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onmilitarymatters Sponsoring Member of TMP of On Military Matters writes:

Reminder: OMM remains open for internet orders and shipping. Thank you for your continued support.

The shoppe continues not to be open for walk-in trade at this time.

However, if you wish to pick up your order at the store, call ahead and we can leave a package outside the door.

Most items due into the shoppe in a couple weeks.

Painting Guide…

Mahdist Wars 1881-1885: The Partizan Press Painting Guide – Volume 3

Mahdist Wars 1881-1885: The Partizan Press Painting Guide – Volume 3 Large format, all-color paperback. Third volume in the Partizan Press painting 28mm figure series. $36.00 USD


Clash of Spears

Clash of Spears Fast-paced, warband-level skirmish rules with twelve army lists, including Romans, Carthaginians, Greeks, Gauls and Iberians. Playable in one to three hours on a 4 x 4-foot table. Typical warband includes 30 to 50 miniatures. $48.00 USD

Play the Landsknecht War 1500-1560

Play the Landsknecht War 1500-1560 These are paper soldiers to cut out and play the period on the tabletop. The battlefield behavior of these German soldiers was highly variable. Sometimes, as in the Battle of Pavia (1525), they performed exceptionally well, fighting to death on both sides of the conflict, even after their allies fled the field: this happened to the French when they employed the Landsknechts. The Imperial Landsknechts were instrumental in the Emperor's victory. $39.00 USD

Play the Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871 These are paper soldiers to cut out and play the period on the tabletop. The Franco-German War, also called the Franco-Prussian War (July 19, 1870 to May 10, 1871) was a conflict in which a coalition of German states led by Prussia defeated France. The German troops advanced into France and decisively defeated the French at Sedan. This war violently changed the course of European history, marking the end of the French hegemony in continental Europe and resulted in the proclamation of the new German Empire at Versailles: it was the climax of Bismarck's ambitions to unite Germany. $39.00 USD


Against the Odds 2017 Annual: Six Days of War

Against the Odds 2017 Annual: Six Days of War Wargame covers the 1967 war between Israel and an Arab coalition. The game begins with a Strategic Segment of card play-and-counter-play as each side adjusts its diplomatic standing and war footing and shifts unit positions on the map. Random events can vary from nothing important to forced actions, including withdrawal of U.N. peacekeepers, Jordan declaring war, and other events to the benefit of one player or another… or perhaps neither player will like. Medium complexity and playing time of up to three to four hours. Also includes a historically-based scenario that makes for a faster beginning (no preliminary card play) and serves as an excellent solo game. Comes with a magazine full of historical articles.

Components: One full-color 22 x 34-inch mapsheet, 288 full-color die-cut counters, 66 cards, 20-pages of rules, and two pages of charts and tables.
Bonus Items Inside: All copies include an expansion kit for the solitaire game, Strange Victory (wargame covering France 1940 invasion published in 2015 Annual), plus additional cards for Die Atombombe – card game pitting various Nazi departments against each other in race to develop an Atomic Bomb (published in ATO Issue 50)
Note: OMM carries Against the Odds back issues and annuals. OMM # ATO050 for ATO issue 50 ($40.00 USD)
2017 Annual: $50.00 USD

OMM Discount: Save 10%, now $45.00 USD


Krimscild 1941-1942

Krimscild 1941-1942 Covers German 11th Armee and attached Romanian units during Operation Barbarossa in Bressarabia, Ukraine and Crimea. Hundreds of rare photographs, many of which taken at the height of action, show the first clashes in June 1941, along the Prut river and in Bressarabia, then hard fighting for the Stalin Line, pursuit of the enemy on the Dnieper and its crossing, actions on the Sea of Azov, breakthrough of the Perekop isthmus, conquest of the Kerch peninsula and Crimea, and the beginning of the Sevastopol siege. After defensive fights of winter 1941-1942, the last part of the book depicts the final assault of the 11th Armee, led at that time by Generalobster Erich von Manstein, on the fortress of Sevastopol. $40.00 USD

At the Gates of Leningrad Photographs in this book were taken by Feldwebel Georg Gundlach on behalf of the German 291st Infantry Division – in particular, Infantry Regiment 506, during Operation Barbarossa through the Baltic States, the winter 1941-1942, and in the swamps and forests of Volchov in the Leningrad sector. The photos include action shots, civilian population, and the Soviet soldiers of General Vlassov's 2nd Assault Army inside the Volchov Pocket. $40.00 USD

The Tankers of Mussolini Mussolini was dismissed as Prime Minister and subsequently arrested on July 25, 1943, with Italy soon surrendering to the Allies shortly thereafter. The Germans moved quickly to confiscate assets of the 1st Armored Division M of the MVSN (Blackshirts), which included Panzer III, Panzer IV, and Stug III armored units. After a German commando raid freed Mussolini, 1st Armored became Armored Group M Leonessa, a stalwart defender of fascism and the new Italian Social Republic, that continued the war alongside the Germans. $28.00 USD

