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New 2.5D Cardstock Ships at War Artisan's Workshop

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unknown member writes:

I have built up a small 1/300 scale fleet for pirate games using Limeys & Slimeys rules. These ships are just great. They are fairly easy to build, inexpensive and I am completely pleased with the results from a gaming standpoint, storage and expense. While I would prefer nothing happen to them while gaming, if something does, I can simply print and build another one to replace it. Very, Very pleased to have come across this fine line of miniature ships.

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unknown member of War Artisan's Workshop writes:

"2.5D" is a term coined by cardstock modelers to identify models that are made up of two-dimensional parts, arranged to give the illusion of a three-dimensional object. They have the advantage of being simple to construct, while still being visually attractive.

2.5D Napoleonic Ships

Ideal for age-of-sail gamers with limited space, or those who feel they don't have the patience for 3D models, these little gems gives you the look of grand fleets of sailing ships for a minimum of effort and cost.

$10.00 USD gets you a dozen files, allowing you to quickly and easily build fleets of 1:2000 scale sailing ships, representing the naval forces of the great powers of Europe during the Napoleonic Wars.

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