvement in this conflict, but proved insufficient. In late 2009 and through 2010, the war spread into Saudi Arabia, which reacted with its first military intervention in the country. Includes 8 pages of color profiles and photos, 114 black-and-white photos, six maps, and five tables. $30.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $25.50 USD

Spanish-Language Books…

Los Paises Bajos 1567-1573: Las Campanas del Duque de Alaba

Los Paises Bajos 1567-1573: Las Campanas del Duque de Alaba The Low Countries 1567-1573, and the Campaigns of the Duke of Lauda. As a general, he demonstrated his prowess by defeating the Protestant rebels in Jemmingen and in Jodoigne, recovering Mons, looting Mechelen, or taking Haarlem. However, as governor, he had to confront the complicated and changing game of alliances that had always characterized central European politics. And to make matters worse, he stole the financial resources with which to carry out his work, having to resort to the imposition of taxes Manu Militarii. Spanish text. $28.00 USD

Guerra de Independencia en Cataluna 1808-1809 Beyond the Bruch and the sites of Gerona, little importance has given historiography to the war of independence in Catalonia. However, the French emperor considered this region so important for his plans, that after the first failures of General Duhesme, he gave command to one of his most capable generals, Gouvion Saint-Cyr, who led one of the most successful campaigns to remember. While Napoleon Bonaparte barred the Spanish armies in the center of the peninsula, Saint-Cyr did the same for all Catalonia. First the Count de Caldagues, then the general Vives and finally the Swiss Reding succumbed to the operational capacity and the speed of decisions of its French counterpart. After the defeat of Valls, in February 1809, and coinciding with the capitulation of Zaragoza, all the Spanish Northwest was more or less pacified except for Gerona, which would take just a year to fall as well. Spanish text. $28.00 USD

And Don't Forget the Magazines…

Miniature Wargames: Issue #426

Miniature Wargames: Issue #426 Articles include: Forward Observer: Reports on Gladiators, Rommel and the Desert War, the SYW and Warlord's new Blood Red Skies Blenheims; Send Three and Fourpence: Analysis of With the Colours and a campaign system; Tabletop Gaming Live: A preview of what's on offer at the show at Alexandra Palace in September; Command Decision: Scenario – Tarakan: 1942 in the Celebes Sea; Gallalabat: Break out the Italians and Brits! Fighting the Battle of Gallabat, 6th November 1940; The Virtuous Soldier: Exploring the advantages of small scale gaming; Fiction From Friction: Thought-provoking command-and-control ideas for the tabletop; Fantasy Facts: Latest in F&SF gaming with releases from Deep Cut Studio, Brigade, North Star, Warlord. and more; Stop Motion: Building on last month's by Crom! system, it's Mediterranean Mythology Gaming the Harryhausen way!; Recce: Latest book releases; Wargames Widow: How to… Build a Church; The That Troops You Lead: Part 2 of 6mm gaming offers a few ideas on setting up some 1:300th games. $9.00 USD

Pretorien #48 Covers the Punic War and the Crusades. The city of Messina which, in 264 B.C., provides the pretext for war between the Romans and Carthaginians. At the start, it's Roman land power versus Carthaginian sea power, but Rome builds a fleet to challenge the Carthaginian fleet. The war concludes in 241 BC with a peace lasting more than 20 years. The Knights of St. John, deprived of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, settled in Cyprus and, thanks to their fleet, took over the island of Rhodes, which they said was a lock between the eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. But it is without counting on the Genoese who, burdened with taxes by the Hospitallers, end up financing a Turkish expedition that sieges the island. French text. $18.00 USD

Gloire & Empire #80 Exceptionally, this issue of Glory & Empire is not devoted to the great epic or even to the many formidable battles that have marked the revolution and the First Empire. In a way, Napoleon's ambition may seem more modest since it is a matter of a man still ordinary taking the first steps to greatness. But, let us not be mistaken, the theme of our dossier is essential since it traces in detail the origins, childhood, and first steps of the young Napoleon up to the siege of Toulon. French text. $28.00 USD

Traditions #22 In France of 1823, the internal situation is particularly tense and a generalized climate of suspicion limits the individual initiative. In the Chamber of Deputies, intolerance is maximum and common insults. It is in this high-voltage atmosphere that the government, trapped by its refusal to allow the passage of foreign armies, is forced to lift an observation body of 100,000 men to come to the aid of Ferdinand VII, hostage of the constitutionals. The decision goes horribly wrong in the assembly and even comes to the expulsion Manu Militari from Jacques-Antoine Manuel, Liberal member of the Vendee, on 3 March.

The situation is fortunately more serene on the ground where the French troops, led by the Duke of Angouleme assisted by the experienced general Armand Charles Guilleminot, bring together elders from the First Empire and new recruits. Ten years after the defeat of Vitoria, the French enjoyed their revenge after a quick campaign, all astonished that the population favored them. Thirty years earlier, in 1793, they were two less fortunate armies fighting violently around Cholet. The Republican troops led by General Kleber clashed with the Catholic and Royal army of Vendee led by Maurice d'elbee. Winners in the first clashes, the Vendeens end up being defeated in one of the bloodiest battles of the revolution. French text. $18.00 USD

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