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Caliver Sponsoring Member of TMP Inactive Member of Caliver Books writes:

Quite a Few New Books This Week & Several Nice Releases From Warlord Games

Battle of Killiecrankie 1689

H26119 – Battle of Killiecrankie 1689: The Last Act of the Killing Times / Reid, S mint hardback. The definitive account inc maps, orbats etc. £21.50 GBP

H26120 – German Infantry (Winter) – Bolt ActionWarlord Games. £22.25 GBP

H26121 – British Infantry Section (Winter) – Bolt ActionWarlord Games. £13.50 GBP

H26122 – U.S. Airborne Squad (Winter) – Bolt ActionWarlord Games. £13.50 GBP

H26123 – U.S. Characters – Bolt ActionWarlord Games. £4.50 GBP

H26124 – U.S. Army MP's (Winter) – Bolt ActionWarlord Games. £4.50 GBP

H26125 – Jagdpanzer 38 (T) Hetzer – Bolt ActionWarlord Games. £17.50 GBP

H26126 – Spanish Household Troops and Guards 1500-1990 / Bueno near mint Spanish Captions 125 plus full-color plates, each with 2 to 6 figures by the great modern Spanish artist. £65.00 GBP

H26127 – Gendarmerie Nationale / Besson & Rosiere Very good condition, very large format hardback. Signed to Bob Marrion's by Eugene Leliepvre, one of the artists 600 pages. Over half covers 1700- 1900. A large number of color uniforms and detailed drawings. £250.00 GBP

Development of American Miniature Wargaming

H26128 – Duke Seifried and the Development of American Miniature Wargaming Including Duke's Melee (1960) and Jim Getz's Napoleonique (1971) – mint paperback. £13.99 GBP

H26129 – George Gushs Wargames Rules for 15th to 17th centuries / Gush mint paperback reprint. £14.50 GBP

H26130 – Phil Barker's Horse & Musket Rules 1685-1845 – paperback reprint. £14.99 GBP

H26131 – Matchlock Miniatures 15mm French Indian Wars Canoe, Baggage & Crew Back in Production – link. £2.99 GBP

H26132 – Coast Artillery War Game (1916): Early Naval wargaming / Chamberlaine mint paperback reprint. Training wargaming played in a large room with a model harbor. £14.99 GBP

H26134 – Minifigs: A selection of the Gunfighters are back in production, as is the Knight of the White Rose with Spear – see £0.00 GBP

H26135 – Military Engineering During the Great Civil War, 1642-49 / Ros, Lt. Col near fine paperback reprint. £42.50 GBP

And More Second-Hand Books & Rules This Week as Well!

46555 – Anatomy of Glory: Napoleon and His Guard – A Study in Leadership / Lachouque 580 pages. Excellent condition large hardback. One of the must haves for any Napoleonic library. £15.00 GBP

46556 – Gotterdammerung: The Death Throes of the Reich – Wargames supplement for I Ain't Been Shot Mum by Too Fat Lardies. Rules additions and army lists. £10.00 GBP

46557 – Images of the Civil War / Kunstler, Mort large format very good condition hardback. All color illustration of the ACW by this well known artist. £12.50 GBP

46558 – Pete Ellis: An Amphibious Warfare Prophet, 1880-1923 / Ballendorf near fine paperback. £5.00 GBP

46559 – Dangerous Service: Memoirs of a Black Watch Officer in the French & Indian War: John Grant, 1741-1828 – 300 pages like new paperback From the action in Guadeloupe via the Siege of Montreal to the Siege of Havana in 1762. £15.00 GBP

46560 – Militiamen, Rangers And Redcoats: The Military In Georgia, 1754-1776 / Johnson 200 pages mint hardback. £11.00 GBP

46561 – Medieval Combat: A Fifteenth-Century Illustrated Manual of Swordfighting and Close-quarter Combat / Talhoffer near mint paperback. £15.00 GBP

