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Personal logo Sgt Slag Supporting Member of TMP writes:

Bought a copy of your book, off Amazon. Love the book! Reminds me of when I was a kid, looking through the Christmas catalogs, from JC Penney's, Sears, and Montgomery Ward. Takes me back around 50 years. Thanks, for that!

The comics are a surprise, along with the RPG stat's pages. I was not expecting any of that.

I was disappointed, though, as the book is missing the figures I bought, and use as AD&D Fire Giants. At the time of my order, I had more limited funds. Always wanted to order more of them, as I was building a pool of 30 Fire Giants, to run the classic AD&D module G3: Halls of the Fire Giant King, using 2.75D or full 3D terrain.

When I got back to being able to order more, they were off the market. I switched to buying pre-painted Paizo Fire Giant figures, which are mostly compatible with the six (very heavy) metal mini's I ordered from you. I'll be sending a photo of them to your Yahoo e-mail in the hopes that you can share with me who bought the molds and the rights to these figures. I would love to buy a few more, to add more diverse figures to my Fire Giant army.

I play 2e AD&D BattleSystem mass fantasy battle rules. My Fire Giants have seen game time in both my RPG sessions, and in my 2e BS games.

I ordered Goats, and Chickens, from you, years ago. I use the Goats as Shaken Unit Morale Markers (Goats, and Shaken Units, will only attack from the flank, or rear); I use the Chickens as Routing Unit Morale Markers, for Units that are fleeing for their lives… I prefer these to red/yellow pipe cleaner segments, labeled paper tents, or any other Morale Markers I've tried, on the tabletop. They are superb in marking Units that are not in Good Order, without detracting from the visual aspects of the games. Might need to order a few more, if I can track them down…

Thank you! Mega Mini's was my favorite figures maker. Wish I could have thrown more money at you in the past. Cheers!

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John Lauck writes:

I finally finished compiling this reference book and it's up on Amazon.

The Guide to Mega Miniatures

The book is 331 pages thick, with the first 157 pages containing images of every figure I ever produced, not counting subcontracting work for other companies.

I thought there were only 1,500 images, but after a recount, there are 2,400 figures. A rider on horseback counts as two, but a dragon with wings only counts as one; only because the rider is often interchangeable with other figures.

There are roughly 65 pages of D20 stats based on the images.

Another 80 pages of Draggles Town comic, and 30 pages of part numbers and what figures went to what buyers.

I am certain that there are a few errors, which anyone can point out and post on my Mega Miniatures Facebook page.

16 years, piles of images, paperwork, it was simply overwhelming. I could have easily doubled the size of the book but had to say "Enough is enough" and put it to rest.

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