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Tau Tiger Shark Coming in February [40K]

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Ewen Little of Forge World announces:

The Tiger Shark is armed with two Ion Cannon in the nose, missiles in the wing roots and two Drone controlled Burst Cannon on the wingtips. The underside of the Tiger Shark has a large bay which can be assembled to drop down to reveal a cargo of fourteen Tau Drones. This just looks so cool!

Size comparison: Tiger Shark (left) and Devilfish (right) - photo courtesy Forge World

The Tiger Shark has a wingspan of 380mm/15 inches and to give you a real indication of just how big that is we have shown it next to a Devilfish troop carrier.

escape pod - photo courtesy Forge World

Another feature of this shiny new model is the escape pod for the Air Caste crew. The entire cockpit section can be ejected to carry the crew to safety if the Tiger Shark is critically damaged. Of course we have included both the aircrew and separate canopy pieces so you can paint the interior of the cockpit and still show off your painting skills to your friends whilst having a complete gaming model.

extended launch bay - photo courtesy Forge World

The kit includes fourteen plastic Gun Drones that you can fit into the Tiger Shark if you wish. Of course you could always glue the Drone bay shut and have fourteen more Gun Drones for your army completely free!

drone rack - photo courtesy Forge World

The Tau Tiger Shark is available to pre-order now by post, phone and online. The Tiger Shark is scheduled to be released week commencing February 11th stocks allowing. If you are lucky enough to have a ticket for Cry Havoc! this Sunday at the all new Warhammer World in Nottingham, England, we do have a few pre-release Tiger Sharks available to buy!

Tiger Shark - photo courtesy Forge World

Click on final picture to see larger version.