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onmilitarymatters Sponsoring Member of TMP of On Military Matters writes:

OMM is not going to Historicon, but we will be offering a 17% discount on all 200-plus rules, scenario books, and other booklets we publish – discount good until midnight Eastern Standard time on July 17th, 2017.

  1. Go to
  2. Type "H17" in the search box (leave "keywords" showing)
  3. Click on the "Search" button
  4. Scroll through all 200, plus "H17" offerings, find the one or ones you want, and click on its associated "Add to Cart" link.
  5. Note: The 17% discount will be applied on our end. It will not appear in your Cart.
  6. If an item has a larger discount, the larger discount will be applied.
  7. Normal shipping charges apply.

Questions? Email or call 609-466-2329.

And Now for the New Items…

These books, magazines, and other items are coming into the shoppe in mid to late July.


Fortunes Won & Lost Rules

Fortunes Won and Lost Rules: Age of Imperialism Rules Adventure in the Age of Imperialism for both historical and imagination style games. Includes: Six Army Lists that can be adapted for any army of the Colonial Period; Rules for combat that work just as well for small skirmishes or big battles; A complete and easy to track campaign system to give meaning to your games; A variety of pre-generated games; A low bookkeeping system to track how well you are doing; and Retirement rules to determine how you ended up after your career has ended. Like an RPG, Fortunes uses artificial intelligence to guide an adventure, so all players (even solo) can be on one side. Or, you can play a traditional two-sided game. $15.00 USD

Uniform Plate…

Kingdom of Prussia: Elb Infantry Regiment 1813 / 26th Infantry Regiment 1815

332: Kingdom of Prussia: Elb Infantry Regiment 1813 / 26th Infantry Regiment 1815 Peter Bunde Uniform plate with 20, plus color figures, flags or standards, facings, etc. and explanations on reverse. $14.00 USD


Norway 1940: Chronicle of a Chaotic Campaign

Norway 1940: Chronicle of a Chaotic Campaign Ostensibly fought for control of Swedish iron ore to Germany, the campaign made an important but largely overlooked contribution to the conduct of WWII. It convincingly proved the supremacy of air power in modern warfare and, particularly, the vulnerability of land and sea forces to sustained undefended air assault. It was the first conflict in which one side, the German, used all three arms of their forces in integrated combined assault and in which parachute and glider-borne troops were used to secure airfields and strategic targets. The Allies (Britain, France, Norway and Poland) in contrast tried to conduct the campaign on land with inadequate air support and virtually the sole use of infantrymen. $40.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $34.00 USD

003: NORTH AMERICAN X-15 Osprey. The revolutionary X-15 remains the fastest manned aircraft ever to fly. Built in the two decades following World War II, it was the most successful of the high-speed X-planes. The only recently broken sound barrier was smashed completely by the X-15, which could hit Mach 6.7 and soar to altitudes above 350,000 feet, beyond the edge of space. Several pilots qualified as astronauts by flying above 50 miles altitude in the X-15, including Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon. The three X-15s made 199 flights, testing new technologies and techniques which greatly eased America's entry into manned space travel, and made the Apollo missions and Space Shuttle viable propositions. With historical photographs and stunning digital artwork, this is the story of arguably the greatest of the X-Planes. $20.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $17.00 USD

Richmond Shall not be Given Up: The Seven Days' Battles, June 25-July 1, 1862 Includes 150 images and maps. $15.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $12.75 USD

248: Imperial Japanese Navy Antisubmarine Escorts: 1941-45 Osprey. Details the history, weapons and tactics of the IJN's anti-submarine warfare escorts. These include the Momi class of second-rate destroyers, the Tomodzuru and Ootori classes of torpedo boars, and the several types of ASW escorts built from 1937, up to the end of the war. $18.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $15.30 USD

French Magazines…

Pretorien # 43

These are all with French text.

Pretorien #43 Articles cover: Guerre des Deux Roses, les unites dotees d'un vexillum, sur les champs Catalauniques, les archers romaines aux Ier and IIe siecles, Les thermes romains de bath, les champ de bataille de Giornico, and more. $18.00 USD

La Revue Napoleon #25 (New series) Articles cover: Epuration a repetition dans la gandarmerie, le proces du general Travot, l'ombre portee de Napoleon, and more. $26.00 USD

Figurines #116 Articles include: Au soir di 18 Juin, 54mm Roman Imaginifer, 1/10 Capitaine Garfio bust, 32mm Receveur Humain, and more… $15.00 USD

Gloire & Empire #73 Articles cover: Bonaparte a Toulon – le context strategique, le siege, la chute de la ville, and more. $28.00 USD

Traditions #14 Articles cover: La Malheureuse guerre du general Bourbaki, La Victoire inattendue de Steinkerque, La Medaille Militaire sous le second empire, 1815 le combat du Gilly, and more. $18.00 USD

