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Tactica II To Be Distributed Privately

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Arty Conliffe, designer of Tactica, writes:

I have a private, never to be published version of Tactica (T-II, if you will). It is and will be the only item that could be called an update. I wish to keep the game mine and to keep it organic -- capable of devlopment. In my opinion such works can only be done fairly by keeping them private.

I will in the near future print post the intro to it online. This game, which I believe to be my finest work, greatly improves the original in all respects without sacrificing the aspects that made the old game great. I can't tell you more than that right now. It is in an advanced stage of development and is currently being playtested at NYWA who, along with John Bicknell, have great influence on its design.

When completed, it will be distributed privately -- invitation only. Only die-hard TAC players (or those recommended by my field staff) will receive copies; many of those guys already suspect who they are. If you want to be included, just write me every few months and say so. Then I'll know you are serious.


Arty here....

T-2 is in great shape. The concepts are all there right now. I've been cleaning it up and adding armies - there are only 30 armies. I could release it now but have been hesitant to do so for editing reasons. And also because extended playtesting might reveal a problem with a mechanic which I would have to re-write. While in itself no problem, I want to pass on a manuscript as perfect as possible.

Here's why. First, it's a pain in the ass to communicate a change globally. And the rules themselves are only 12 $#%&$!! pages long!! There are no diagrams or pretty pictures. You will have to be familiar with concepts in basic Tactica. This means I have to work harder to make myself clear. John Bicknell will be helping me with editing, and has helped me fine tune the concepts. He has contrinuted an elegant terrain generation method, among other things.

Unlike other games I've designed where I had to labor to get mechanics right, the Gods and the Muses are with me on this one - everything seems to work easily! And even I am amazed at how much of the best of the original game remains while adding so much more in the tactical realm. I think most of you will be pleased. All I can say is that I am very pleased. I can say that no ancients games - including mine - provides as much as T-2 in terms of simulation and fun. Game length and complexity will be roughly the same as original Tactica, but you will have many more decisions to make.

Among the improvements are:

  • Friendly to both 15mm and 25mm
  • Game size variability
  • More standardized base sizes while maintaing unit differentiation
  • Improved and simplified Command & Control (Army Systems)
  • Unified Missile Fire System
  • Simplified Melee system; i.e no chart needed
  • Enhanced and simplified "support" rules
  • Extended concepts of Morale, now called Control Tests
  • Additional Minor Tactics: Impetus, Breakoff, Pursuit
  • Complex manuevers have been reworked cleanly into a Tactica interface
  • Army and Unit Chrome detailed in the Army Lists
  • Options for Great Captains, Excellent Generals and dweebs

...and more in just 12 pages.

Trust me, it will be worth the wait - at least for many of you.

Army Lists in T-II

  • Early Persian, Greek Alliance
  • Peloponnesian War (Greek City States)
  • Macedonian, Greek Confederacy, Later Persian, Indian
  • Pyrrhic, Republican Roman
  • Later Macedonian, Republican Roman
  • Carthaginian, Republican Roman
  • Caesarian Roman, Gallic, German, Pontic, plus Civil War
  • Justinian Byzantine, Frankish, Italian Ostrogoth, Sassanid Persian, Vandal, Visigoth
  • Arab Conquest, Heraclian Byzantine, Sassanid Persian, Vandal, Visigoth
  • Umayyad Arab or Abbasid Arab
  • Thematic Byzantine, Bulgars, Franks Mongol, Teutonic Order, and the Burmese