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Sherman Armored Troop Released

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Personal logo Wyatt the Odd Supporting Member of TMP Fezian writes:

It breaks down this way:

For the manufacturer: Because they sell this model (and similiar) in packs of five, they know precisely what their production, shipping and other costs are. Because it's the same size box, they're only paying for the printing costs to mark it as a British product. And logistically, it simplifies things immensely. Also, they don't have to deal with gamers whining about the cost-per tank of a 3-pack of British vs. an American box. (because the cost of shipping and packaging doesn't change, it's just spread across five models instead of three.

For the Retailers: Because this is a standard sized box, stocking the shelves is simpler. They also know what their margin will be on selling this. And, because most gamers will want to build more than a single platoon-sized unit, they pretty much guarantee the purchase of a second.

For the Gamers Few will stop at one troop, at least for FoW. Buy two boxes and you've got two full troops, plus an understrength one, or you have a Squadron Command team. If one wants to run just a three-Sherman unit, then they're set. If they want to add the option of a Firefly to their troop, they're not suddenly short one regular Sherman. And, they don't have to freak out about why the Shermans in the British box are 20% more expensive than their American counterparts.

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Battlefront writes:

Sherman Armoured Troop (Plastic) (BBX60)

Sherman Armored Troop

Includes five plastic Sherman (75mm) or Firefly (17-pounder) tanks, one Tank Commander Sprue, one Decal Sheet, and eight Unit Cards.

Most of the British armored divisions in Normandy were equipped with Sherman tanks. These reliable American-made tanks gave them a balance of firepower, armor, and mobility that they had long lacked.

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