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U.S.E.M.E. Prohibition Gangsters Released in Print & Digital Download

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Gavin Syme GBS Sponsoring Member of TMP of Alternative Armies writes:

The 15th title in the Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements has arrived at Alternative Armies. Written by Robert McAlister and Steve Rysemus, it is set in the roaring 1920s and 1930s. UM015 Prohibition Gangsters uses a D6 engine, it is fast-play and well suited to 15mm scale and other scales of miniatures. Lead your gangsters or police, or gmen or others in raids and runs!

Prohibition Gangsters

The U.S.E.M.E. game system: You will need some miniatures, some terrain, and a few six-sided dice (D6s) to play the game. This is not much, and indeed most of the time, everything in play needs only 1D6 rolls to make a decision. In the game, all miniatures and vehicles are demarked into characters (from infantry to vehicles and everything else), and these into types which allow you to create anything you want from this period with a few tables of types with points costs attached. U.S.E.M.E. is a pocket rule system that does not pretend to be anything else. It's fast, it's fun.

Here are the contents of UM015.

  • Frontispage
  • Introduction & Contents
  • Prohibition and Inspiration
  • What you Need to Play
  • The U.S.E.M.E. Rules
  • Advanced Rules
  • Civilians in U.S.E.M.E.
  • Character Creation and Costs
  • Historical Units in Play
  • Solo Play Rules
  • Force Lists 1920s and 1930s
  • Free Files for this Game
  • The U.S.E.M.E. Series

Go below for the U.S.E.M.E. series of titles. They are listed by print editions, first followed by digital editions.

Prohibition Gangsters

To get you started, we have two free scenarios for Prohibition Gangsters. The Bank Robbery sees some gangsters take on the police in a daring attempt to lift a lot of moola. The Warehouse Raid, in which a godfather of a gang sees a chance to lift the illegal booze of another gang before it is shipped out. These are hosted on the page for UM015, print or digital.


The Summer Mega Event 2022 is on, which means that until 5th September, you automatically get 20% off your order at check-out, plus a free Alternia miniature worth £2.50 GBP included free. More than 30 new releases and many deals and offers too. Full details on our blog.

There is no better place to seek out pocket sized fast-play rules than the U.S.E.M.E. series. Each (with the exception of Support Pack and Valiesk) is self-contained, with solo-play rules too. As well as the game booklets, we also have a load of free downloads on the page to enhance with scenarios, extra rules, materials, and more as you play U.S.E.M.E.

Here Are All the Titles:

Zombie Dawn

UM001 – U.S.E.M.E. Science Fiction
UM002 – U.S.E.M.E. High Fantasy
UM003 – U.S.E.M.E. World War Two
UM004 – U.S.E.M.E. Modern Warfare
UM005 – U.S.E.M.E. American Civil War
UM006 – U.S.E.M.E. Starship Battles
UM007 – U.S.E.M.E. Post Apocalyptic
UM008 – U.S.E.M.E. Wild West
UM009 – U.S.E.M.E. Zombie Dawn
UM010 – U.S.E.M.E. Support Pack (Expansion Title)
UM011 – U.S.E.M.E. Cyberpunk
UM013 – U.S.E.M.E. Eldritch Horror
UM014 – U.S.E.M.E. Valiesk (Campaign Setting)
UM015 – U.S.E.M.E. Prohibition Gangsters
UM016 – U.S.E.M.E. 6mm Science Fiction

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