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With Sword & Shield Fantasy Rules Released

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KJdidit Sponsoring Member of TMP writes:

There is no cost for spells (which is why there's a critical failure component to them); their effects are balanced against the casting number (and, consequently, the provisions for critical failure and level effects). Adding your own spells is doable, but there would be some trial and error in balancing their effects and drawbacks.

The only guidance I offer on army creation is to become familiar with the available attributes for the chosen unit types and match them to your conception of how the unit should operate (too often, 'how to' suggestions from a designer become 'gospel' to certain players, so I leave this to the imagination of the players and how they'd like to see their units perform on the tabletop).

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KJdidit Sponsoring Member of TMP of Legionnaire Games writes:

PDF Format: $9.95 USD

Legionnaire Games is pleased to announce the release of our Fantasy Mass Battles miniatures game, With Sword and Shield!

With Sword and Shield is a miniatures game of mass-combat, set in any world you wish to imagine! Field armies composed of unruly hordes, stalwart men-at-arms, thundering cavalry, fantastic creatures, gigantic constructs, great war engines, powerful wizards, iconic heroes, and brave leaders in an attempt to crush your opponents on the field of battle.

The game uses simple differential mechanics to determine combat outcomes, and pass/fail/critical failure gradients for casting spells. Casualties are removed in ranks, or individual bases for characters, and units that fail to recover from Command Hits may rout from play.

With Sword and Shield supports miniature scales from 3mm up to 'heroic' 28mm, and includes:

  • Rules reflecting troop order, formations, and maneuvers
  • Provisions for horde, skirmish, elite, large and enormous creatures, flying, constructs and war engine unit types
  • Characters in the form of Leaders, Heroes, Mages, Wild Mages, Necromancers and Ecclesiasts
  • Dozens of unit and character attributes that create a unique feel and purpose for each unit in play
  • 87 Spells and Rituals with which to harass and destroy your enemies
  • Six standard scenarios, scaleable to the size of game you wish to play
  • An average game length of 2-3 hours.
  • Complete rules and guidelines for creating your own units and armies
  • Six complete army lists to get you started playing right away – Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Orcs, Beastmen and Undead – plus unit profiles for summoned creatures and elementals
  • Game reference charts, markers, and blank unit cards for your own creations

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