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Khanate Vehicles Released at The Ion Age

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Gavin Syme GBS Sponsoring Member of TMP writes:

Thank you. A big effort for my little Ion Age and I appreciate the kind words.

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Gavin Syme GBS Sponsoring Member of TMP of The Ion Age writes:

Pugnus Light Tank & Manus APC Khanate 15mm Vehicles Released!

IAF136 and IAF137
The last town in the Glover Agri Zone was taken by four lances of the 23rd Regiment, who came up against something not yet seen: armored vehicles designated Pugnus-type light tanks. One of these alien creations was blown apart by rounds from a Bodkin Type Six rifle, its 28mm explosive penetrator shells punching through the deep red armor of the tank. Another killed half a lance of Knights with its triple Jupiter 46mm plasma mounts before it was stopped. With a Pugnus destroyed, the only other aliens to be found were three short and stout powerarmored Legionaries who appeared to be engineers of some kind. Despite best efforts, none of the three were taken alive; instead, they chose to open fire with Maia 9.6mm MPI. It took only a day for the agriculture zone to be back in the hands of Humanity. It was a fine beginning. Food and more would now flow from the zone to the army and civilians had been saved and a new chapter for the Sigil was begun. Glover would be a place from which to meet the aliens and drive on further. The 23rd Regiment of Prydia was joined by the 207th Muster Regiment and armored platoons from the 96th Regiment. A combined arms force of nearly ten thousand troops which was going to set out from Glover to meet the Shia Khan Legion which was advancing north from the Chivers Zone.

The enemy force had been designated the Styx Legion in the established manner of fighting the oldest foe of mankind. With purpose in their hearts, the Knights and their Muster of the Prydian Army boarded their transport vehicles and their repulsar platforms, and struck forth into the next battle.

– from The Khanate Return

The Ion Age makes all of its releases for June 2017, with the first two of many fantastic alien 15mm vehicle kits.


The wheeled Pugnus light tank, and the big rear ended Manus APC, both in the service of the Khanate Empire. Give your Legionaries, Pioneers or Maligs some mobile support against the Humans in the Camarthen system. Excellent value and design!

June scenario

Click through for the article with lots more to read and more images.

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