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Wargames Annual 2020, Making Tabletop Terrain Volume 3 & Plenty More This Week at Caliver Books

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Dave Ryan Sponsoring Member of TMP of Caliver Books writes:

Well, Caliver has Wargamers' Annual 2020, and Making Tabletop Terrain volume 3 available for pre-ordering this week. As well as pre-orders for Perry's Napoleonics and new Rubicon miniatures.

H28022 – Warlords of Erehwon: Sohei Warrior Monks with naginata – Warlord Games. £21.25 GBP

H28023 – Warlords of Erehwon: Onna-bugeisha with longbows – Warlord Games. £21.25 GBP

H28024 – Warlords of Erehwon: Ninja – Warlord Games. £21.25 GBP

H28025 – Warlords of Erehwon: Samurai Heroes – Warlord Games. £21.25 GBP

German Machine Guns

H28026 – German Machineguns: Development, Tactics and Use from 1892 to 1918. Very large format. 520 pages, approximately 1,000 color photographs, contemporary black-and-white photographs and illustrations, hard cover with a protective cover. Including rare models (anti-tank, etc.) and captured weapons. £99.50 GBP

H28027 – Freikorps-Auszeichnungen: Einschlielich der Auszeichnungen der Freiwilligentruppen von 1918 bis 1921 – 550. Large format hardback (nearly 4 kilos). 1,000-plus photos of the German Freikorps. German text. £99.50 GBP

H28029 – Schwimmwagen Type 166 – Rubicon. £13.50 GBP

H28030 – Volkswagen Type 1 "Kafer" – Rubicon. £13.50 GBP

H28031 – Krupp Protze KFZ 69/70 6 x 4 Truck – Rubicon. £16.20 GBP


H28032 – M3A1 Scout Car (early & late production) – Rubicon. £16.20 GBP

H28033 – BA-3/BA-6 Heavy Armored Car – Rubicon. £16.20 GBP

H28034 – BA-10 Heavy Armored Car – Rubicon. £16.20 GBP

H28035 – Domestic Furniture Set – Rubicon. £10.80 GBP

H28036 – Brewing and Malting Equipment & Ingredients – Food & Cookery in Elizabethan and Early Stuart England 18). £9.00 GBP

H28037 – Defense of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Northern Italy, 1813-1814 / Nafziger and Gioanninni. 380 pages. Near-mint original black cloth edition, not current print-on-demand. One only. £69.50 GBP

H28042 – 1:72nd Sherman M4A2 – Plastic Soldier Company – WWII – WWIIV20034/Plastic Soldier Company. £16.95 GBP

H28044 – STUG III Enthusiasts' Manual Sturmgeschutz III – Ausführung A to G/Haynes. £15.00 GBP

H28045 – French Napoleonic Battalion 1807-1814: Perry Miniatures – pre-order, due shortly. Buy another box of anything and get it post-free worldwide. £18.00 GBP

French Napoleonic Elite Company

H28046 – French Napoleonic Elite Company – Perry Miniatures – pre-order, due shortly. Buy another box of anything and get it post-free worldwide. £18.00 GBP

H28047 – Les Italiens de L'empereur: Les Armees de la peninsule Italienne 1800-1815/Jouineau. Large format full-color plate hardback. Latest in this excellent series. French text. £31.50 GBP

H28048 – Team Yankee Second Edition – Battlefront Miniatures – WWIII-01/Battlefront Miniatures. £10.25 GBP

H28049 – American Token Set – Team Yankee – TTK14/Battlefront Miniatures. £8.50 GBP

H28050 – Soviet Token Set – Team Yankee – TTK15/Battlefront Miniatures. £8.50 GBP

H28051 – West German Token Set – Team Yankee- TTK16/Battlefront Miniatures. £8.50 GBP

H28052 – Mission Token Set – Team Yankee – TTK101/Battlefront Miniatures. £5.75 GBP

H28053 – West German Decal Set – Team Yankee – TGR950/Battlefront Miniatures. £7.00 GBP

H28054 – Soviet Decal Set – Team Yankee – TSU950/Battlefront Miniatures. £7.00 GBP

H28055 – American Decal Set – Team Yankee – TUS950/Battlefront Miniatures. £7.00 GBP

Wargamers Annual

H28056 – Wargamers' Annual 2020/Grant, CS & Pals. Yes, It's that time again. Your Xmas stocking filler. Includes: Famous Cavalry regiments; the Northern Frontier of Rome; Chaeronea; The Perils of Lady Constance in the Sudan; SYW skirmish wargaming Y Viva Espana; Invasion 1744; Meiji restoration, etc. £15.00 GBP

Wargamers Guide to Making Tabletop Terrain 3

H28057 – Wargamer's Guide to Making Tabletop Terrain 3)/Sutherland, Diane & Jon. The series gathers apace. Large format full-color paperback. This volume takes you from the Canadian wilderness to the plains of the west, from Ancient Greece to the Italian coast via canoes and wagons. 17 expanded articles on terrain and tabletop features for wargamers that don't require you to have a degree in design or art. £15.00 GBP

H28058 – Trident Realm Kraken – Kings of War/ Mantic post-free worldwide. £25.50 GBP

H28059 – Uncharted Empires – Kings of War 3rd edition supplement/Mantic. £16.99 GBP

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