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Mythic Americas: The Maya Revealed

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Paul at Warlord Games Sponsoring Member of TMP of Warlord Games writes:

The Maya are the fourth and final faction included in the core Mythic Americas rulebook, with a glorious range of miniatures (some not so mini!) set to pounce onto tabletops soon. Here's a preview at just a few of the models.

What is Mythic Americas?

Developed in partnership between Warlord Games and Mythicos Studios, Mythic Americas takes players on a journey through American folklore via lightning-fast skirmish games upon the tabletop. The Warlords of Erewhon game system is at the core of the ruleset, but these have been suitably embellished to inject games with a distinct flavor of Mythic Americas – a land of fierce warriors, magic and monstrosities.

The full range of Maya will soon be joining them on tabletops, with suitably glorious miniatures. Let's kick off with…

Camazotz, The Bat-God

A sinister figure, the prince of the Maya legions of darkness, is the bat-god, Zotzilaha Chimalman, who dwelt in the "House of Bats," a gruesome cavern on the way to the abodes of darkness and death. He is undoubtedly a relic of cave worship. This deity is alluded to in the Popol Vuh, under the name Camazotz, in close proximity to the Lords of Death and Hell, attempting to bar the journey of the hero-gods across these dreary realms and claiming the head of the Hero Hunahpu as he attempted to pass through Xibalba.


We present to you the utterly terrifying, and huge Camazotz! Dwarfing nearly all other miniatures on the tabletop (competing with the equally impressive Aztec Quetzalcoatl), this is the centerpiece miniature for the Maya!


The Warriors

But whilst it may overshadow all of the other Maya by its stature, it certainly doesn't outshine the glorious infantry on the tabletop. The Maya warband is an elite cadre of warriors that will often be outnumbered by its foes but relies on psychology to prevail.

The Maya Can Call Upon Several Types of Warrior:

Wealthy Almehenob Nobles are fiercely loyal to the Halach Uinic (wielder of all military, civil and religious power in the Maya culture). Their position, power and privilege gives them access to the best weapons and strongest armor, which they train with ceaselessly, shaping them into some of the most formidable mortal warriors.

Almehenob Nobles

Wearing fierce trophies and ornaments, the Calakmal Warriors of the Maya are a fearsome sight, almost demonic. Raiding and fighting for their masters, these warriors often wield macuahuitl, which can smash bone, tear skin and leave horrific damage.


Tikal Archers fight alongside the Calakmal Warriors, shooting waves of vicious arrows into the enemy. Some are armed with the powerful atlatl spear-thrower, which is capable of piercing through even the strongest armor.



Additionally, through the machinations of Maya priestesses who harbor a particularly strong essence, it is believed that some men could shift forms into creatures such as jaguars, and could take on their animalistic traits to better stalk the battlefield with swiftness and wanton savagery, distilling fear in their prey. These werejaguar miniatures are a sight to behold. We're not quite ready to show these glorious miniatures off yet, but they too will be revealed quite soon!

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