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Brigade Models: New 6mm Hammer's Slammers Vehicles

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Legion 4 writes:

My entire Slammer Task Force. The vehicles are the old Old Crow and Infantry GZG. Brigade's Slammer vehicles are perfect too ! I may have to get some to add to "TF Legion" !


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Personal logo Tony Francis Sponsoring Member of TMP of Brigade Models Ltd writes:

Today, we're releasing more reinforcements for our 6mm Hammer's Slammers forces. There are uparmored versions of the M2A4UA tank and M9A7 combat car, plus new artillery support on the form of the M53 20cm Artillery Hog.

Uparmoured Slammers

The new tanks have extra armor plating pretty over the entire hull and turret, while the combat cars also have additional hull armor, plus extra plating that fits over the existing mesh splinter shield.

Blower Tank Comparison

The M53 Hogs are enormous vehicles, as big as a blower tank and with a turret that wouldn't look out of place on a naval destroyer! The M53 can empty its six-round ready magazine in just 15 seconds, and the ammunition options include nuclear, nerve agents, and cluster rounds, as well as the usual array of conventional munitions.

M53 Hogs

The models are all available singly, or we have new army and detachment packs that replicate the existing organizations but with the uparmored vehicles instead. There's also a new artillery pack with hogs, mortar jeeps, and command and observer vehicles.

HS-1600u – Friesland Defence Force Army Pack – £25.00 GBP
HS-1601u – Uparmoured Tank Detachment – £11.00 GBP
HS-1602u – Uparmoured Combat Car Detachment – £11.00 GBP
HS-1604 – Artillery Detachment – £10.00 GBP
HS-1611b – M2A4UA Uparmoured Blower Tank – £1.50 GBP
HS-1611c – M2A4FUA Uparmoured Command Tank – £1.50 GBP
HS-1612d – M9A7 Uparmoured Combat Car – £1.00 GBP
HS-1614 – M53 20cm Artillery Hog – £1.50 GBP

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