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onmilitarymatters Sponsoring Member of TMP of On Military Matters writes:

Most items, including Ospreys, due into the shoppe by late December. Operations manuals, wargames, and WI magazine due in early December.


Milites Mundi: Ancient and Medieval Rules

Milites Mundi: Ancient and Medieval Rules Based upon the Swordpoint system, but for smaller scale figures. A big battle ruleset for fighting ancient and medieval actions. Includes twelve scenarios, index, and comprehensive diagrams. Games of Milites Mundi involve hundreds of figures per side, arranged into multiple units. The game is designed to last for two hours, and encourages the use of historical tactics and formations (without being prescriptive), and emphasizes the need to maintain cohesion in the army's battle line and sweeping flank attacks. $25.00 USD

Battlegroup: Kursk

Battlegroup: Kursk This is the campaign supplement from the original Battlegroup Kursk rulebook, containing army lists, stats, scenarios, and campaign to re-fight the Kursk battles on the Eastern Front in 1943. $24.00 USD

Romance of the Perilous Land: A Roleplaying Game of British Folklore

Romance of the Perilous Land: A Roleplaying Game of British Folklore Roleplaying game of magic and adventure set in the world of British folklore, from the stories of King Arthur to the wonderful regional tales told throughout this green and pleasant land. It is a world of romantic chivalry, but also of great danger, with ambitious kings, evil knights, and thieving brigands terrorizing the land, while greedy giants, malevolent sorcerers, and water-dwelling knuckers lurk in the shadows. As valiant knights, mighty barbarians, subtle cunning folk, and more, the players are heroes, roaming the land to fight evil, right wrongs, and create their own legends. $35.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15% New Price: $29.75 USD

Ragnarok: The Vanir – Morpheus Engine 2 The Aesir are dead, and the Vanir, now uncontested in their divinity, come to claim what is left of the Nine Realms. The War Clans must oppose, or align with, these new foes. Ragnarok: The Vanir features new Godsparks that War Clans may harness to combat the marauding Vanir, as well as new scenarios, monsters and options to further develop players' campaigns. $30.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15% New Price: $25.50 USD

Paleomythic: A Roleplaying Game of Stone and Sorcery Roleplaying game of grim survival and mythical adventures in the land of Ancient Mu, a harsh prehistoric world full of mysterious ruins and temples to explore, huge and terrible creatures that roam and spread fear across the land, and nefarious mystics and sorcerers who plot dark schemes from the shadows. Taking on the roles of hunters, healers, warriors, soothsayers and more, players will navigate a world of hostile tribes, otherworldly spirits, prehistoric beasts, and monstrous creatures lurking in the dark places of the world. $35.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15% New Price: $29.75 USD

Uniform Guides…

Uniforms of French Armies: 1690-1894 Volume 1: Major staff, Maison du Roi, Guards

Uniforms of French Armies: 1690-1894 Volume 1: Major staff, Maison du Roi, Guards English text with original captions in French. Full-color, first time in Italian and English. 1.1 General Staff, 1.2 Maison du Roi, 1.3 Guards of the Convention, Directorate and Consulate, 1.4 Napoleon Imperial Guard I, 1.5 Royal Guard, 1.6 Napoleon Imperial Guard III, 1.7 Gendarmerie. $42.00 USD

Uniforms of French Armies: 1690-1894 Volume 2: The Cavalry English text with original captions in French. Full-color, first time in Italian and English. 2.1 Cavalry, 2.2 Carabinieri, 2.3 Corazzieri, 2.4 Dragons, 2.5 Cavalry and Lancers, 2.6 Hunters on horseback, 2.7 Hussars. $42.00 USD

Uniforms of French Armies: 1690-1894 Volume 3: The Infantry English text with original captions in French. Full-color, first time in Italian and English. 3.1 Infantry, 3.2 Walking Hunters and Light Infantry, 3.3 Troops from Africa. $42.00 USD

