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15mm Landsknecht – 20 New Poses

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Gavin Syme GBS Sponsoring Member of TMP of Alternative Armies writes:

Alternative Armies now expands the Altuos 15mm Renaissance range with new miniatures now totaling 170 poses. Sculpted in the same style and to the same fineness as the original range, these new Landsknechts add to the pikes from last month, giving four with two-handed sword, four with crossbow, four with arquebus, four with halberd, and four armored with halberd. 20 15mm poses. Click below to see the entire range, which covers late 15th Century through to the 17th Century and look through all the miniatures.


Every miniature in the whole range, including 15mm buildings, walls and tents, plus horses and artillery, as well as cavalry and infantry, can be had as a single – meaning, total control of your army for your chosen game system. We also have the Furioso Renaissance wargame rules with its Italian Wars expansion by Steve Danes. These books can be had in print, or as digital downloads at 20 percent less.

Landsknecht with Arquebus

MR100 – Landsknecht Loading Arquebus
MR101 – Landsknecht Shoulder March Arquebus
MR102 – Landsknecht Advancing Arquebus
MR29 – Landsknecht Arquebus

Landsknecht with Swords

MR103 – Landsknecht 2H Sword Standing
MR104 – Landsknecht 2H Sword Raised
MR105 – Landsknecht 2H Sword Advancing
MR28 – Landsknecht 2H Sword

Landsknecht with Halberds

MR106 – Landsknecht Halberd Shouldered
MR107 – Landsknecht Halberd Standing
MR108 – Landsknecht Halberd Guard
MR109 – Landsknecht Halberd Advancing

Landsknecht with Armored Halberds

MR110 – Landsknecht Armored Halberd Shouldered
MR111 – Landsknecht Armored Halberd Standing
MR112 – Landsknecht Armored Halberd Guard
MR113 – Landsknecht Arm Halberd Advancing

Landsknecht with Crossbows

MR114 – Landsknecht Crossbow Shouldered
MR115 – Landsknecht Crossbow Loading
MR116 – Landsknecht Crossbow Firing
MR117 – Landsknecht Crossbow Advancing

We hope you enjoy this big expansion, and these were added to the Light, Heavy and Armored Pikes in three poses each last time. There are now nearly 30 different early 16th Century miniatures for these paid-for troops, and we will be releasing more in coming months.


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