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BOLT ACTION: Campaign Stalingrad – 2nd edition

Bolt Action: Campaign Stalingrad – 2nd Edition One of the most infamous and decisive battles of the Second World War, Stalingrad was a turning point of the Eastern Front, showing that the German juggernaut was not invincible. This campaign book for Bolt Action allows players to refight the fierce Battle of Stalingrad, from the actions of the surrounding area and within the city itself, to the encirclement, concerted relief efforts, and the final attempted breakout. New, linked scenarios, rules, troop types, and Theatre Selectors provide plenty of options for both novice and veteran players alike. $30.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 15%, now $25.50 USD

Twilight of the Soldier Kings Set designed to fight large historical battles on a reasonable-sized table and with a reasonable number of figures in the era of Frederick the Great (1730 to 1770). The player is the army commander seeking to marshal the full forces that their historical counterpart had to achieve victory, and not some colonel or brigadier controlling a few battalions or squadrons in the fight for some sector of a battlefield. The concentration is on the 'big picture' rather on relatively unimportant details. The rules reward historic tactics and practices while making typical 'gamer' tactics obsolete. So, players will want their forces to be in at least two lines with a reserve and not strung out in a line as is commonly done in other rules. The rules include scenarios for the battles of Mollwitz (1741), Kolin (1757), and Krefeld (1758), and a generic Manoeuvre battle based on the battles of Hochkirch and Zorndorf (both 1758). $32.00 USD

Twilight of the Soldier Kings: European Battles in the Age of Frederick the Great 1730-1780 – Scenario Book The War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1748): Chotusitz, 1742; Dettingen, 1743; Madonna dell'Olmo, 1744; Kesselsdorf, 1745; Lauffeld, 1747. The Seven Years War (1756-1763): Rossbach, 1757; Leuthen, 1757; Zorndorf, 1758; Minden, 1759; Korbitz, 1759; Warburg, 1760; Torgau, 1760. $26.00 USD

Ragnarok: The Abyss – Morpheus Engine 3 Ginnungagap, the Gaping Abyss, once separated the realms of Ice and Fire, keeping them in balance and sparing the other realms from their ravages. With the Nine Realms shattered, however, Ginnungagap has been left unguarded, and unspeakable horrors now await those who wish to cross it. New scenarios for Ragnarok includes new monsters and mechanics, including Fear, and present entirely new challenges for them to overcome in the telling of their sagas. $30.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 15%, now $25.50 USD

Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age Created by Joseph A. McCullough, designer of Frostgrave, Oathmark is a mass-battle fantasy wargame that puts you in command of the fantasy army. Fight through an integrated campaign system and develop your realms from battle to battle, adding new territories, recruiting new troop types, and growing to eclipse your rivals. or lose what you fought so hard to gain and fall as so many would-be emperors before you. $35.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 15%, now $29.75 USD

Uniform Guides…

FRENCH INFANTRY OF LOUIS XV: V1 – Military Colours Vol. 10

This is the first of several volumes on French infantry uniforms, including the Seven Years War period. Stephen presents the known evidence and untangles the confusions that have arisen because of frequent uniform changes over the period.

French Infantry of Louis XV: V1 – Military Colours, Volume 10 This first volume studies the 35 regiments that made up the 'Les Vieux Corps', 'Les Petits Vieux', and the Royal Regiments – over 385 color illustrations of uniforms, including 105 of flags. $28.00 USD

French Infantry of Louis XV: V2 – Military Colours, Volume 11 This second volume studies the the 61 provincial regiments. Over 400 color illustrations of uniforms, and including 125 of flags. $28.00 USD

Franco-Prussian War 1870/71: Uniforms and Equipment of the German and French Armies Two volumes in a slipcase, with more than 2,500 color and black-and-white photographs. Volume 1 – Prussia marched in July 1870, not only the troops of the north German states, but with armies of all other German states, including the south German kingdoms. By September 1870, this 'multinational' power, initially consisting of three armies, was able to force the Imperial French Army to retreat from the borders in a series of costly battles and finally defeat it at Sedan and encircle it in Metz. After Napoleon III abdicated, the French Republic proclaimed on 4th September continued the struggle. A war of princes became a people's war, which in many ways anticipated the wars of the 20th Century, including partisan warfare and the shooting of civilians.