Uniforms of French Armies: 1690-1894 Volume 4: Artillery & Engineers English text with original captions in French. Full-color, first time in Italian and English. 4.1 Artillery, 4.2 Genius, 4.3 Crew Train, 4.4 Body of the Remonte, 4.5 War Commissioners – Inspectors – Intending, 4.6 Health Corps, 4.7 Administration, 4.8 Disabled, Reformed and Veterans Soldiers, 4.9 Military Schools, 4.10 Light and Foreign Troops, 4.11 Gendarmerie, 4.12 Paris Guard, 4.13 Marine and Colonial Troops, 4.14 Indigenous Troops. $42.00 USD

Uniforms of French Armies: 1690-1894 Volume 5: National Guard and Allied Armies English text with original captions in French. Full-color, first time in Italian and English. 5.1 National Guard – Honor Guard – Zappatori and firemen, 5.2 Allied Troops – Bavaria, 5.3 Allied Troops – Warttemberg, 5.4 Allied Troops – Frankfurt, 5.5 Allied Troops – Baden, 5.6 Allied Troops – Hesse and Hesse, 5.7 Allied Troops – Nassau – Westphalia, 5.8 Allied Troops – Warzburg – Saxony, 5.9 Allied Troops – Gotha – Coburg – Weimar – Lippe 5.10 Allied Troops – Anhalt – Waldeck – Oldenburg – Mecklenburg, 5.11 Allied Troops – Italy, 5.12 Allied Troops – Kingdom of Naples, 5.13 Allied Troops – Batava Republic and Kingdom of Holland, 5.14 Allied Troops – Spain, 5.15 Allied Troops – Poland, 5.16 Prussian Auxiliary Corps, 5.17 Austrian Auxiliary Corps, 5.18 Danish Auxiliary Corps, 5.19 Interpreters and archivists, 5.20 Oudinot Grenadiers – Legion of Antibes – Western Volunteers – Military Convicts, 5.21 Royal Volunteers – Tunis Regency, 5.22 Conde Army. $42.00 USD


100 ME-262 vs P-51 Mustang: Europe 1944-45

100 ME-262 vs P-51 Mustang: Europe 1944-45 Duel series. $22.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15% New Price: $18.70 USD

277 British Amphibious Assault Ships: From Suez to the Falklands and the Present Day New Vanguard series. $19.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15% New Price: $16.15 USD

013 The Wright Flyers 1899-1916: The Kites, Gliders, and Aircraft that Launched the Air Age X-Planes series. $22.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15% New Price: $18.70 USD


Eylau 1807

Eylau 1807 Battle of Preussisch-Eylau, fought in extreme weather conditions, under blizzards and temperatures of much below zero between the Great Armee and the Russians of Benningsen on 8 February 1807, has been called the most epic of Napoleon's battles, that which saw the greatest cavalry charge in history, led by Murat at the head of more than 10,000 troopers, but also the most controversial. [Italian text]. $42.00 USD

Desperate Sunset: Japan's Kamikazes Against Allied Ships 1944-45 Fully illustrated throughout, Desperate Sunset examines the development and evolution of the kamikaze using first-hand accounts, combat reports and archived histories. The Japanese High Command decided that the way to inflict maximum damage on the superior enemy forces was to get the poorly trained Japanese pilots to crash their explosive-laden aircraft onto their target, essentially turning themselves into a guided missile. The kamikazes announced themselves in the immediate aftermath of the Leyte Gulf naval battles, sinking the U.S.S St. Lo and damaging several other ships. The zenith of the kamikaze came in the battle of Okinawa, which included ten kikusui (Floating Chrysanthemum) operations which involved up to several hundred aircraft attacking the U.S. fleet. $45.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15% New Price: $38.25 USD


