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Dave Ryan Sponsoring Member of TMP of Caliver Books writes:

A Few Exciting Salute Releases Finally Coming Out!

Note that the discounted pre-order post-free worldwide deals on the Austrian Perry Cavalry and Polish Victrix lancers are about to end, so don't hang around.

As expected, we'd have a surge of modern 10mm Minifigs orders, so we decided to do some army deals for you.

Here is the list:

Mortem et Gloriam

H28381 – Mortem et Gloriam: Rules for the Ancient/Medieval covering 2000BC to 1500AD – 2nd edition – post-free worldwide pre-order. £49.50 GBP

H28382 – Mortem et Gloriam: Late Imperial Roman MeG Pacto Starter Army – 15mm ultracast plastic figure – 96 figures. £31.50 GBP

H28383 – Mortem et Gloriam: Gothic MeG Pacto Starter Army – 15mm ultracast plastic figures. £31.50 GBP

H28384 – Mortem et Gloriam: Sassanid Persian MeG Pacto Starter Army – 15mm ultracast plastic figures. £31.50 GBP

Battlegroup Northag

H28385 – Battlegroup Northag: Cold War goes Hot 1983 – 10mm scale – post-free worldwide pre-order. Note that we have a huge range of 10mm vehicles and figures suitable for these rules on the Minfigs. £19.50 GBP

H28386 – Battlegroup Northag: 10mm British Starter Army. £27.00 GBP

H28387 – Battlegroup Northag: 10mm Soviet Starter Army. £63.00 GBP

H28388 – Triumph Ancient & Medieval Rules – large format illustrated. Sort of upgunned DBA rules. These work with bases of any width. Triumph uses a lightweight point system, so there is some variation in army size. For the standard game, most armies are in the range of 12 to 16 stands. The standard game board is rectangular, 24 base-widths wide and 16 base-widths deep. This works out to a little larger than 3 x 2 feet for 15mm figures on 40mm bases. From set-up to finish, a game of Triumph usually takes about. £29.50 GBP

H28389 – Armies and Enemies of Ancient China/Greer, one only WRG publication. Good condition only. 2nd hand. £43.50 GBP

H28390 – Villa Rides: Wargames guide and rules for the Age of Revolution 1910-1923 – large format full-color. Any scale or base system. Brigade level game. Inc scenarios, orbats scenario generator. £27.50 GBP

H28391 – Pancho Villa Bundle: Villa Rides rules + uniforms of the Mexican Revolution by Mike Blake – full-color paperback and hardback. Very well illustrated with all the rules uniforms and orbats you'll need. £59.50 GBP

H28392 – British Army Uniforms 1751-1783/Franklin 375-pages, mint paperback all color illustrations. Essential detailed guide to SYW and AWI British uniforms. £18.99 GBP

H28393 – In the Emperor's Service: Wallenstein's Army, 1625-1634/Spring, Lawrence 200-pages. Very well illustrated inc colorful uniforms and flags. Near mint copy. £11.99 GBP

H28394 – Spectacular Seven: Knuckleduster 32mm Wild West/KDM-11118 based on a certain western classic. £22.50 GBP

Devil's Wind

H28395 – Devil's Wind: Rules for wargaming the Indian Mutiny/Bickley, no set scale or basing, fast-play, plenty of dice. £16.50 GBP

H28396 – Great Crisis of Frederick II: Strategic boardgame – gion. The beautiful game map (very useful for miniatures campaign) covers almost the whole central European theater of war, including the sites of the major historical battles. The game runs until December 1763, or until victory conditions are fulfilled. 198 large unit counters/360 counters total 32 tactics cards. £57.50 GBP

H28397 – Crossing the Line – Aachen 1944: Strategic hex boardgame – from September 12th to October 21st, 1944. The game is intended for two players but is suitable for solitaire and team play. The game is played in a semi-interactive way, as only one division of the active player. 300 extra-large counters of which 160 are combat units, four-player aid charts, full-color setup charts, full-color reinforcements and withdrawals charts. £57.50 GBP

Napoleon's Wheel

H28398 – Napoleon's Wheel: The Danube Campaign I. Hex wargame/Kevin Zucker Ulm, Dürenstein, Schoengrabern, Austerlitz. Color maps, 560 counters, 100 player cards. £97.50 GBP

H28400 – Northag: Metal British Starter Army – Minifigs. Chieftain x 4, FV432 APC x 4, Scorpion/Scimitar x 2 (let us know which) 50 + infantry and support weapons. Post-free worldwide. £45.00 GBP

H28401 – Northag: Metal Soviet Starter Army – Minifigs: T64 x 4, T72 x 4, BTR60 APC x 10, BRDM2 x 2, Hind x 1, 100 + infantry including support. Post-free worldwide. £97.50 GBP

H28402 – Northag: Metal American Starter Army – Minifigs. M60 x 2 ABRAMS, M1 x 2, M113 APC x 4, HUEY x 1, 50 + infantry and support weapons. Post-free worldwide. £45.00 GBP

H28403 – Northag: Metal West German Starter Army – Minifigs: Leopard x 4, FUCHS x 4, LUCHS x 2, 50 + infantry including support. Post-free worldwide. £45.00 GBP

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