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Wargamers Annual & Plenty More This Week at Caliver Books

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Dave Ryan of Caliver Books writes:

It's Wargamers' Annual time again, the perfect stocking filler.

We have a limited quantity of some usually quite pricey Napoleonic books – so treat yourself!

Wargamers Annual 2022

H29639 – Wargamers Annual 2022 / Charles S Grant. 104 pages, full-color images. Simple Combat, Search for Eldorado, Gettysburg in the gazebo. Freemans farm, Avatar peninsular, famous cavalry regiments, Albuera; Hodges scouts, a tabletop Mysore army, the Seven Years War, a trial by combat, neither biting nor chariot, the armies of Darrell Hindley, Partizan best of show. £16.50 GBP

H29620 – Army of Frederick the Great / Duffy, Christopher. Special Offer: A few left. Classic, definitive study of Frederick's military machine. Includes list of regiments, black-and-white drawings, illustrations, maps, bibliography and index. £22.50 GBP

H29622 – Poles and Saxons of the Napoleonic Wars / Nafziger Special Offer: A few left at: Complete treatment of these key French allies, including OOBs and 16 color plates. £30.00 GBP

H29623 – Napoleon's First Italian Campaign: 1796-1797 / Rocco Special Offer: I have grabbed one of the last cases from the publisher. You all know the quality of this series… Includes over 40 commissioned maps, 50 full-color Rocco paintings, artifact photos, numerous sketches, two appendices featuring over 40 primary uniform illustrations. A massive limited-edition tome. £195.00 GBP

H29624 – Napoleon's Finest: Marshall Davout's 3rd Corps / Bowden, Scott. Special Offer: I have grabbed one of the last cases from the publisher. This is the first English translation of the Journal of Operations, 1805-1807, and includes 30+ color maps, OOBs and primary source. £185.00 GBP

H29625 – Napoleon's Apogee: The Prussian Campaign 1806 includes battle of Jena, Auerstadt, and Saalfeld / Bressonnet, Pascal translated/edited by S. Bo. Special Offer: I have grabbed one of the last cases from the publisher. Offers the finest qualities of old world, 19th Century bookmaking resurface in the creation of this book. Full, leather binding with gilt stamping encases this oversize 14 x 10-inch volume. Marbled endpapers, silk ribbon page marker, and heavy, gilt-edged archival pages. 2 volume, 424 pages, 2009 U.S. military history press. £195.00 GBP

H29626 – Napoleon at Leipzig: The Battle of Nations 1813 / Nafziger. Special Offer: Mint hardback, very well illustrated. An exhaustive study in the same vein as Lutzen and Bautzen and Napoleon at Dresden. Includes black-and-white illustrations and maps, bibliography and index. £19.95 GBP

Battlegroup Stalingrad

H29638 – Battlegroup Stalingrad – Plastic Soldier Company – pre-order. £29.50 GBP

H29627 – Corner of Hell: Section & Platoon-level skirmish WWII rules + supplement / Peers, one only, 2 volumes, near fine. WWII rules from a master rulesmith. Supplement in organization and additional rules. £34.50 GBP

H29628 – Swords of the Emperor: Japanese supplement to Panzer Korps rules – 165 pages, large format, full-color paperback. Orbats, scenarios, etc. £26.50 GBP

H29630 – Leopard 1 Trilogy. Volume 1, Prototype to Production/mint hardback. £67.50 GBP

H29631 – Onin War 1467-77: A turning point in Samurai history/Turnbull. 130 pages. Very well illustrated in 16 color illustrations. £15.95 GBP

H29632 – Perfect Militia: The Stuart Trained Bands 1603-1642/Leadbetter. 180 pages, illustrated paperback. £21.50 GBP

H29633 – Battle of Nordlingen 1934/Ribas. 200 pages, well illustrated in eight color plates. £19.95 GBP

H29634 – Dust of Glory: 1st Anglo-Afghan War 1839-42/Whitburn. 430 pages, well illustrated in color. £25.00 GBP

H29635 – Data Book of Wheeled WWII Vehicles – mint paperback reprint. 580pp. This manual is possibly unique – it is a collection of data sheets on wheeled vehicles in service with the British Army at the end of the war and up to 1947/48. Every wheeled vehicle (including armored cars) has its data recorded and in most cases, there is a line drawing to illustrate the vehicle as well. The amount of information in the collection is not to be found in any other publication… The publication shows the enormous number of vehicles needed to keep an army moving and fighting, and is highly recommended. £64.50 GBP

H29636 – Disciplina Camaradas: Four English Volunteers In Spain 1936-39/Hall. 132 pages, mint paperback. Interviews with Maurice Levine, Bernard McKenna, David Goodman, and Staff Cottman. Concentrates on their military experiences. £9.95 GBP

Italian Army & Blackshirts

H29637 – Italian Army & Blackshirts – Warlord GamesBolt Action – pre-order / Warlord Games. £28.00 GBP

H29640 – Mortem et Glorium: Updated edition – now in stock. £30.00 GBP

H29641 – Civil War in Wales: The Scouring of the Nation / Terry. 232 pages, mint illustrations hardback. £18.99 GBP

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