Nations In Arms: Valmy to Waterloo Wargame

Nations In Arms: Valmy to Waterloo Wargame Strategic-level wargame covers Napoleon in Europe from 1792 to 1815. It uses an extensively updated, modified, and streamlined version of the Le Grand Empire game system from Pratzen Editions (that game covered the 1800-1815 time period). From 2 to 7 players manage annual national production, diplomacy, and most importantly, war. Each game year is broken into four interactive, seasonal turns. A Chit Activation system is used to recreate the chaos of war, and events occur using an Historical Event card deck. It features a one-turn tutorial scenario, four epic campaign scenarios, and five smaller scenarios. Product Information: Complexity: Moderate (about 6 out of 10); Playing Time: 50 hours for full campaign (1.5 hours and up for scenarios); Solitaire Suitability: Good due to chit pull activation system. Components: 2 oversized sections creating a 60 x 44-inch playing area; 4 countersheets; 3 full-color 8.5 x 11-inch cards with various tables, charts and player aids; 1 card deck (110 cards) of historical and tactical events; 1 rules booklet (original rulebook with errata incorporated); 1 scenario booklet (original scenario booklet with errata incorporated). $129.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15% New Price: $109.65 USD

Magazines With Wargames…

Paper Wars: Issue 93: Wargame 1809

Paper Wars: Issue 93: Wargame 1809 Two-player, but solitaire adaptable, wargame uses a 34 x 22-inch large-hex (¾-inch per hex) map, fewer than 12 pages of rules, and one sheet of 228 medium-size (9/16-inch) counters to provide an emperor's-eye-view of this titanic and savagely fought two-day battle. Each hex represents 875 yards, and each of the two days has four to six turns (depending on morale and exhaustion) with a separating night turn in between. Units of maneuver are mostly multi-step divisions for both sides. The game uses an alternating action sequence that keeps both players fully and tensely involved all throughout every turn. $47.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15% New Price: $39.95 USD

Vae Victis #148 Boardgames: Platoon Commander Deluxe: Battle of Kursk; MacArthur's Defeat 1941; Red Alert; To Take Washington; Fields of Fire 2; Peloponesian War; Fallen Eagles: Quatre Bras; and Marathon Scenarios: Advanced Squad Leader and Memory 44 Miniatures: Le Kriegspiel Napoleon; Campaign Men who would be kings; Ultra combat Normandy; Vietnam; Oil War, 2e partie; Black Seas; BattleTech; scenarios Bull Run Hobby: Gen Con 2019 and Drouet d'Erlon a Waterloo 9. Wargame with die-cut counters: Second Battle of Bull Run (1862) – Two-player game uses the rules of the Secession system. [French text]. $26.00 USD

Modern War #45: Dragon & Hermit Wargame Two-player game that covers the hypothetical simulation of a second Korean War that could occur in the very near future. This game is a precursor to The Dragon that Engulfed the Sun (Modern War #42). It simulates the war that would have occurred on the Korean peninsula just prior to that game's setting. The Dragon that Engulfed the Sun assumes that a Chinese victory had already occurred in Korea. This game, however, simulates the entirety of that preceding conflict, beginning with a supposed North Korean invasion of South Korea. Components: One 22 x 34-inch map on one sheet and 176 counters and magazine. $40.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 10% New Price: $36.00 USD

And Don't Forget the Magazines…

Wargames Illustrated: Issue #386

Wargames Illustrated: Issue #386 Theme: The Filthy 13: Hollywoodized history of this most infamous of WWII sections with wargaming suggestions; Convert an M43 uniform into the M42, to represent how they appeared on the eve of the Normandy landings of 1944; A Busy Night in Little 'Appens – Dad's Army Scenario; and Popski's Private Army: Historical Overview. Other Articles: Building Antietam: Building a scale model of the battlefield; Pirates of the Hebrides: Skirmish faction for use with On The Seven Seas and Lion Rampant rulesets; Talons, Claws and Rotten Dice: Latest Great Northern War supplement for Beneath the Lily Banners; An Out-of-Vehicle Experience: Unofficial rules for using pedestrians in Gaslands; Gaming a Game of Thrones: Ideas on gaming in the GoT world; How to Get an Extra Hand: Using Lego bricks; Designer's Notes: Wasteland Warriors; and more. $9.00 USD

More on the Website…

Visit for all our stock in the shoppe. If you need additional information, don't hesitate to email or phone 609-466-2329. We are also offering used books and wargames (usually one copy each) on our website. Note that if you subscribed to our e-Flyer, you would have had first crack at them. Just drop an email to us to be put on our email list.

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