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onmilitarymatters Sponsoring Member of TMP of On Military Matters writes:

Most items due into the shoppe in a couple weeks. If you wish to pick up your order at the shoppe, please call ahead to ensure we are open.

Thank You for Your Continued Support!


The Wargamer Magazine With Game: Issues 04-62

The Wargamer Magazine With Game: Issues 04-62. OMM just acquired a large collection of The Wargamer magazines – 04 thru 62, that include the wargames. All are in excellent condition, and most wargames are unpunched. Although some duplicate issues, the majority of issues are only one copy. First come, first served.

04: Blenheim (unpunched) – $35 USD
05: Kesserling (punched) – $25 USD
06: Operation Condor: The Liberation of Spain 1942/1943 (punched) – $20 USD
07: Marston Moor (punched) – $10 USD
08: Albuera & Vittoria (unpunched) – $35 USD
09: Bloody Buna (unpunched) – $30 USD
10: Chinese Civil War 1946-49 (unpunched) – $35 USD
11: Fortress Europa, Chinese Civil War, (4) Battles of the Crimean War (punched, no cover) – $10 USD
12: Aces High (unpunched) – $10 USD
14: Assault on Leningrad (unpunched) – $15 USD
15: Drive on Damascus (punched) – $20 USD
16: Carrier Strike (unpunched) – $15 USD
17: Napolean at Austerlitz (unpunched) – $10 USD
18: Birth of a Nation (unpunched) – $15 USD
19: Sturm Nach Osten (punched) – $10 USD
21: Siege at Peking (punched) – $20 USD
22: No Trumpets, No Drums: The Vietnam War 1965-1975 (unpunched) – $15 USD
23: Decision at Kasserine (unpunched) – $15 USD
24: Lawrence of Arabia (unpunched) – $10 USD
26: Race to the Meuse (unpunched) – $10 USD
27: Peter the Great (unpunched) – $10 USD
28: Port Stanley: Battle for the Falklands (unpunched) – $20 USD
29: Lods 1914: Blitzkrieg in the East (punched) – $10 USD
31: Clash of Steel (unpunched) – $10 USD
32: Napoleon at Lutzen (unpunched) – $10 USD
33: Holy Roman Empire (unpunched) – $20 USD
34: Khyber Rifles (unpunched) – $10 USD
35: West Wall (unpunched) – $10 USD
37: China Incident (unpunched) – $10 USD
38: Hell Hath No Fury (punched) – $5 USD
39: Hellfire Pass (unpunched) – $15 USD
40: Fight on the Beaches (unpunched) – $15 USD
41: O'Connor's Offensive (unpunched) – $20 USD
42: End of the Iron Dream (unpunched) – $20 USD
44: MacArthur: The Road to Bataan (unpunched) – $10 USD
45: Custer's Luck (unpunched) – $20 USD
46: The Rise of the House of Sa'ud (unpunched) – $15 USD; (punched) – $10 USD
47: Struggle for Stalingrad (unpunched) – $15 USD
48: Red Baron (unpunched) – $20 USD
49: Napoleon and the Archduke Charles: The Battle of Aspern-Essling (unpunched) – $10 USD
51: Duel in the Desert (unpunched) – $10 USD
53: Dunkirk 1940: Operation Dynamo (unpunched) – $15 USD
54: Condottieri: Soldiers of Fortune (unpunched) – $10 USD
55: Okinawa: The Bloodiest Battle in the Pacific (unpunched) – $20 USD
56: First Team: Vietnam (unpunched) – $20 USD
57: Race for Tunis (unpunched) – $10 USD
58: Clash of Empires: The Battle for France 1914 (unpunched) – $10 USD
59: Bloody Keren (unpunched) – $10 USD
60: Anvil-Dragoon: Southwall 1944 (unpunched) – $10 USD
61: Campaigns of Marlborough (unpunched) – $20 USD
62: Fallen Eagle: Battle of Khe Sanh, Vietnam, 1968 (unpunched) – $10 USD

Battleplan With Game: Issues 1-8

Battleplan With Game: Issues 1-8. OMM just acquired a collection of Battleplan magazines – 04 thru 62, that include the wargames. All are in excellent condition, and most wargames are unpunched. Although some duplicate issues, the majority of issues are only one copy. First come, first served.