46562 – Et Sans Resultat! We Shall Meet In Vienna, 1813 in Germany – 250 pages all color. Campaign supplement. Eleven scenarios, complete orbats and over 1500 uniform images, detailing every regiment featured in the scenarios. Near mint ring bound paperback. £45.00 GBP

46563 – Journal of Captain William Trent From Logstown To Pickawillany, A.d. 1752: Now published for the first time from a copy in the archives of the Western… With Letters Of Governor Robert Dinwiddie / Trent near mint Arno Press hardback. First American Frontier facsimile series. £22.00 GBP

46564 – Kingdom of Italy Infantry 1805-14 / Curri Napoleonic association pamphlet line drawings. £6.00 GBP

46565 – Wargames Rules for the Period 1500-1660 / Dave Millward blast from the past. £7.50 GBP

46566 – French Army of the War of the Austrian Succession 1740-1748 1) Organisation uniforms and Equipment / Wilson, Dave 280 pages, very well illustrated in color. Near mint, marks and small tear to jacket. £32.50 GBP

46567 – Battle of Montgomery 1644 / Worton 106 pages, very well illustarted, near mint Paperback. £14.50 GBP

46568 – Battle for York: Marston Moor 1644 / Barratt near fine paperback. £4.50 GBP

46569 – American military equipage, 1851-1872: A description by word and picture of what the American soldier, sailor and marine of these years wore and carried, with emphasis on the American Civil War / Todd Volume II only large format very well illustrated hardback. No Jacket, fading to spine. Largely U.S. flags & equipment, inc some confederate. £30.00 GBP

46570 – Featherstone's Complete Wargaming / Featherstone very good condition hardback all color photos. £11.50 GBP

46571 – Marshal Ney at Quatre Bras: New Perspectives on the Opening Battle of the Waterloo Campaign / Dawson near mint hardback. £17.50 GBP

46572 – Arc of Fire: Squad to company level rules 1900-2000 / Pringle very good condition set of rules. £10.00 GBP

46573 – Panzer Marsch: WWII Wargames rules / Birkley & Dunn A4 glossy. near fine 2nd hand. We sell all the army lists for this set on the site. £8.00 GBP

46574 – Achtung Gringo: Warames rules for the Mexican Revolution 1910-1920 – near fine A4 rules. £8.00 GBP

46575 – How to Make Wargames Terrain – Wargames Worshop Blue edition. Very well illustrated in color. £24.00 GBP

46576 – Armored War Gaming / Quarrie, Bruce 136 pages near fine paperback. C20th tank warfare rules and background. £9.50 GBP

46577 – Little Wars / Wells, HG hardback arms & armor press facsimile reprint. ex. library but very good condition. £30.00 GBP

46578 – Signal Close Action 4th Edition / Langton, Rod near fine Napoleonic naval rules inc. appendices. £19.50 GBP

46579 – Saga 1st edition rules – good condition. inc. boards. £6.00 GBP

46580 – Montjoie: Medieval man to man combat rules – Two Hour Wargames near fine large format rules. £9.50 GBP

46581 – Final Invasion: Plattsburgh, the War of 1812s Most Decisive Battle / Fitz-Enz, Col near fine hardback. £9.50 GBP

46582 – Brother Againts Brother: ACW small action rules – near fine large format glossy rules. £8.00 GBP

46583 – Holy Hack: Biblical warfare rules – any scale of figures. Very good condition large format rules. £8.50 GBP

46584 – Capitan: Company Level Napoleonic rules – near fine large format glossy rules. £8.00 GBP

46585 – Katana: rules Feudal warfare in Japan 1250-1550 – any scale covers skirmish and small unit action. Very good condition paperback. £9.50 GBP

46586 – Maximillian 1934 – Original Australian printing of this great game. WWI fighter aces on land near mint. £19.50 GBP

46587 – Warfare in the 18th Century / Black, J near mint hardback. Cassell history of warfare series all color illustrated. £6.50 GBP

46588 – Napoleon Options: Alternate Decisions of the Napoleonic Wars – near mint hardback. £5.00 GBP

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