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marmont1814 Sponsoring Member of TMP of Lancashire Games writes:

Huge Winter Sale

Bag Yourself a Bargain Now!

15% off everything. Grab a bargain now on our 15mm and 20mm…

19th Century Austrians

…and our 28mm.

28mm Imperial Romans

Our 10mm and 28mm Blaze Away

10mm Federals

…and our Piquet rules and painting service.

28mm Carthaginian Heavy Spearmen

From standard packs to battle packs to army deals.

Don't Miss Out Now! Pre-Release Offer!

Our new 18mm Colonial range (part 1) is well under way, below are our first releases; as we promised, once again we are offering a pre-release discount of 25% on orders before the 31 December 2017.

Hadendowa Warriors Advancing

Hadendowa WarriorsCharging


BE01 – Infantry Advancing 1870s
BE02 – Infantry Charging 1870s
BE03 – Infantry Firing 1870s
BE05 – Infantry Command 1870s
BE06 – Infantry Firing Gatling 1870s – £3.00 GBP
BE07 – Infantry Firing Gardner 1870s – £3.00 GBP
BE09 – Marines
BE10 – Marine Command
BE14 – Infantry Advancing 1880s
BE15 – Infantry Charging 1880s
BE16 – Infantry Firing 1880s
BE17 – Infantry Command 1880s
BE19 – Infantry Firing Gardner 1880s – £3.00 GBP
BE20 – Scottish Infantry Advancing
BE21 – Scottish Infantry Firing
BE22 – Scottish Command
BE25 – Artillery crew
BE26 – Naval Detachment Firing Gatling – £3.00 GBP
BE27 – Naval detachment Firing Gardner – £3.00 GBP
BE30 – Sikh Infantry Advancing
BE32 – Sikh Command
BE35 – Gurkha Infantry Advancing
BE37 – Gurkha Command
BE40 – British Lancer
BE41 – British Dragoon/Heavy Cavalry
BE42 – Bengal Lancer
BE50 – British Generals Circa 1870
BE51 – British Generals Circa 1880

BCA01 – 9-pounder Canon – £3.00 GBP
BCA02 – 7-pounder Screw Gun – £3.00 GBP

Zulu Charging


CE30 – Un-married Zulu Warriors Advancing
CE31 – Un-married Warriors Charging
CE32 – Un-married Warriors with Firearm
CE33 – Married Zulu Warriors Advancing
CE34 – Married Warriors Charging
CE35 – Married Warriors with Firearm
CE45 – Zulu Generals


CE01 – Hadendowa Warriors Charging
CE02 – Hadendowa Warriors Advancing
CE03 – Hadendowa Warriors with Firearm
CE04 – Ansar Warriors Charging
CE05 – Ansar Warriors Advancing
CE06 – Ansar Warriors with Firearm
CE07 – Ansar Foot Command
CE08 – Artillery Crew
CE09 – Ansar Cavalry Charging
CE12 – Ansar Cavalry Command
CE20 – Ansar Generals
CE21 – Mahdi and Osman Dinga set – £3.00 GBP


CE25 – Warriors with Firearm
CE26 – Warriors with Spear or Sword
CE27 – Command

Zulu Advancing

Battle Packs

1 pack – £15.00 GBP
2 to 3 packs – £14.00 GBP each
4 plus only – £13.00 GBP each

(15mm pack contains 60 foot, 24 mounted, six artillery pieces and MGs, plus crews).

CBP100 – British Infantry 1870s
CBP101 – British Infantry 1880s
CBP102 – Scottish Infantry and Marines (40/20)
CBP103 – Sikh and Ghurka Infantry (40/20)
CBP08 – British Lancers and Heavy Cavalry (12/12)
CBP109 – Bengal Lancers
ARP300 – 9-pounders, Artillery Crew, plus Mgs (1870s)
ARP301 – 7-pounder Screw gun, Artillery Crew, plus Mgs (1880s)
CBP200 – Hadendowa Warriors
CBP201 – Ansar Warriors
CBP202 – Ansar Cavalry and Camelry
CBP206 – Zulu Warriors Married
CBP207 – Zulu Warriors Un-Married
CBP212 – Ashanti Warriors

British Advancing 1870's

British Command 1870's

Also don't forget our painting service – 6mm, 15mm to 28mm – at the best prices around.

Check out our amazing painted designer army deals.

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For more details of these and our other ranges and services:

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