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Brigade Models: New 6mm SF Releases

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rvandusen Supporting Member of TMP writes:

Very nice!

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Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian snapped some photos of games he didn't get a chance to play in at Council of Five Nations.

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Personal logo Tony Francis Sponsoring Member of TMP of Brigade Models Ltd writes:

We have a number of new releases at various stages of preparation, and it seems that many of them are 6mm SF. This is in part because we held back a number of new releases for the Joy of Six show last year which, like everything else, didn't happen, and only now are these filtering through to the website. So if you're a microscale SF gamer, then it could be a bumper time in the next couple of months.

This week, we have the new Ukrainian army for Hammer's Slammers: The Crucible. The 15mm NUA appeared last year, and it's now the turn of the smaller scale. There's a bonus too, with three extra vehicles that haven't yet appeared in 15mm (but will very soon).

6mm New Ukrainians

The NUA have eight new vehicles altogether, plus three detachment packs. NUA forces can be fielded as either Elite or Veteran units – the packs include enough vehicles and infantry to field either option. The detachment list can be found on the Crucible website which detail the TOEs for both types of formation.

As an extra, at the end of last year, we released some new versions of the South African Hippo heavy truck. On our Facebook page, someone asked when we were going to release them in 6mm; in particular, the two armed variants. It occurred to us that we could do that very easily, since the turrets already exist and the base Hippo chassis even has a convenient hole for the turret pins. All we actually needed were photos for the website (one of our cardinal rules nowadays is that nothing new goes on the website without photos of a painted example).

As always, this took longer than it should have, but we're there at last. We have two new versions of the Hippo, armed with either a twelve-barrelled rocket launcher or twin tri-barrel air-defense system.

Armed Hippo Trucks

HSD6-3901 – NUA Heavy Armored Detachment – £9.75 GBP
HSD6-3902 – NUA Support Detachment – £7.75 GBP
HSD6-3903 – NUA Light Recce Detachment – £7.50 GBP

HS6-3901 – Vyriz Medium Tank – £1.25 GBP
HS6-3901a – Burun II AA Tank – £1.25 GBP
HS6-3901b – Vyriz Medium Tank – £1.25 GBP
HS6-3901c – Groza II Artillery – £1.25 GBP
HS6-3902 – Bulava Heavy Tank – £1.25 GBP
HS6-3903 – Zhalo Light Tank – £0.80 GBP
HS6-3904 – Shershnem Tank Destroyer – £0.80 GBP
HS6-3905 – Yastrub MICV – £1.25 GBP

SF300-608d – Hippo with Twin AA Tribarrels – £1.00 GBP
SF300-608e – Hippo with MRLS – £1.00 GBP

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