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TCG Debuts Modern Warfare Game

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Tactical Command Games has asked us to relay the following information:

Conflict 2000 cover art

Just to let you know that Conflict 2000 - our modern warfare game system - debuted at Spring Maneuvers at Ft. Leavenworth Kansas. It was...let's just say that it was a major hit! It was so much of a hit that Brad Sanders and Devin Cooley of Easy Eight Enterprises are going to come to Des Moines for a rematch to play our game.

So if you're looking for a modern skirmish rules at squad and platoon level, drop us a line.

The game has been designed for modern forces of the later part of the century in mind. From the years 1970 through the current year of 2000, warfare has continued to be a tool of diplomacy at times past and into the future for weak and strong politicians. The armies of today still follow the basic tactical plans and training of the United States and Russian military leaders. The main strategy of the rules set Conflict 2000 is to give a feel for the modern forces and their basic combat configuration as for troop equipment and armor. The initial system covers the American and Russian forces from 1975 through the year 2000 and beyond.

Conflict 2000 is a set of modern miniature Rules, designed for quick learning, fast play, and lots of action! Primarily for the small Infantry unit of Squad or Platoon, Conflict 2000 can be played up to company level in an evening’s time. Conflict 2000 is set-up as a infantry-based game. The 15mm scale lends itself to a platoon-level action game with more vehicles than the 25mm scale. In the Advanced/Optional Rules section, you will find a number of Rules to add mayhem to your games.

The main strategy of the rules system Conflict 2000 is to give a feel for the modern forces and their basic combat configuration as for troop’s equipment and armor vehicles. We at Tactical Command Games firmly believe that the acronym METT-T - Missions, Equipment, Troops, Terrain and Time - will dictate situations on the modern battlefields. So with that in mind, go ahead and have fun playing the game.

Hidden counters and tactical movement, spotting attempts, and simultaneous combat keep the players active during the game. Leadership, experience levels, engineer support, artillery, and vehicles play an important part in the games final outcome.

The most memorable game at Cold Wars was the 9-11 game. There where two 11-year-old kids who played in the sci-fi game who wanted to try the modern rule set. One other person stayed to run the NATO force by him self but soon had help.

Since all three players had previous experience, they had a major conflict trying to out do each other. The 2 kids wanted to take the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army), which is the hardest force to play for this scenario.

Let me tell you, they were kicking butt :o) They had to get three BMPs off the other table edge (with a bit of suggestion from me, but I left it up to them to make the decision). They had a bit of trouble in the first couple of turns trying to get the SA-7 team to do what they wanted to counter the pop-up attacks from the Apache, but decided to just ignore the helicopter and take any losses it would inflict. Once they figured out the vehicles can use smoke generators, they loaded the SA-7 back into the APC and just forgot all about the Apache.

The tanks were used as a screen for the BMPs and then they just raced across the board making the NATO force react to the situation. Their major downfall (which lead to them actually losing the game) came when on the last turn before they exited the board with the BMPs.

They made a tactical error. There was one BMP in the lead that was hidden from view by a building. One T-72 was on the left flank duking it out with a Bradley IFV armed with Tows. They had a choice. I reminded them to just think about what they were doing - I didn't give them any suggestions. They couldn't think of what to do, so they moved the lead BMP off the board which revealed another BMP out in the open. Naturally, the NATO Player shot and hit the BMP, destroying it and winning the game.

The error was if they had moved the T-72 to a blocking position, the BMP that got destroyed would have made it off the board - winning the game.

I remind everyone that You still have to think a turn or two ahead of your opponent.

Our first supplement for Conflict 2000 is for the Middle East conflict, from 1948 - present-day terrorist activities. The majority will be for the 1967-89 wars, but players will be able to do the War of Liberation (1948), Sinai Campaign (1956), and small terrorist/anti-terrorist battles. The order of battle for the counties will be based on the Yom Kippur War (1973), and (for the British and French) The Sinai Campaign (1956).

We will then work on Europe.

No date has been set for the release of the Middle Eastern supplement. The information is vast and right now we are not sure how long it will take to get it organized. We have not named the supplement yet.

The game has a suggested retail price of US$30.