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Alternative Armies: Pricing & Shipping Rate Changes Occur Late February 2020

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Gavin Syme GBS Sponsoring Member of TMP of Alternative Armies writes:

Time passes, and it has been some four years since the last time Alternative Armies looked at its pricing on miniatures, books, postage, and painted stock. As we are always fair with our customers, we are now giving notice of two things. Firstly, that we shall be altering the price of shipping and products, and secondly, that this will occur across one week beginning Monday, 24th February 2020. Now follow the details of what shall be happening, and also our Contact us and Information page.

Postage & Packing Rates


The cost of mailing worldwide has increased to a point where a price increase is now needed; though not for all world regions. The U.K. is not changing. We are also doing away with the 'international signed-for option' and replacing it with a more expensive but far superior 'door-to-door courier' faster service; provided typically by UPS or similar which is fully tracked, signed, and insured. This means there will be 'Standard Mail' (which is Royal Mail in the U.K. and airmail in all other world regions) and there will be 'signed for door-to-door courier in all regions'. In the U.K., there is also a new, cheaper rate for small orders, and a lowering of the order value at which free standard shipping kicks in! Free shipping kicks in at a lower rate in Europe and North America too, and remains the same for Rest of World. Here are the rates coming in on Monday, 24th February 2020:

Small Order (£3.00 GBP) up to £20.00 GBP value of order, Standard Mail (£5.00 GBP) from £20.01 GBP to £49.99 GBP value of order. Free Standard Shipping over £50.00 GBP. Door to Door Courier (any size orders) £15.00 GBP.
Europe (all regions)
Standard Airmail (£8.00 GBP) on orders up to 75.00 GBP{{ then free standard shipping. Door to Door Courier (any size orders) £20.00 GBP.
North America
Standard Airmail (£10.00 GBP) on orders up to £75.00 GBP then free standard shipping. Door to Door Courier (any size orders) £30.00 GBP
Rest of the World (all regions not already listed)
Standard Airmail (£12.00 GBP) on orders up to £80.00 GBP then free shipping. Door to Door Courier (any size order) £40.00 GBP.

Product Pricing

Liche Lord

Raw material costs and labor have risen over the last four years, but we like to think we are an efficient team at Alternative Armies and that we offer great value across several thousand products. We are adding 20% to some of our printed book titles, though not all. Not all miniatures are going up in price, oh no, not by a long shot. Here is what will happen across the 24th to 28th February, occurring range-by-range on the website:

Our Flintloque and Slaughterloo titles are increasing in price by 20%, as are titles such as Furioso and Doom Squad and Sengoku. Smaller books such as the U.S.E.M.E. series are remaining at the same price. Digital downloads will alter alongside the printed version.
Miniatures: 6mm Scale
All of our 6mm scale ranges, such as Bradley Miniatures, will not alter in price.
Miniatures: 15mm Scale
All of our 15mm historical ranges, such as Altuos, Isarus, Medus, and Brickdust, will not alter in price. Our 15mm fantasy ranges ,such as HOT and Tabletop Games, will rise by an average of 10% in price. Sengoku 15mm Japanese fantasy range will not increase in price. Our 15mm science-fiction ranges, such as HOF and SHM, will increase in price by an average of 10%, though some of the larger kits such as mecha will not increase in price. The Ion Age will also increase in price by around 10%.
Miniatures: 28mm Scale
We shall be increasing the prices of our 28mm fantasy ranges by an average of 25% (£2.00 GBP to £2.50 GBP). This includes Ganesha Games ranges. We will not be increasing the prices of our 28mm science-fiction miniatures, such as Alternate Stars. The World of Valon range is more complex, covering game packs and over 20 different races and armies. On average, we shall be raising the price of a miniature by 25% (£2.00 GBP to £2.50 GBP), though a few packs will get cheaper, and some will go up by 10% only. We shall maintain the single/pack/unit structure, meaning a discount for a skirmish pack and a bigger discount for a unit.
Other Ranges
We shall be adding about 10% to the prices of our 28mm resin terrain range codes. Typhon will remain at present range price. Grinning Skull will increase by around 10%, as will Frontear. The Erin range and the Sulphur range will remain at present range price, as will Vulcan Models. Torture chamber range and Guild Room will increase by around 10%.

Painted Miniatures

Painted figures

Alternative Armies provides to wargamers and collectors many thousands of pro-painted miniatures a year, all produced here in Scotland by our team. The prices of these miniatures include the figure itself, the base, the painting, and scenic basing effect. We shall be increasing painted prices in line with those on the miniatures, if they are 28mm or 15mm scale and so on. This will not take effect immediately, as all painted stock shown on the painted pages of the site will remain at current prices until sold. The other change is that we will remove the 'purchase painted' choice from all codes across the website except for the in-stock items on the painted product pages. This means you will be able to purchase for immediate shipping what is in stock, plus deals and offers. Of course, if you wish any of our codes pro-painted and based (such as a regiment of 54503 Orc Line), we will quote you for it and give an estimated dispatch date. Please email us on with your proposed miniature painting order, and we will be happy to give you a quote.

If you have any questions on these changes, please contact us on and we will be happy to assist you.


We shall continue to offer one of the widest selections in tabletop gaming out there, and there are 14 new and re-mastered releases (as well as the free 28mm scale mortar set in every shipped order) coming from the 5th to the 21st February before these alterations take place.

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