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Dave Ryan Sponsoring Member of TMP of Caliver Books writes:

The post is erratic, but U.K. and European and U.K. orders are arriving in a timely fashion, even stuff to the U.S.

AN UNIFORME ORDER AND DISCIPLINE AMONGST US, VOl 1) MAKE READY: TRAINING IN ARMS HANDLING 1590-1650 is with us, Profusely illustrated, it includes the complete set of plates and translations for EXERCISE OF ARMES and LE MARESCHAL DE BATAIILE, the French 1647 manual. A must for any ECW re-enactor to drool over on Boxing day!

Also arriving this weekend in a limited quantity is James Arnold's OCTOBER TRIUMPH, his study of Jena.

You can always, of course, go for a Caliver Books/Minifigs voucher, posted or emailed to any lucky recipient.

H28937 – DAS SPONTON 1966 Issues 33-40 / – Large format 170p. illus. 1 only. GERMAN TEXT. Classic German bound military magazines. all subjects covered but largely pre-1918. £40.00 GBP

H28938 – De re militari et bello tractatus: A Treatise On Military Matters And Warfare. 1563 / Belli 400p. Hardback. reprint of the oxford 1935 ed. Largely deals with C16th military law. soldier's rights etc. £85.00 GBP


H28939 – WARS OF THE ROSES HERALDRY / Jones & Pritchard 240p. Large format pbk. Well over 2,000 full-color coats of armors, banners and other color illus. £28.50 GBP

H28940 – BRITISH GRENADIER! HARDBACK GENTLEMAN's 2nd edition / – Found the last one! – only 25 of these gold-embossed-cover editions were printed. £45.00 GBP

H28941 – Militarie Instructions for the Cavallrie 1632 / Cruso & Young. Large format numbered limited edition in mock-leather binding. SIGNED BY BRIGADIER PETER YOUNG. Superb quality facsimile reprint of the Cavalry Manual. Includes pull-outs. Near Mint. £75.00 GBP

H28942 – Seelowe Heights 16-19 April 1945. A Wargamer's Guide / Shann. Large format full-color. A series of scenarios that cover the actions. Great for Rapid Fire, easily converted to other systems. £18.50 GBP

H28944 – PAX BOCHEMANNICA: Fantasy skirmish rules: Two only / – Orcs that are sort of Roman vs Barbarians that are sort of Goblins. Ancient skirmish rules with a bit of roleplay that be adapted for anything. £15.00 GBP


H28945 – EVERY BULLET HAS ITS BILLET: A Guide to Wargaming the Late 17th Century / Hilton, B. 124 pages. 108 color photos, 9 black-and-white illustrations, 4 color maps. How to create and paint your troops, information on uniforms and flags, which regiments fought where, the evolution of tactics and battlefield doctrines. £19.50 GBP

As always, there is plenty of shop-soiled or secondhand newly available.

49687 – MITRAILLEUSES AND MACHINE GUNS / Capt Ownes, RA. Paperback. 42 pages. Illustration of gun plans, construction and tactical use. Facsimile of 1874. £3.00 GBP

49688 – ADVANCE GUARDS: Fast-play Ancient and Medieval wargames rules / Halsall & Harper. Large format full color. Mint. Crease to cover. £10.00 GBP

49689 – Where both the hosts fought: The Rebellions of 1469-1470 and the Battles of Edgecote and Lose-Cote-Field / Haigh. 190p. Illustrated. Near-mint paperback. £8.00 GBP

49690 – ENGLISH CIVIL WAR SCENARIOS / Maggs. Eleven scenarios, large format, near-fine paperback. Maps, color flags, etc. the first of the seven Partizan ECW scenario books. £11.50 GBP

49691 – Oliver Cromwell's Letters and Speeches: With Elucidations Volume III / Carlyle. 600p. VGC hardback. Original 1904 printing. Green clothbound. £15.00 GBP

49692 – MINIATURE ADVENTURES OF DUNSTERFORCE 1918: Still setting the East Ablaze / Giglio, Bob. Mint but damage to cover. 160p large format full-color pages. 16 scenarios, from small unit skirmishes to large scale actions, plus campaign options. Includes a History of Dunsterforce plus amendments and clarifications for SETTING THE EAST ABLAZE rules. £20.00 GBP

49693 – STRUGGLE FOR SUPREMACY IN THE BALTIC 1600-1725 / Lisk. 240p. GC paperback. 30 Years and Great Northern War in the Baltic regions. £7.50 GBP

