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Khurasan Releases New Survivor Sets

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Lastrati Inactive Member writes:

Kid needs two guns, like Yosemite Sam

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khurasanminiatures Inactive Member of Khurasan Miniatures writes:

We are very pleased to release more survivor codes for our popular Eaters of the Living 15mm zombie apocalypse range.

First up, we have a second set of well-armed civilians. This Survivor Set 2 includes Kyle with a fire axe, Ahab the ex-soldier with military rifle, and Michelle with katana:

Survivors Set 2

Then there's a little boy with big gun and even bigger hat, ex-police officer in hat with Python, and Marsha with a pistol:

Survivors Set 2

Rounding out the set are Rosie Lopez, sniper Lauren with bolt rifle wearing the fisherman's hat, and the fisherman himself, wearing same!

Survivors Set 2

Next up is a Zebra Kilo Team of elite zombie killers:

Zebra Kilo

These are made up of special forces of the fast-fading remnant of civilized governments, equipped to make their way through zombie hordes in order to achieve those governments' increasingly-desperate objectives. The armament of these various squads is generally very similar – a low-recoil combat shotgun with a high capacity clip, and a machete for close-quarters brain-work. They wear complete body protection, and helmets with large visors to assure that their field of vision is not adversely affected when zombies are at close quarters.

Some civilian survivors or local law enforcement have also been able to find armor and equipment such as this, and it greatly assists them in making their way through the hordes – for a while….


Last but certainly not least is Sheri Amour. She had the misfortune of being in the hospital due to an accident when it all happened – how she was able to defend herself when the facility was overrun, no one can say, and she doesn't like to talk about it. She hadn't even been provided with a prosthetic leg yet, but managed to fashion one out of a carbine with grenade launcher attached (dropped by a soldier, perhaps). Holed up with a mechanic who modified the weapon so she could fire it by flexing her leg muscles, Sheri uses her acrobatic skills to deadly effect, and a legend was born.

All models are available now, at the link below. Happy gaming!

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