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Just Released: Repent or Die 2.0

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HRGWORLDS Sponsoring Member of TMP writes:

The game is designed for 28mm scale figures, though rules for basing 15mm and 6mm are given. No figures are removed, so it is not critical how figures are based. Suggested basing is 2 figures for infantry skirmishers and cavalry, and 4 figures (in two ranks) for non-skirmish infantry. The typical units are 3 stands of cavalry (regiment) or a mixture of pike and shot stands for infantry (1 pike and 2 shot for a Swedish/Dutch regiment and up to 36 figures for a Tercio). The scale is 1 figure = 50 men and 1" = 50 yards.

Significant features of the rules:

- Each command group of units is given a standing order which it must follow. Units continue to follow these orders until a new order is sent from the overall commander. If the overall commander is too far away from the command, there will be delays in adopting the new order.

- No figures are removed when damage occurs--units simply receive Disorder Markers (DM). When ordinary units have accumulated 2 or more DM's (Tercios 4 or more DM), the unit becomes "unformed" and is unable to move at full speed and is less effective in fighting (e.g., unformed pikes are no longer at an advantage vs. cavalry). Units automatically rally off disorder markers at a rate given by their morale and other attributes, and additional DM's can be rallied off if the unit remains stationary or has an attached commander.

- Melees are resolved in multi-round battles until one side routs or is eliminated. Losers of a round will accumulate Disorder Markers and be pushed back. At some point, one side or other will rout and begin to retreat off the board.

- Once a player loses a certain percentage of its units (depending on the army), units begin to retreat towards their board edge.

No army lists are included, but scenarios are included which may give examples of typical units. Scenarios included are: Seminara (French vs. Spanish, 1495), Barletta (French vs. Spanish, 1502), Otumba (Spanish vs. Aztecs, 1520), Pavia (French vs. Imperial, 1525), Breitenfeld (Sweden vs. Catholic League, 1631), and Rocroi (French vs. Spanish, 1643).

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Hoplite Research Games writes:

Repent or Die 2.0

Repent or Die! 2.0

The long-anticipated update to our fast-play grand scale Renaissance system is finally here! Now available on our online store at, it is a continuation of the established fun tradition that is Repent or Die!

Pray for victory and absolution in this complete Renaissance miniatures system designed for detail, fast-play and the push of pike! Seek and ye shall find!

  • Allows for a 30,000-man game to be completed in three to four hours
  • Can be used with any scale and no rebasing needed
  • Features HRG's Terrain Generation system
  • Follows historical organization and unit capabilities
  • Command the infamous Tercios, Landsknechts, Aztecs and Reiters
  • Covers the English Civil War, Thirty Years War, French Wars of Religion, the Spanish Conquest, and more from 1492 to 1660
  • Includes several historical scenarios
  • Join

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