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T-53 Thumper From Finger & Toe Released

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Flying Glove 1556 writes:

Looks like a Vietnam era Ontos!

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Personal logo FingerandToeGlenn Sponsoring Member of TMP of Finger and Toe Models writes:

Having been defeated once again by Bel Novgorod's super tanks, the military leadership of Pindar III sent out a request for proposals for a new, inexpensive tank killer. The McNeill Automotive Industries response was the T-53 Bronco, a light vehicle with a crew of two and six large diameter recoilless rifles mounted on a pair of pylons. After its first battle, when two of the small tankettes stopped a pair of Bel's Kitties, the crew gave them their now-famous nickname – Thumper. While Thumper's main drawback was that the recoilless rifles could only be reloaded from outside the vehicle, the crews pointed out that by that time, there weren't any threats left on the battlefield. The tankette design was so versatile that a scout version with a remote weapons station and an infantry support version with a multi-weapon unmanned turret quickly followed. The McNeill Industries design team even produced a version with the new Mark IV gravitic lift propulsor pods. Eventually, the Pindar III army settled on a standard squadron of three recoilless rifle Thumpers plus a scout version as the squadron command vehicle.
Thumper Box Art

Finger and Toe Models announces the release of the 28mm cardstock T-53 Thumper, an affordable tank killer that comes in five digital camouflage and three solid color schemes. In addition to the standard T-53 Thumper armed with six recoilless rifles, parts are included to build the scout version with its RWS, the infantry support vehicle version with its multi-weapon turret, and both the tracked and the gravitic lift version. That's a total of 48 variations! Also included are the parts needed to convert the Finger and Toe Tsiklon logistics truck to an ammo carrier for the Thumper.

Remember, every Finger and Toe model comes with smoosh assurance: if ya'll smoosh your T-53 Thumper, a new one waits your summons from hard drive and printer.

T-53 Thumper is available from or for $6.00 USD.

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