Volume 2 – Although it is less obvious than in Germany, since the two World Wars, the conflict of 1870 has largely been forgotten in France. However, few events have been more decisive in the history of this country. The reign of Napoleon III had raised France to the status of a great power in the Europe of 1860. 'Master on land' at the end of the Crimean and Italian wars, by means of external operations carried out on a global scale, France followed closely behind Great Britain to become a 'master of the seas.' Nonetheless, this prosperous country, once again dominant, declared war on Prussia and paid for it by losing its continental pre-eminence forever. Additionally, the defeat allowed a bourgeois, rural and moderate republic to gain a lasting hold during this major political and social upheaval. 2 vol, 800 pages. $169.00 USD

Armstrong Rifles Breech Loading Field Artillery and Wagons: Royal Carriage Department Plans, 1860-1880 The Royal Carriage Department plates were the working plans produced to accompany the various editions of the Treatise of Military Carriages. While the treatises can be found in various editions and reprints, only a few RCD plates have previously been made available even to researchers. Fortunately, an almost complete set of plates has been found and preserved in the private reference collection of Simon Trendall. In addition, using the extensive specialist knowledge of Dr. Stephen Summerfield, editor of the Smoothbore Ordnance Journal, we have been able to reproduce the plates supported by text from contemporary Treatise of Military Carriages to create this invaluable reference for the historian, model maker, and restorer of ordnance of this period. Includes 35 double-page Royal Carriage Department plates, 53 plans, and 39 tables. $63.00 USD


016 LEGION CONDOR 1936-39: The Luftwaffe Develops Blitzkrieg in the Spanish Civil War

016 Legion Condor 1936-39: The Luftwaffe Develops Blitzkrieg in the Spanish Civil War Weapon series. $22.00 USD
073 The Browning High-Power Pistol Weapon series. $22.00 USD
281 Tanks in the Battle of the Bulge Weapon series. $22.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 15%, now $18.70 USD each

348 The Naval Siege of Japan 1945: War Plan Orange Triumphant Campaign series. $24.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 15%, now $20.40 USD

Lawrence of Arabia on War: The Campaign in the Desert 1916-18 Book evaluates Lawrence and the British military operations in the Near East, revising and adding to conventional narratives in order to tell the full story of this influential figure, the Ottoman-Turkish perspective, and the Arabs' position within the context of the war. It is also a study of warfare and the manner in which Lawrence and others made their assessments of what was changing, what was distinctive, and what was unique to the desert environment. This book sets Lawrence in context, examines the peace settlement he participated in, and describes how Lawrence's legacy has informed and inspired those partnering and mentoring local forces to the present day. $35.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 15%, now $29.75 USD


FALLSCHIRMJAGER: Elite German Paratroops In World War II

Fallschirmjager: Elite German Paratroops In World War II – Images of War series $25.00 USD
Fallschirmjager: Volume 1 – German Paratroops 1937-1941 – Images of War series $25.00 USD
Fallschirmjager: Volume 2 – German Paratroops 1937-1941 – Images of War series $25.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 15%, now $21.25 USD each
THE BATTLE OF FRIEDLAND 1807: The Dawn of Modern Field Artillery Tactics

The Battle of Friedland 1807: The Dawn of Modern Field Artillery Tactics Based on the exquisite notebooks produced by military historian Archibald F. Becke, this survey of the Battle of Friedland points out the significance of Senarmont's decisive use of field artillery, which changed field tactics. Includes 10 color maps, 19 orders of battle, 36 plans, 24 color paintings, 11 color plates, and 47 tables. $50.00 USD

The Blackhorse in Vietnam: The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment in Vietnam and Cambodia, 1966-1972 This is a history of the Blackhorse Regiment in the Vietnam War, and the stories of some of the 20,000 young Americans who served in its ranks during the war. Within a year of their arrival in Vietnam, Blackhorse troopers overcame ambushes that featured volleys of anti-tank weapons, multitudes of mines, and coordinated assaults by reinforced enemy regiments against troop-sized positions. They defeated an entire enemy division twice their size and successfully demonstrated the ability to operate on and off the roads, in the jungle, and during both the wet and dry seasons. Includes 40 photos and maps. $35.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 15%, now $29.75 USD

Don't Forget the Magazines…

ANCIENT HISTORY MAGAZINE #27: The Arrival of Christianity

Ancient History Magazine #27: The Arrival of Christianity Theme: The Arrival of Christianity: Two stories, Two Perspectives: Making the World Christian; Early Christian converts: A New View: Moderates Not Zealots; Constantine and the Tide of History: Christians, Pagans, and Policy; How Christians Created the 'Other': Inventing Pagans; Pagan Origins, Christian Continuity: Celebrating Saturnalia; Christians in (and at) the Arena: Martyrs and Spectators; Early Christianity in Scythia Minor: Here is the Blood of Martyrs. Features: The Wide World of Roman Wine: Lovers of the Grape; An Archaeological Tour of Lebanon: Day Trips Back in Time; The Roman army on Screen: Part XVI – Ben-Hur (2016). $10.00 USD

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