49694 – SOLDATS NAPOLEONIENS: VARIOUS ISSUES / – 80-90p. Large format all-color illus. FRENCH TEXT. Superb uniform magazine – we have just had a ¾ complete collection, all nearly new. See our website for descriptions and email us with your wants list. £15.00 GBP

49695 – WARRIORS OF ARTHUR / Matthews. 170p. Near-fine hardback, all color plates, by Richard Hook. £8.00 GBP

49696 – Roman Conquests: Egypt and Judaea / Grainger, J. 210p. Illus near-mint hardback. £8.00 GBP

49697 – ON CAMPAIGN WITH THE 79th CAMERON HIGHLANDERS THROUGH PORTUGAL & SPAIN / Eadie. Paperback reprint. Served in the Peninsula. £8.50 GBP

49698 – LORD HILL'S LETTERS FROM PORTUGAL 1809-1813 / – Reprint of the letters. bk. £8.50 GBP

49699 – COLONIAL CAMPAIGN ORDERS OF BATTLE: CONQUEST OF SCINDE + THE GWALIOR CAMPAIGN 1843 / – Pamphlet listing British orders of battle. £4.00 GBP

49700 – MONTEBELLO 1859 / Weaver, R. Near-mint paperback. 36p including color uniform plates. Franco-Austrian War. £5.00 GBP

49701 – Concise History Of The Dutch Army 1568-1940 / – 140p. VGC paperback. Well illustrated including color. £20.00 GBP

49702 – DIRECTORY OF LADIES OF PLEASURE IN EDINBURGH: Ranger's Impartial List With A Preface By A Celebrated Wit 1775 / Ranger. Small facsimile printed and handbound for Living History events (!!). £18.00 GBP

49703 – LAW LIES BLEEDING: STRAWHEAD: CD OF ENGLISH CIVIL WAR PERIOD SONGS / – New. Last copy. By ECW RE-enactment's favorite musicians. £16.00 GBP

49704 – ARMIES & LEGIONS AND HORDES / Taylor. Near-fine, large format, all-color illustrations. Historical and fantasy painting guide. 28mm/32mm. £32.50 GBP

49705 – Britannia: The Roman Invasions of Britain / – Warlord Games Hail Caesar supplement. Near mint. £15.00 GBP

49706 – CLASH OF SPEARS: ANCIENT RULES / – Mint hardback. Slight shelf war. Runner up in the Wargames Illustrated Best Rules of 2020 awards. £25.00 GBP

49707 – Peninsula Years, The: Britain's Red Coats in Spain and Portugal / Richards. Near-mint hardback. Concise history of the campaign with copious quotes from military memoirs. £3.50 GBP

49708 – Going to the Wars: Experience of the British Civil Wars, 1638-51 / Carlton. 412 p. Near-fine hardback but sunning to spine. Excellent, essential study, though the source tor the now oft-touted spurious idea that the wars were more devastating than WWI. £6.50 GBP

49710 – BLACK POWDER 2nd – GERMAN LANGUAGE EDITION / – Mint hardback. £29.50 GBP

49711 – White Armies of Russia: A Chronicle of Counter-Revolution and Allied Intervention / Swewart. 470p. Mint paperback. Campaigns of the Russian Civil War. £15.00 GBP

49712 – Cheriton, 1644: The Campaign and the Battle / Adair. Roundwood Press series. VGC hardback. £48.50 GBP

49713 – From Hastings to Culloden / Brig P Young & John Adair. Near-mint Roundwood Press edition, in that lovely paper. Just the thing to complete your Roundwood Press collection. £8.50 GBP

49714 – PANZER GRENADIER DELUXE 3rd ed. Hardback WWII rules / Brown. Mint hardback but scratch to rear cover and slight bump to spine. £24.50 GBP

49715 – Fortress in the Age of Vauban and Frederick the Great, 1660-1789 v.2 / Duffy, Christopher. Large format hardback. Very well illustrated. Mint copy but repaired tear to front jacket. £37.50 GBP

49716 – FINAL ASSAULT: Platoon-level WWII skirmish rules / Torriani. Good condition, large format, full-color paperback. Cover loose. £15.00 GBP

49717 – Kursk 1943: The Tide Turns in the East / Healy. Mint Osprey Campaign hardback. £15.00 GBP

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