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Brigade Models: New 15mm Hammer's Slammers Releases

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Legion 4 writes:

thumbs up Great model !

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Personal logo Tony Francis Sponsoring Member of TMP of Brigade Models Ltd writes:

Ander's Legion is a combined-arms mercenary unit that makes an appearance (of sorts) in the Hammer's Slammers story – Paying the Piper. The Legion is a mechanized unit, fielding mainly tracked or semi-tracked armored vehicles, along with quick-reaction infantry units on one-man skimmers. The Legion has recently undergone a re-equipment program, following the untimely demise of its founder and former leader, General Ander. Older Uralvagonzavod Cutlass tanks and Halberd tank destroyers have been sold on, replaced by TF Industries' Rapier MBT and the new Xiphos series of self-propelled guns.

The Rapier is a heavy tracked tank with a long-barreled 22cm DS railgun, light Manta missile pod, and bow gatling. The model features a resin hull and tracks, with a metal turret and weapons. There are also two air-defense variants, known by troops as the Machete.



The Xiphos comes in two flavors – a tank destroyer with a 20cm hi-powergun that will give any opposing tank a headache, and an infantry support variant called the Palintone with twin breech-loading mortars. The model has a resin hull and tracks, a three-piece metal superstructure, plus roof rails and weapons also in metal. The splinter screen is provided in the form of an etched brass piece.


HS15-3611 – Rapier Tank – £8.50 GBP
HS15-3611a – Machete P/4 with tri-barrels – £8.50 GBP
HS15-3611b – Machete LM/2 with laser/missile system – £8.50 GBP
HS15-3612 – Xiphos Tank Destroyer – £8.00 GBP
HS15-3612a – Palintone Mortar Support Vehicle – £8.00 GBP

HSD15-3601 – Ander's Legion Infantry Detachment – £36.00 GBP
HSD15-3602 – Ander's Legion Recce Detachment – £41.00 GBP
HSD15-3603 – Ander's Legion Mechanized Detachment – £63.00 GBP

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