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Free Download: Detectives Office Floorplan

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Augustus Supporting Member of TMP writes:

Cool stuff.

Should have had a small falcon structure on the desk….


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Wargame Vault announces the following free download:

Detectives Office

Detectives Office

Publisher: DramaScape

DramaScape Free Volume 09

The Detectives Office is a 10" x 7" full-color floorplan of a detectives fffice, with hex, square and 'no' overlay.

The zip file includes the VTT file for use online.

Includes a 360° view of the map.

Game Masters need quality maps for their miniatures. DramaScape is committed to bringing Game Masters the maps they need.

You know I should have been a fisherman instead of a detective. Why? Because I can smell a fishy story all day long. And my gut tells me this dame at the doorway, dressed to the nines in a red dress, is about to give me a whale of a tale.

The Detectives Office module is a single map of a private investigator's business office. It includes a 360-degree view.

The detective's office is tailor-made for a pulp adventure or film-noir game. Time-period-wise, it is best used from the early 1900s to modern times.

The detective office is a location to start a detective adventure. A dame walks in with a problem like her boyfriend has gone missing. The detective is a problem solver and goes about investigating the details of the case by telephoning his relevant contacts and listening to reports on his radio that may be important to the case.

One of his contacts might be the Player Characters, and he calls in their help with the legwork. It would seem the boyfriend last disappeared in a rough part of town, and he may need some muscle in the next phase of his work. The detective might be doing too good of a job, and the people who made the boyfriend disappear would prefer that he not be found.

They ambush the detective and the Player Characters at the next location they search, or even with a bold attack on the detective's home office. If they capture one of the thugs, he points them in the direction of their hideout, where he is being held, or even tells them he is being transferred to a short pier by the docks.

Can the detective and the Player Characters save the boyfriend in time?

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