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Batbases on New Year Sale

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unknown member writes:

What size base do you have that would hold say, 5 or so 28mm figs? Or do you have a base that you could cut in half for me to do the job? I am about to send of about 50 Plains Indians to be painted & am thinking I need to find a reason to buy some of these! They move in groups of 10 or 15. So several bases of 5 is what I'm looking for. (along w/some magnetic sheets!)
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unknown member of BigRedBat Ventures writes:

Batbases on New Year Sale

I'm having a flash sale of Batbases in various sizes that will last until 6th January. Batbases are MDF bases intended to accommodate entire units of up to two dozen miniatures for use with grid-based rules such as To the Strongest!

Perry Wars of the Roses miniatures on a 13cm base

The irregular edges have a naturalistic look which blends much better with a base cloth than do rectangular bases. The bases are cut from 2mm MDF. Should you wish to magnetize the bases for transport, 3mm diameter magnets (sold separately) can be glued into the holes. The edges of the bases can be chamfered with a craft knife and/or sanded so that they slope down to the table surface. The bases are designed to fit in a four-liter Really Useful Box. The image above shows Wars of the Roses minis (not included) mounted on one of the 13cm-wide bases.

The on-sale Batbases can be found here, along with other sale items including Deep-Cut mats.

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