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Wargame Vault announces the availability of:

From Shrike Studio

Hardcover, Standard Color Book – $30.00 USD
PDF + Hardcover, Standard Color Book – $30.00 USD

Blight Seas Fleet

An indie naval-themed miniatures skirmish game set in a dark fantasy world, where small fleets of hulking per-dreadnoughts crewed by reanimated corpses battle for control of the world's dwindling resources. The game has been out in public beta as a free-to-play PDF ruleset for over a year now, and has gone through a couple of revisions based on feedback from playtesting. A full range of miniatures has been developed for the game, which are currently for sale as unsupported and pre-supported STL files for home 3Dprinting.

Blight Seas Fleet was influenced by the now defunct Battlefleet Gothic and the indie skirmish game Turnip 28. If you are familiar with either of those games, or more modern commercial miniature skirmish games like X-Wing and Armada, you will have a good understanding of what to expect in terms of gameplay. A brief overview of core features is as follows:

  • Two-player competitive gameplay
  • Five-turn limit
  • Alternating activations
  • Mission or objective based with victory points scored at the end of each turn
  • Approximately three to twelve ships per player depending on the mission
The lumbering bulk of the Abominable-class battleship, Undying Tyrant, burst through the clouds of dense smoke with its guns belching fire. Thick, dark water crashed against its armored prow and sent great flurries of spray up into the air that would have drenched its decks, were they not deflected by the black wings of the wrought iron vulture that perched atop its bow.

From his vantage point, high up on the bridge, Captain Fuller-West surveyed his officers as they directed shambling hordes of mindless seamen to load and operate the Tyrant's secondary batteries. Clumsily, but tirelessly and with the strength of several men they worked, valuable Reagent coursed through their veins and animated their patchwork bodies. This was the miracle of the Empire's great Corpse Technicians, not resurrection, but corpse-slaves that were no more alive than a steam engine or repeating rifle and no less expendable.

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