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Warlord Games: New Konflikt '47 Turret Emplacements

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Paul at Warlord Games Sponsoring Member of TMP of Warlord Games writes:

The battlefields of Warlord Games' alt-history Konflikt '47 gain structure this week, with the release of a series of weird-war-themed, resin-cast 28mm turret emplacements for each faction.

The factions continue to struggle for dominance upon the rift-tech-powered backdrop of Clockwork Goblin's fantastic ruleset…

So – take arms, dig-in, and expect the unexpected!

British & U.S. Tesla Turret Emplacements

British Tesla Turret

Even though the British shores stand safe today, both France and Belgium are still under threat. British boffins have developed the Tesla turret emplacement to keep Western Europe safe.

British Tesla Turret

US Tesla Turret

To keep control of their recently gained territories, the U.S. have developed the Tesla turret emplacement to deter the enemy from launching counter-attacks.

US Turret

The directed energy weapons conceived and developed by Nikola Tesla have had a resounding, immediate impact upon the battlefields of 1947. Even heavily-armored vehicles are vulnerable to electricity – and with the option to switch to a dispersion setting, squads of infantry can be attacked just as easily.

Whilst relatively short-ranged and bulky, their ability to tackle both infantry and armored targets makes them popular with the tank crews that use them.

Tactically, the glow of the Tesla Cannon's coils makes ambushes and night fighting difficult, but the psychological effect of the electrical arcs on enemy soldiers is well-worth the side effects.


US Tesla Turret

German Schwerefeld Projektor Turret Emplacement

The German forces step-up their defences as the Allies close in, and the Allies are encountering increasing numbers of new Schwerefeld Projektor turret emplacements all across both the Eastern and Western Fronts.

Schwerefeld Projektor

German Turret

The gravity manipulation weapons employed by Germany have the ability to alter localized gravity, crushing targets under their own weight, or rapidly altering the gravity in a small space. This can cause rapid failure of mechanical parts and the aftershocks can disrupt a target's ability to operate for a significant time.

The ability of the weapon's energy field to manipulate gravity is linked to the target's mass, making the weapon more effective against bigger and heavier targets.

This has led to more of these weapons being employed on the Eastern Front than the in the west, to counter the heavy Soviet walkers and tanks.

German Turret

Zvukovoy Proyektor Turret Emplacement

With enemies on every doorstep, the Russians have developed a new series of defense weaponry – starting with the Zvukovoy Proyektor turret emplacement.

The Proyektor Turret

Soviet Turret

These Soviet-designed sonic shock cannons are brutally effective against infantry and unprotected vehicle crews, utilizing ultra-low frequencies focused into an energy pulse that behaves like a battering ram they can disrupt most targets they face.

The beam dissipates rapidly through the atmosphere but can disorientate and incapacitate swathes of infantry at a time.

Being in an armored vehicle offers little to no protection, with the crew highly vulnerable regardless of the armor between them and the firer.

Soviet Turret

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