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NavTac Deluxe Edition Available From Wargame Vault

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Wargame Vault announces the availability of:

From Minden Games

Watermarked PDF – $23.95 USD

NavTac Deluxe Edition

Navtac Deluxe Edition is a 153-page illustrated release containing two complete games (plus a ship supplement) containing miniature tactical-level World War I naval rules.

The game uses 1:3000 scale ships, and classic naval combat rules using Minden's NavTac (NavTac = Naval Tactical) game system.

Games Included:

NavTac: Coronel & Falklands simulate the early battles of the First World War, particularly the Battles of Coronel and the Falklands, as well as other historical scenarios occurring in the first two years of the war. Warships from France, Italy, Austria-Hungary, Russia and Turkey, in addition to those from Great Britain and Germany. Battle of Dogger Bank has a particular focus on battlecruisers and the Battle of Dogger Bank (1915), as well as other historical scenarios with warships from Great Britain and Germany. Finally, a supplemental ship section is included that has 22 additional, previously unreleased ships from various countries for use with the system.

NavTac uses a modified version of the system popularized by Fletcher Pratt, with game turns equaling five minutes, and one inch representing 500 yards. Significantly, NavTac uses dice to determine the results of gunfire between ships, not the range estimation method used by Pratt. There are many other differences and refinements, but this is the most decisive. By using the ship ratings and tables coupled with wise sailing tactics, the characteristics of gunfire (taking into account range, size of shell, armor of the target), and the roll of dice, you can authentically recreate events that happened in historical battles.

Each of the two games includes rules, game tables, several scenarios, and historical commentary, a total of 66 ships (NT: Coronel & Falklands), 54 ships (Dogger Bank), and 22 ships (supplement), for a total of over 140 1:3000 scale warship counters which you can scan and print (or you may use your own miniature ships). Ships are individually rated for type (BB, BC, B, AC, CL), displacement, main guns and range, secondary guns and range, armor, speed, turret placement, and damage (ship datacards are also included within the pages of the 8.5" x 5.5" book). There are some ships that appear in both games, and the rules are similar in both since it is the same system, but each game contains specific scenarios, ships, and material unique to itself.

The game is well suited to veteran naval gamers as well as newcomers, and history buffs, as it seeks to be very playable, while at the same time retains historicity.

Rated 1:3000 Scale Warship Counters Included:

British: Dreadnought, King George V, Ajax (BB); Invincible, Inflexible, Indomitable, Tiger (BC); Lord Nelson, Agamemnon (B), Defence, Minotaur, Warrior, Natal, Achilles, Duke of Edinburgh, Black Prince, Kent, Monmouth, Cornwall, Good Hope, Leviathan, Drake (AC); Sydney, Southampton, Glasgow, Liverpool (CL); Otranto (AMC). Germany: Westfalen, Nassau, Rheinland, Helgoland, Oldenburg (BB); Goeben (BC); Scharnhorst, Gneisenau (AC); Breslau, Emden, Dresden, Leipzig, Nurnberg (CL). France: Courbet, Jean Bart (BB); Danton, Vergniaud, Mirabeau (B); Edgar Quinet, Rousseau (AC). Austria-Hungary: Tegetthoff, Prinz Eugen, Viribis Unitis (BB); Radetzky, Zrinyi (B); Sankt Georg (AC); Saida (CL). Italy: Dante (BB); Napoli, Regina Elena, Roma (B); San Giorgio, San Marco (AC). Russia: Evstafi, Zlatoust, Pantelimon (B). Turkey: Yavuz (BB); Turgut Reis, Barbarossa (B).
British: Invincible, Inflexible, Indomitable, Indefatigable, New Zealand, Australia, Tiger, Lion, Princess Royal, Queen Mary (BC); Dreadnought, Neptune, Audacious, Centurion (BB); Lord Nelson, King Edward VII (B); Duke of Edinburgh, Black Prince, Shannon, Cochrane, Berwick, Essex, King Alfred (AC); Chatham, Dublin, Southampton, Bristol, Gloucester, Newcastle, Blanche, Blone, Fearless (CL). German: Von der Tann, Moltke, Goeben, Seydlitz, Derfflinger, Lutzow (BC); Thuringen, Ostfriesland, Posen (BB); Deutschland, Schlesien, Hannover, Pommern, Schleswig-Holstein (B); Blucher, Roon, Yorck (AC); Stralsund, Strassburg, Magdaburg, Stettin, Stuttgart (CL).)
Austria-Hungary: Szent Istvan (BB), Erz. F. Ferdiand (B), Novara, Helgoland (CL); France: France, Paris (BB), Condorcet, Diderot, Voltaire (B); Germany: Konigsberg (CL); Britain: Africa, Britannia, Commonwealth, Dominion, Hibernia, Hindustan, Zealandia (B), Cumberland, Suffolk, Lancaster, Donegal (AC); Italy: V. Emanuele (B).

Get all the current NavTac rules, scenarios and ships currently available at one low bundle set price.

Designed by Gary Graber. NavTac Deluxe Edition published in PDF edition by Minden Games 2021.

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