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Tor Gaming: "Crab Men! Run for the Hills!"

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clarkeshire Inactive Member writes:

where's the Crab Women?


ps it will be nice to see them with a bit of paint on them:)

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Tor Gaming Inactive Member of Tor Gaming writes:

Coming up soon will be a set of miniatures that we like to call the Crab Men, although I think Lobster may be closer to the mark, but Lobster Men doesn't roll off the tongue so well!

Say Cheese!

Anyway, these little crustaceans are just the first in a set of models in our new The Cabinet range. A range of stuff that doesn't fit into our game ranges, but are weird or interesting or just useful.

In these pics, you see the first four of the Crab Men, but they will come packed as five (they have a commander model who isn't in the pic – he has bigger claws, no surprise!)

Back view!

We expect to sell the pack of five models (the four in the pics and the command-type chap) for about £7.50 GBP, so a whooping £1.50 GBP per figure!

Perfect for different genres and scales

They are perfect for both fantasy and sci-fi, and make great little critters in 28mm or large monsters in 15mm, as you can see in this pic (the bases they are on are the 30mm beveled bases). The little guy is between a 28mm model (a Hazmat Trooper, coming soon) and a 15mm model:

Size comparison shot

Just the start

These are just the first, we also have a larger version (about 40mm!) which will be coming in resin, and also some variants on these, which are slightly taller and have scythed arms instead of the claws.

And if the range is accepted well, we will expand it even further!

Special pre-order soon

We will have these up for a very special pre-order system. Ever seen those shopping channels where the price drops as more people order? Well, it will be like that!

So, the more that are ordered, the lower the price paid by all those who pre-order!

Keep an eye out, as the pre-order will be up very soon!