01: Fortress Europa Variant with Counters (unpunched) – $25 USD
02: World in Flames, Fallschirmjager, Supremacy – $10 USD
03: Axis & Allies and War in Europe Mega-Variants (unpunched) – $15 USD
04: Ambush! – Mission 17, Block Party (unpunched) – $10 USD
05: Guns of August (unpunched) – $25 USD
06: Central America Scenario, A House Divided Variant, Axis & Allies Technologies – $10 USD
07: Zulu War and Fortress America Variants – $20 USD
08: Deluxe Third Reich Issue with w/map (unpunched) – $30 USD

Jagdpanther With Game: Issues 1-8

Jagdpanther With Game: Issues 1-8. OMM just acquired a collection of Jagdpanther magazines. All are in excellent condition, and most wargames are unpunched. Although some duplicate issues, the majority of issues are only one copy. First come, first served.

Volume 3: 09: Goetterdaemmerung (unpunched) – $30 USD; 10: Marine! (unpunched) – $25 USD; 11: The March on India, 1944 (unpunched) – $45 USD; 12: Anvil-Dragoon: The Second D-Day (unpunched) – $25. USD
Volume 4: 13: The Siege of Leningrad (unpunched) – $20 USD; 14: Warsaw Pact (unpunched) – $45 USD; 15: Jacksonville: The Beaches of Doom (This issue, the name of the magazine changed to Battlefield) (unpunched) – $25 USD
Special: 01: Airborne! (unpunched) – $30 USD

Counterattack #1: Drive on Frankfurt

Counterattack #1: Drive on Frankfurt

Modern Combat Doctrine; The Bundeswehr: Its Mission, Organization and Doctrine; Soviet Conventional Combat Philosophy; Wiedervereinigungskrieg – War of Reunification; Game: Drive on Frankfurt-NATO-Soviet Future Warfare in West Germany, with 22 x 34-inch map, 200 counters, and 12-page rules booklet. One copy. First come, first served. $25.00 USD

Counterattack #3: 48th Panzer Korps – Battles on the River Chir

Counterattack #3: 48th Panzer Korps

Battles on the River Chir. The Chir River Battles: 4-22 December 1942; German Defensive Tactics on the Eastern Front; Reverses on the Southern Wing To Save Dien Bien Phu; France's Other War: Algeria; Game: 48th Panzer Korps: Battles on the River Chir, 22 x 34-inch map, 200 counters, and 10-page rules booklet. One copy. First come, first served. $20.00 USD

Combat! #9: Operation Husky

Operation Husky simulates the Anglo-American Invasion of Sicily 1943 on a Brigade/Division Level. It's June 11, 1943, and the allies are ashore on Sicily. The race to Messina has begun. As the Allied player, you have twelve division of Americans, Canadians and British. In all, 467,000 troops commanded by two of the Allies's best. Your objectives are to sweep the Axis off the island. One copy. First come, first served. $50.00 USD

Red Star/White Star

Tactical Combat in Europe in the 1970s. A Platoon-Company-Battalion-level game of hypothetical combat in West Germany during the 1970s. Contents: Rules; Map; Scenario/Unit Identification Sheet; and 510 counters, 11 of which are blanks. One copy. First come, first served. $25.00 USD

Nato, Nukes & Nazis: 1st Edition

An alternative-history simulation of a war which occurs in a world where Nazi Germany survived the Second World War and decided to make another stab at planetary domination in the early 90s. They are opposed by an alliance of North Atlantic democracies. The game is a two-player operational/strategic-level game that speculates on the military trends which might have developed had Germany continued to build weapons based on those planned in 1945. Three scenarios and a Campaign game are included to provide a full range of hypothetical options. Each side gains victory points based on Political Points, and other objectives (which vary depending on the side played). The player with the higher total at the end of the scenario is the winner… the ratio of points gained determines the level of victory. The game includes a full-color 34 x 22-inch map, 2 sets of 400 counters, charts, and tables. Rules covering all aspects of Modern Warfare (including mobilization, ground, naval, and air attacks, political events, intelligence, and nuclear weapons) are included as well as extensive designer's notes. One copy. First come, first served. $60.00 USD


Bolt Action: Campaign: Italy: Tough Gut – 2nd Edition

Bolt Action: Campaign

Italy: Tough Gut – 2nd Edition. Second edition. Supplement for Bolt Action focuses on the Italian battles, ranging from the Gustav Line in 1944, all the way to those of the Gothic Line in 1945, with the breakouts at Anzio and Monte Cassino of particular focus. Containing many scenarios to refight these famous battles, along with new units, special rules, and Theatre Selectors. $30.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $25.50 USD.


