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Scale Specialties Decals Now Available at Pendraken/Minibits

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Leon Pendraken Sponsoring Member of TMP of Pendraken Miniatures writes:

Scale Specialties

We're pleased to announce that we're now stocking the full range of Scale Specialties decals! Originally developed and sold by Norm Harris (who sadly passed away a few years ago), and then continued by his widow Penelope, the complete range of 6mm and 10mm sheets has now been purchased by I-94 Enterprises in the U.S.A. As we stock their own range of decals already, it made sense to add these excellent designs to our website as well!

The decals are split into 6mm (1:300th) and 10mm (1:160th) designs. The 6mm sheets are all aircraft markings, mainly WWII with a few Korean War designs, covering British, German, Japanese and U.S. planes. The 10mm sheets are split into aircraft and vehicle designs, all for WWII, and covering British, German and U.S. options. These will be a great fit for our own 10mm/1:150th vehicles, and provide some nice, extra options to go with the I-94 products.

There's also a couple of 10mm Samurai sheets which will come in very handy for our upcoming new Feudal Japanese range!

All of these are bigger than the I-94 decals, coming in either 20 x 12cm or 12 x 9cm sheets.

The full ranges can be found on the Minibits website here, while the 10mm designs have been added to a new Decals section of the Pendraken site here (along with the existing I-94 decal options).

Scale Specialties Decals

6mm Aircraft Decals – Britain

SS-300AC-UK001 – RAF, 617 Squadron The Dam Busters – Dam Raid, 17/18th May 1943 – £4.50 GBP
SS-300AC-UK002 – RAF, 617 Squadron The Dam Busters – Bomb Raids, 1944-45 – £4.50 GBP


SS-300AC-GER001 – Luftwaffe Units for Battle of Britain – He 111 – £5.95 GBP
SS-300AC-GER002 – Luftwaffe Units for Battle of Britain – Do 17Z and Ju 88A – £5.95 GBP
SS-300AC-GER003 – Luftwaffe Units for Battle of Britain/North Africa – Ju 87 – £5.95 GBP
SS-300AC-GER004 – Luftwaffe Units for BoB/N. Africa/Med/NW Europe/Eastern Front – Me 110 – £5.95 GBP
SS-300AC-GER005 – Luftwaffe Units for Battle of Britain – Me-109E – £5.95 GBP
SS-300AC-GER006 – Luftwaffe Units for Battle of Britain/Legion Condor – Me 109E – £5.95 GBP


SS-300AC-JP001 – IJN Air Group Markings, 1st Carrier Division (Akagi & Kaga) – December '41 to June '42 – £5.95 GBP
SS-300AC-JP002 – IJN Air Group Markings, 2nd Carrier Division (Soryu & Hiryu) – December '41 to June '42 – £5.95 GBP
SS-300AC-JP003 – IJN Air Group Markings, 5th Carrier Division (Zuikaku &Shokaku) – December '41 to October '42 – £5.95 GBP
SS-300AC-JP004 – Betty Bombers, 1942-43 and Okha 1945 – £5.95 GBP


SS-300AC-US001 – National Markings for B-17 & B-24 Bombers – £8.95 GBP
SS-300AC-US002 – 8th Air Force, 2nd Air Division, 44th Bomb Group & RAF Coastal Command – £10.50 GBP
SS-300AC-US003 – 8th Air Force, 100 BG Squadron Markings – 6th March 1944 – £13.50 GBP
SS-300AC-US004 – 8th Air Force, P-47 Fighters, including the 56th Fighter group – £10.95 GBP
SS-300AC-US005 – 12th Air Force, P-51A & A-36 – Mediterranean, 1942-44 – £4.95 GBP
SS-300AC-US006 – 8th Air Force, 336th Fighter Squad/4th Fighter Group – Europe 1943-45 – £4.95 GBP
SS-300AC-US007 – Sabre Jets, 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing – Korea 1950-51 (Part 1) – £5.95 GBP
SS-300AC-US008 – Sabre Jets, 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing – Korea 1951-53 (Part 2) – £5.95 GBP
SS-300AC-US009 – Sabre Jets, 51st Fighter Wing – Korea 1951-53 – £5.95 GBP
SS-300AC-US010 – F9F Panthers for U.S.N/U.S.M.C. (VF-51, VF-52 & VMF-311) – Korea – £5.95 GBP
SS-300AC-US011 – National Insignia for B-29 Bombers – WWII & Korea – £4.95 GBP
SS-300AC-US012 – B-29 Markings for 73rd Bomb Wing (497th-500th Bomber Squadron) – WWII – £4.95 GBP
SS-300AC-US013 – B-29 Markings for SAC Bomber Units – Korea – £8.50 GBP
SS-300AC-US014 – Fighter Air Group Markings for U.S.N Fast Carriers (Hellcats & Corsairs) – £8.50 GBP
SS-300AC-US015 – P-38 Fighters -South-West Pacific 1942-43 – £5.95 GBP

10mm Decals – Vehicles

SS-160-001 – British Armored Division – NW Europe 1944-45 – £4.95 GBP
SS-160-002 – German (Heavy) Panzer Units – Panzer Abteilung 506, Tiger I & II – 1943-45 – £4.50 GBP
SS-160-003 – German Panzer Units – Panzer IV & Panther – 1943-45 – £4.50 GBP
SS-160-004 – U.S. National Vehicle Insignias – £4.50 GBP
SS-160-005 – U.S. 1st Army Division, 13th Army Regiment – North Africa, 1942 – £4.50 GBP
SS-160-006 – U.S. 1st Army Division, 1st/13th Army Regiment, 4th Army Battalion – Mediterranean, 1942-43 – £4.50 GBP
SS-160-007 – U.S. 1st/2nd Army Division, 1st Army Regiment – North Africa/Italy, 1942-43 – £4.50 GBP
SS-160-008 – British Combat & Support Unit Insignia & Markings – El Alamein, North Africa – £8.95 GBP


SS-160AC-001 – U.S. National Insignia for P-38, P-40, P-51 and Spitfire IX – £3.95 GBP
SS-160AC-002 – German National Insignia for BF-109 and FW-190 Fighters – £3.95 GBP
SS-160AC-003 – British National Insignia for Spitfire, Hurricane, P-40 & P-51 Aircraft – £4.50 GBP
SS-160AC-004 – British RAF Squadron and Individual Aircraft Codes – £4.50 GBP
SS-160AC-005 – U.S. 8th/9th Air Force Fighters, including the 479th Fighter Group – £9.95 GBP

Samurai Banners

SS-10SAM-001 – Takeda Clan Flags, Banners & Standards – £5.50 GBP
SS-10SAM-002 – Uesugi Clan Flags, Banners & Standards – £5.50 GBP

And Some Pics!

SS-300AC-GER005 – Me109 Luftwaffe Units:


SS-300AC-US006 – U.S. 8th Air Force, 1943-45:


SS-160-004 – 10mm U.S. Vehicle Insignia:


SS-160AC-002 – 10mm German Aircraft Insignia:


SS-10SAM-001 – 10mm Samurai Banners:

Note: Some of the website images have been altered to show off the white designs, but all of the actual products are crisp prints on a light-blue backing card.

Customers in North America will probably find it cheaper/quicker to order directly from Dave at I-94 Enterprises/Raiden.

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