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15mm Best of the West New from GFI/Minifigs

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Tom Dye of GFI/Minifigs writes:

GFI/Minifigs is proud to announce release of:

"The Best of the West"

A range of 15mm figures from the American West!


This range of Minifigs, when used with the excellent range of Musket Miniatures buildings and accessories, provides endless possibilities for western gaming scenarios.

Our free rule set Bite the Bullet will provide you with hours of "Beer and Pretzels" fun in the Wild West. Rules and scenario ideas are available as free downloads from our website.


"While we are promoting this range in a fashion akin to a Spaghetti Western, these figures are perhaps the best sculpts and meticulously researched figures ever done from the hands of the talented Mr. David Higgs! " says Tom Dye, "Until I did some research for sculpted historical accuracy, I just took for granted that the range was merely 'representational.' I was surprised to see the variations (as one example) in the feathers in the headdress of the Indians! Ends of feathers are cut, pieces removed and some are angled downward, all having meaning to the status and war record of the warrior to the tribe! Incredible in 15mm!"

So grab your chaps and head for the lists!

The U.S. Cavalry of the 1870-1880's

15220001  Dismounted Command and Scouts     12/$3.95 USD
15220002  Dismounted Calvary Troopers       12/$3.95 USD
15220003  Mounted Cavalry Command           4/$3.95 USD
15220004  Mounted Cavalry Troopers          4/$3.95 USD
15220005  Artillerymen                      12/$3.95 USD
15220006  Gatling Guns                      3/$3.95 USD
15220007  Field Piece                       3/$3.95 USD

The Plains Indians

15221001  Mounted Braves with Firearms      4/$4.00 USD
15221002  Mounted Braves with Bows          4/$3.95 USD
15221003  Mounted Braves with Hand Weapons  4/$3.95 USD
15221004  Mounted Indian Chiefs and Heroes  4/$3.95 USD
15221005  Braves on Foot w/Bows             12/$3.95 USD
15221006  Braves on Foot w/Firearms         12/$3.95 USD
15221007  Braves on Foot w/ Hand Weapons    12/$3.95 USD
15221008  Indian Villagers                  12/$3.95 USD

The Apaches

15222001  Mounted Warriors                  4/$3.95 USD
15222002  Warriors on Foot                  12/$3.95 USD

Cowboys, Gunfighters and Townsfolk

15223001  Matched Set Cowboys               18/$8.95 USD
            (Contains 1 each of 6 types
             in both mounted and dismounted
15223002  Townsfolk and Gunfighters         12/$3.95 USD
            (1 ea of 12 types)

Life on the Range Accessories and other "neat stuff"

15229001  Stagecoach                        $12.95 USD
            contains 6 horse team, crew,
            passengers and their baggage
            (Including a strongbox to have
15229002  Conestoga Wagon w/4 Oxen team     $6.95 USD
15229003  Open topped Provision Wagon       $6.95 USD
            w/horse teams
15229004  Limber w/ 4 horse team            $6.95 USD
15229005  Ta-Tanka                          4/$3.95 USD
            ('Buffalo' to you greenhorns!)
15229006  Ta-Tanka                          8/$6.95 USD
15229007  Long Horn Cattle                  4/$3.95 USD
15229008  Long Horn Cattle                  8/$6.95 USD
15229009  Oxen                              4/$3.95 USD
15229010  Farm Animals (asstd)              8/$3.95 USD

These packs contain assorted poses where applicable. (Buffalo, Oxen and Cattle, the castings are all of the same pose.) Because of the huge assortment of poses and figure types, GFI will not be offering individual figure sales from this range. We have set up our molds to produce the maximum variety of poses, per pack, for your enjoyment.

Remember to check out Musket Miniatures' wide range of Western and Southwestern buildings and accessories, that will allow you to "set the stage" for your games!

This range is ready for shipment, now!