Strike Force One: The Cold War Heats Up (Mini-Game)

Strike Force One

The Cold War Heats Up (Mini-Game). Introductory two-player wargame designed to introduce the concept of Conflict Simulations. The game consists of a folder with map, Combat Results Table, small counter sheet (with ten units) and rules. Also provided was a complete turn-by-turn sample game. This game is a hypothetical meeting of U.S. and Soviet forces in West Germany. To win, the Soviet player must occupy two of the three town hexes in four turns, otherwise, the U.S. player wins. One copy. First come, first served. $25.00 USD

Food Fight: Game

Food Fight: Game

This game first appeared in The Dragon magazine issue #44 and was also released as part of The Best of Dragon Magazine Games boxed set. This is a wargame representation of a school cafeteria food fight. The players control a student each with an action-point allowance and an appearance rating which determine how much food that can be absorbed before being out. Characters that are better at attacking generally also have a lower threshold for absorbing damage. There are also six staff members who try to apprehend the students. The game also has details for multiple types of foods with various ratings for each projectile's range, slipperiness (used when they land on the floor), to-hit values, and damage numbers. All results are determined with a simple d6 roll, and you can even send an entire tray flying with or without food, and cafeteria tables may be flipped over for even more mayhem. The combat chart lists 30 food types, each with three different attack modes and seven ratings for each. There is an accuracy modification chart included. $10.00 USD


Malplaquet 1709

Malplaquet 1709

Reprint. Latest in the Partizan Press Marlburian Wars series. Color and black-and-white illustrations, maps, OOBs, bibliography, and index. $44.00 USD


Reprint. Historians have been known to call Oudenarde the perfect example of an encounter battle. This may have been true for French, but the allies marched to fight. Includes black-and-white and color illustrations, plates, and maps. $44.00 USD

Outwitting Forrest

The Tupelo Campaign in Mississippi, June 22-July 23, 1864. Reprint of historian Edwin C. Bearss' classic study on the little-known Tupelo Campaign in Mississippi from June 22-July 23, 1864. Editor David A. Powell left Bearss's prose and notes intact, while adding additional sources and commentary of his own. The engagement came about when Maj. Gen. A. J. Smith marched a Federal expeditionary force (his XVI Army Corps) into northern Mississippi in early July 1864. The thrust forced a response, the largest of which was delivered by the combined Confederate cavalry of Stephen D. Lee (who was in general command) and Forrest. $30.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $25.50 USD.
Beginner's Guide to Strategy Game

Beginner's Guide to Strategy Game

Similar in concept to Jim Dunnigan's book, The Complete Wargames Handbook, the publication was intended as an introduction for novices to the hobby. Chapters included a welcome to wargaming (called strategy gaming in this publication), a section on the basics explaining such things as charts, maps and counters, a glossary of terminology, notes on solitaire play, guides to computer gaming, multi-player grand strategy games, principles of war, an article on naval games, a two-part article on how play the included introductory wargame, A Beginners' Wargame Library, and a final chapter on how to get started in the hobby. One copy. First come, first served. $20.00 USD

Historical Battlelines: American Civil War Data Book

Historical Battlelines: American Civil War Data Book

Covers the Union and Confederate Armies' infantry, cavalry and artillery units. The heart of this book is the extensive list of Federal, Confederate, State, and Irregular Regiments, and Cannons and Rifles used during the war. In all, there are over 2,500 Union and 1,900 Confederate Regiments, 2,500 Union and 780 Confederate General Listings, 40 Union and 20 Confederate Rifles, 180 Union and 230 Confederate Cannons and 230 Union and 80 Confederate Ship classes listed in this book. Each regiment has its listed stats from the start of the war. Also included in the book are Notes and Special Rules that apply specifically to the War. Notes covering Stands in the Army Tables, Flying Artillery, and Legion Units and Special Rules covering Legion Units, Weapons Smoke, Grenades, Land Mines, and Observation Balloons. Finally, the original American BattleLines Army Tables are included for those who still like to generate their own units, and the extensive Bibliography that was used to prepare this work. These pages are included in two appendices in the back of the book. Overall, ODGW has tried to include everything that the player needs to generate any battle fought during the American Civil War, and hopes that you enjoy the book! Loose-Leaf – U.S. 3-Hole Punch. $35.00 USD

And Don't Forget the Magazines…

Miniature Wargames #486

Miniature Wargames #48

Cover: Alien Invasion – The landings of the Conquistadors in the New World as seen from the perspective of the indigenous population. Rules need to be downloaded. Features: Lacewars in Tin: Molding your own 40mm Imaginations forces using Prinze August rubber molds and hot lead; Dragon Rampant: Dragon hunt scenario using Dragon Rampant rules; Send Three & Fourpence: Command and Colours scenario for Peninsular Napoleonic; Command Decision: Scenario advice for creating fun battles; Practical Wargames Scenery: Make over an MDF barn into a real gem; Last Word: Matthew Vernall, Editor of our sister magazine TTG. $10.00 USD

More at the Website…

Visit for information on all stocked items. If you have a further question about an item or you wish to order, email or phone 609-466-2329. Thank you for your continued support.

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