Bersaglieri's Units of the Italian Social Republic The general disarray caused by the Italian surrender and resulting armistice on September 8, 1943, had immediate repercussions on the Bersaglieri units in the Peninsula and abroad. The Bersaglieri reorganized quickly and took up arms again in support of Mussolini, who had been freed by a German commando raid and created the new Italian Social Republic. In the South, the LI Battalion of Bersaglieri became part of the First Motorized Grouping. In the North, the Bersaglieri formed Battalion Mussolini, Regiment Luciano Manara, and the 3rd Volunteer Regiment. $27.00 USD

Italian Armored Units in the Balkans: 1941-1945 The Kingdom of Italy had already possessed the Dodecanese Islands since 1912, had a protectorate over Albania since 1926, and occupied the Kingdom of Albania in 1939. In October 1940, Italy invaded Greece – a disastrous military campaign which forced the Germans into a massive intervention. The Italian military weakness thus transformed what could be considered for Italy a parallel war to secure control of Greece and Yugoslavia into a war subordinate to Germany. This volume analyzes the history of the armored units engaged in the Balkans by the Royal Army and, after 8 September 1943, by the units of the Italian Social Republic in battles against partisans. $28.00 USD

Yugoslavian Armored Units: 1940-1945 The formation of the first Yugoslav armored units of the Army of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia dates back to the late 1920s, when military authorities felt the need to equip the units with an armored component, on the basis of the experiences learned during WWI. Contrary to what happened with many other European armies at that time, these armored units did not develop as an extension of the cavalry divisions but were instead formed as independent departments, officially called Combat Units. After the Italian-German invasion of 1941, independent Croatia and Slovenian collaborative forces formed armored units that were employed in the anti-partisan struggle, and the German Wehrmacht formed three armored divisions out of Croatian volunteers. $23.00 USD

Fort Macon: A History History of Fort Macon (NC), written by the ranger/historian at the fort. Illustrated with original engineering drawings, maps, sketches, and photographs from the 1800s to the present. Begins with the need for coastal defense in 18th Century North Carolina and the construction of Fort Macon. He describes the pre-Civil War years leading to the battle for possession of the fort, and the subsequent union occupation use of the fort and its armaments during the Spanish-American War and World War II are examined. Chapters include: Early Problems of Defense, Fort Hampton, Construction of Fort Macon, The Antebellum Years, Confederate Occupation, The Siege of Fort Macon, Union Occupation, Postwar Years, and The Twentieth Century. Appendices include: Garrisons of Fort Macon, Armament of Fort Macon, Soldier Life, and Casemate uses. includes glossary, bibliography, and index. $31.00 USD

ACW Sketch Books…

Civil War Sketch Book: Volume 1

Civil War Sketch Book: Volume 1 First book in new series based on ACW sketchbooks – artwork of Captain Adolph Metzner of the 32nd Indiana Infantry of the Union Army. 96 pages full of illustrations are a pictorial record of his regiment, showing soldiers on the march, in camp, in battle, and also many ironic and funny skits. $40.00 USD

Civil War Sketch Book: Volume 2 Second book in new series based on ACW sketchbooks – artwork of Edwin Forbes, who spent two years covering the Potomac Army. From marching soldiers to bivouac moments and battlefields, his portraits earned him win a gold medal at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. Some of the sketches have been colored for the very first time. $40.00 USD

Civil War Sketch Book: Volume 3 Third book in new series based on ACW sketchbooks – continues artwork of Edwin Forbes, this time covering the Battle of Gettysburg. Again, some of the sketches have been colored for the very first time. $40.00 USD

Civil War Sketch Book: Volume 4 Fourth book in new series based on ACW sketchbooks – artwork of Alfred Waud, a British-born American illustrator who was one of the only two artists present at the Battle of Gettysburg and the only eyewitness of Pickett's Charge. Some of the sketches have been colored for the very first time. $40.00 USD

And Don't Forget the Magazines…

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy #109 – Warfare in Afghanistan

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy #109 – Warfare in Afghanistan Special Feature: Warfare in Afghanistan: Wargaming in Afghanistan Through the Ages: The Graveyard of Empires; Alexander the Great's Campaign in Afghanistan: The Land of Bones; Gaming the 1880 Battle of Maiwand: Bloodbath for the Biscuit Boys; War in Afghanistan During the Age of Jazz: The Magutsabad Incident; The Cold War Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan: The Zinky Boys; Building an Afghan Wargaming Army: The Venom of the Cobra; The Battle of Kandahar, 1 September, 1880: Bravery Against All Odds. Features: The Lighthouse on Penzenskaya Street: Pavlov's House; The Battle of Bremule, 20 August 1119: He Who Charges Rashly Often Fails; Modular Wargaming Tiles for Dummies: Slot Together Scenery; How to Paint a Dwarven Army in 28mm: Sons of Khazad. Departments: Miniature Reviews; This Gaming Life: Changing Times and an Invitation (Rick Priestley); Tabletop Tactics: A Crossroads Campaign (Henry Hyde); The Irregular: Umpiring Kriegsspiel; The New Roman Ruleset from TooFatLardies: Let's Play Infamy; Game Reviews: Mortem et Gloriam, H.G. Wells' Little Wars, Rangers of Shadow Deep: Across the Wastes, and Blitzkrieg; Book Reviews; and Parting Shots. $10.00 USD

More at the Website…

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