Traditions #15 Articles cover: L'echec de l'expedition du Mexique, les femmes a l'armee, Orthez Sanglante Defaite, l'heroique bataille de Durrenstein, and more. $18.00 USD

GBM: Blindes & Materiel: #121 Articles cover: 1940: Corap et le desastre sur la Meuse, 1re DCr le 26eBCC a Flavion, Berry a Bac 2017, 1914-1918 Tranchaes, 1940 mimoires dragon a chevel, and more. $20.00 USD

Wargame Magazines…

Wargames Illustrated: Issue #358

Wargames Illustrated: Issue #358 Theme: Dunkirk – Theme Articles: The Dunkirk Races: Introduction to forces; Battle on the Escaut: Keeping Disaster at Bay and gaming initial battles; Fighting Dunkirk using Bolt Action scenarios; The Cassel Rearguard: Two scenarios; Figure Spotlight: Beyond Dunkirk – German invasion of Britain 1940 (AKA Operation Sea Lion). Other Articles: Observation Post: New and upcoming releases; Broken Legions: The Cthulhu Campaigns (Osprey Rules); Fighting Talk: Building Better Scenarios; How To Build A European Farm: Inspiration from La Haye Sainte; A Larger Lion Rampant: Adapting skirmish rules to mass combat; Lock The Door Lariston: How to build buildings on English-Scottish border; Show Report: Legionary 2017; Lost Giants Of The Congo: Congo scenario; Making Fort Mosquito: Examining the top award-winning game from Salute 2017; Base, We Have A Problem: How to base figures for both single and multi-based games; Wars of James II: part 1; Moving Perry Crusaders Towards The Third Crusade: How to convert figures; Rules Showcase: Blood And Plunder – Pirate Skirmish; and more. $9.00 USD

Miniature Wargames: Issue #412 Articles include: Forward Observer: New products; Send three and fourpence: Using technology for remote gaming; Imaginations & WWII: An Island in the Sun in the mid '30s and Dad's Army; Spanish main: A Pirate scenario for multiple players set in the Indies using the Yo-ho-ho! rules; Staying the Course: Caesar in Gaul, and tips on setting up a campaign that won't just fizzle out…; Darker Horizons: This month Fantasy Facts has its usual round up of what's out in the world(s) of non-historical gaming plus the construction and painting of the Aliens Drop Ship from Prodos Games; Hypocrisy in Wargaming: To paint or not to paint: are we all hypocrites?; Martello: Build a simple piece of wargames terrain; Broadside: A visit to the show with photos and a report; Recce: What to read and what to delete from your wish list for wargamers; Wargames Widow: Temples, tiling and cakes: Diane does it all!; Club Open Days: A visit to the Maidstone Wargames Society; Club Directory: Find a club in your vicinity and add your club for free!; and more. $9.00 USD


Blood Red Skies: WWII Mass Air Combat

Blood Red Skies: 1:200th Scale WWII Mass Air Combat Game Bundle Pre-order now and Warlord is promising delivery by late November-Early December in time for holiday sales.

The Blood Red Skies Bundle contains: One Base Set, and one British Spitfire Squadron box, one British Spitfire Ace box, one German ME-109 Squadron box, one German ME-109 Ace box, one U.S. P-51 Squadron box, one U.S. P-51 Ace box, one Japanese A6MX Zero Squadron box, one Japanese A6MX Zero Ace box, one Soviet Yak-1 Squadron box, one Soviet Yak-1 Ace box, one set of five Bolt Action 28mm special Ace figures; extra set of British, German, U.S., Japanese, and Soviet dice. Note: The Special Edition Bolt Action Ace figures are limited to advanced pre-orders only!

The Base set contains: 12 aircraft, bases, and discs; 10 dice, three gaming booklets: Rules, expanded rules, scenarios; 45 cards, 38 markers, a set of tools: a movement template, range finder, and navigation caliper; six cardboard counters representing Clouds/Air defense balloons clusters, three cardboard counters representing Blenheim IV / Dornier Do17 Z2 bombers; and two Quick Reference sheets.

Each Ace box contains: one (1) aircraft, plastic flying base, and disc; ace card; ace skills cards. Each squadron box contains: Six (6) aircraft, plastic flying bases, and discs; 17 cards; and one sticker set.

Price: $325.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 10% New Price: $292.50 USD

Landsknechts Pikeman: 28mm Plastic Miniatures Contains: Plastic components to make either 30 Pikemen or 24 Pikemen, and five Arquebusiers; Command sprue with options for officers, standardbearers, drummers, etc.; Plastic bases; and Background guide with five full-color flags. $29.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 10%. New price: $26.10 USD

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