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Personal logo svsavory Supporting Member of TMP writes:

I had the opportunity to play Red Alert yesterday. It's a fun game, and very familiar if you've played other C&C games.

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Dave Ryan Sponsoring Member of TMP of Caliver Books writes:

We have a fair few new rules, supplements and books this week at Caliver Books.

H27221 BAKER RIFLE AND THE EARLY CAMPAIGNS OF THE 95TH RIFLES / Summerfield & Law. 312p. mint illus hardback. Excellent study of the technical, production and tactical use of the Rifle and the 95th. Inc. a facsimile of the 1808 Military Lectures delivered to officers of the Regiment £25.00 GBP

H27222 PRUSSIAN FREIKORPS AND NATIONAL CAVALRY REGIMENTS OF THE NAPOLEONIC WARS / Lyulin & Summerfield. 72p. Large format pbk. very well illus in color. Uniforms and Flags. £17.50 GBP

H27223 HISTORIC, MILITARY, AND NAVAL ANECDOTES OF PERSONAL VALOUR, BRAVERY, AND PARTICULAR INCIDENTS WHICH OCCURRED TO THE ARMIES OF GREAT BRITAIN AND HER ALLIES, IN THE LAST LONG-CONTESTED WAR, TERMINATING WITH THE BATTLE OF WATERLOO / Orme. Facsimile of the 1819 edition, 96pp. text plus 40 superb color plates reproduced from the original hand-colored versions, 4to. 2019. Orme's superb work tends to concentrate on Waterloo with a high proportion of the plates referring to incidents in the battle. It is one of those exquisite part works originally issued to subscribers with hand-painted plates. £30.00 GBP

Sword & Spear Fantasy

H27224 SWORD & SPEAR FANTASY RULES / – Large-battle fantasy rules. Based on the well-received Ancients set. Simple mechanisms that allow the player to concentrate on tactics and the bigger picture. £15.00 GBP

H27228 MORTAL GODS: MGCBA1 Athenian Lochos – Box Set / – Post-free worldwide. £37.50 GBP

H27229 MORTAL GODS: MGCBS1 Spartan Lochos – Box Set / – Post-free worldwide. £37.50 GBP

Red Alert

H27225 RED ALERT: SPACE FLEET WARFARE / – Richard Borg heads into space in this exciting new Commands & Colors boardgame – including two complete fleets of hard-plastic starships! Red Alert allows two to six players to duke it out in space. All supplements stocked. £85.00 GBP

H27235 Battle of Hubbardton: The Rear Guard Action that Saved America / Venter. 142p. illus. After capturing Fort Ticonderoga, the British, under Lieutenant General John Burgoyne, pursued a retreating Continental Army under Major General Arthur St. Clair. In the fields and hills around Hubbardton, a tenacious American rear guard of about 1,200 derailed the British general's plan for a quick march to Albany. £16.50 GBP

Battle Ravens

H27226 BATTLE RAVENS: Dan Mersey's Dark Ages boardgame / – All supplements stocked. £29.50 GBP

H27230 IN THE EMPEROR'S SERVICE – WALLENSTEIN'S ARMY, 1625-1634 / Spring, L mint pbk v well ill inc color plates. Army, logistics, tactics, flags, etc. £21.50 GBP

Face Another Foe Army List

H27227 FACE ANOTHER FOE: Wargaming the Lace Wars 1650-1750 2) ARMY LISTS & SCENARIOS / Sutherland, Jon & Diane. 70p. v wel illus in color. Supplement to this set of rules that went down a storm at Salute. Inc Eastern Battles and Armies. £14.99 GBP

H27231 PENINSULAR WAR: PAPER SOLDIERS FOR WELLINGTON'S WAR IN SPAIN / Dennis, Peter. Latest in the cut-out wargames soldiers series. £14.99 GBP

H27232 EARLY IMPERIAL ROMAN GENERALS: Victrix 28mm / – VXA038 £22.50 GBP

H27233 SAGA: AGE OF MAGIC / – Supplement – you will need SAGA main rules. £29.50 GBP

H27234 SAGA: AGE OF MAGIC BUNDLE: THE MAIN RULES, THE MAGIC SUPPLEMENT AND SPELL CARDS / – Dice sets available - see main listing. £49.50 GBP

H27238 NEW PERSPECTIVES ON THE LAST ARGUMENT OF KINGS: ARTILLERY IN THE AWI / Fort Ticonderoga. v well illus. Essays. £29.50 GBP

H27236 ROAD TO HALLE: Expansion Kit II for Napoleon's Last Gamble wargame / Zucker, Kevin. This expansion kit adds one 22x34-inch map (WX) to the battlefield area, that will extend the area from Brussels to west of Hal, overlapping the (N) and (NX) maps. Also includes a four-page study folder with three scenarios. £25.00 GBP

H27237 NAPOLEON RETREATS – 1814 Campaign in France II) 6 March to 13 March 1814 / Zucker, Kevin. Three maps fit together to create an irregular playing area 44x68-inch and covering an entire week of fighting. Components: three 22x34-inch maps, 560 die-cut units, 100 playing cards, two rulebooks, 15 player-aid cards, and game box. £99.50 GBP

H27239 GHOST PANZERS UNIT CARDS / Flames of War£13.50 GBP

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