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It's not in yet, but I'm expecting it.

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onmilitarymatters Sponsoring Member of TMP of On Military Matters writes:

All these new releases are due in the shoppe in late March.


SANTA ANNA: Warfare in Mexico 1820-70, Volume 1 – Tactical

Santa Anna: Warfare in Mexico 1820-70, Volume 1 – Tactical Back in print. Volume 1 includes the rules for fighting the larger engagements, OOBs, scenarios, and play aids. $30.00 USD

INEPTT II: International Extraterrestrial Paranormal Tactical Teams 2nd Edition Rules let you take charge of small teams of elite soldiers, trained to a hard fighting edge and equipped with the best equipment technology can give them. Their opponent are the aliens seeking to take over the earth, as well as paranormal creatures and even other humans bent on hurting humankind. $34.00 USD


Victrix Gallic Warriors: 28mm Plastic Miniatures

Victrix Gallic Warriors: 28mm Plastic Miniatures This superb set contains 48 plastic 28mm Gallic Warriors with command, armored and unarmored figures. Options for spears, swords, and javelins. The set includes standards and musician's instruments, plus many shield, arm and head choices. $48.00 USD

Victrix Gallic Naked Fanatics: 28mm Plastic Miniatures This set has many head and arm options and weapons include swords, spears, and javelins, plus a good variety of shields. This set contains 24 figures including arm options to create command figures. $32.00 USD

Uniform Guides…

Polish Troops in the Service of Napoleon: 1797 to 1815

Polish Troops in the Service of Napoleon: 1797 to 1815 The book covers the organization, and uniforms of Polish formations along with some details of other units, such as those formed for the Imperial Guard and the French Army itself. Along the way some details have been included from Polish sources that were not available in English, such as what headgear the lancer elite companies actually wore and details of some of the more obscure formations such as the Nobel Levy and various Honor Guards. $68.00 USD


Decisive Battles in Chinese History

Decisive Battles in Chinese History Includes 30 black-and-white illustrations and maps. Key battles from Maling, fought in 342 BC during the Warring States period, to Hengyang in 1944, which marked the end of major Japanese operations in China. Each of the twelve chapters highlights a significant conflict that selectively focuses on unique Chinese characteristics of the time, including belief systems, ruling ideology, the connection between technology and warfare, military theory, political events and rulers, and foreign policy, including China's eventual interaction with the West.

The book pushes back on a variety of ideas and stereotypes, ranging from the Chinese use of gunpowder, their supposedly weak reaction to the West, the viability of the Dynastic Cycle in studying history, the context of Chinese military theory, the exclusivity of martial and cultural spheres, and the uniqueness of Western imperialism. It also offers a groundbreaking reassessment of Mao Zedong's leadership and his impact on the development of guerilla warfare. $30.00 USD

King William's War: The First Contest for North America, 1689-1697 King William's War encompassed several proxy wars being fought by the English and the French through their native allies. The Beaver Wars was a long running feud between the Iroquois Confederacy, New France, and New France's native allies over control of the lucrative fur trade. Fueled by English guns and money, the Iroquois attempted to divert the French fur trade towards their English trading partners in Albany, and in the process gain control over other Indian tribes. $35.00 USD

The Battle of Trafalgar 1805: Profile Models of Every Ship in Both Fleets In the first of a potential new series, this presents color profile models of every ship on both sides in this epic battle. In a change to previous paper soldier titles, these ships can be cut straight out of the book to create the British, French, and Spanish fleets. Includes 24 pages of color artwork, including dozens of ships. $20.00 USD

TMP Special: Save 15%. New Price: $17.00 USD

A Paradise of Bloos: The Creek War of 1813-14 At immediate stake in what became known as the Creek War of 1813-14 was whether the Creeks and their inconstant British and Spanish allies or the young United States would control millions of acres of highly fertile Native American land. The conflict's larger issue was whether the Indian nations of the lower American South-the Creek, Cherokee, Choctaw, and Chickasaw-would be able to remain in their ancestral homes. Includes 30 black-and-white illustrations and maps. The Creek War was marked by savagery, such as the murder of hundreds of settlers at Fort Mims, Alabama – the largest massacre of its kind in United States history – and fierce battles, including Horseshoe Bend, where more Indian warriors were confirmed killed than in any other single engagement in the long wars against the Indians. $26.00 USD

Guerras Civiles I La Independencia de Los Virreinatos de La Monarquia Espanola: Volume 1 In the summer of 1808, the open war broke out between the Empire of France of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Kingdom of Spain of Ferdinand VII. As a result of the defeats suffered by Spanish troops in the early years of that conflict, and perceiving the weakness of the regency that had assumed the Spanish government, several Latin American leaders led various movements of liberation between 1809 and 1810. This first volume of the three analyzes the causes of these wars and includes the first rebellions against the monarchy of Spain before the 19th Century, the special characteristics of the Spanish army deployed in the territories American, and the Territorial organization of Spanish America at the beginning of the conflict.

Also covers military operations in the Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata and New Spain, leaving for the second and third volume the narration of the war in the Viceroyalty of new Granada and Peru, and the general captaincies of Chile and Venezuela. [Spanish text] $28.00 USD

Wargaming Magazines…

Miniature Wargames: Issue # 420

Miniature Wargames: Issue #420 Articles include: Forward Observer: Reports on Warlord, Rubicon and more; send three and Fourpence: All Hail the Late King of Ruritainia!; Hell by Daylight: Part 3 20th Century skirmish rules – Air Support and Hand-to-Hand Combat; Command Decision: Pyrenees: July 1813 scenario; Outremer: Osprey's New Faith and Blood Rules and Scenario; Fantasy Facts: Latest news in F&SF gaming, including North Star; Ground Zero Games; CP Models; Atlantis Miniatures, and Brigade; Jason & the Argonauts: rules and tips for playing 1:6 scale cinematic legend; Victorio Campaign: Part 2 of the guide to wargaming in the U.S. and Northern Mexico in the late 19th Century; RECCE: Reviews of 13 Books; Wargames Widow: How to Build Dusty but Flexible Roads; Vapnartak: Editor's Trip to York; and more.

French Magazines…

Figurines #119

All the following magazines have French text.

Figurines #118 Articles include: Catherine Cezario, 54mm Marvin-Carl Koch, 54mm Eeny Meeny Miney Moe, 54mm La Bataille de Springfield, and more. $15.00 USD
Figurines #119 Articles include: Rocroi 1643, 54mm Zouave en Crimea, 1.10 Cavalier Elf, Buenos Aires, and more. $15.00 USD
Pretoriene #45 Articles include: Mithradates The Pompey of the Orient, Roman Soldier on the March, Chateau de Couches, Battle of Lyon (197), Delphi in Greece, Battle of Worringen (1288), and more. $18.00 USD
Pretoriene #46 Articles include: Chevauchees of Black Prince, Roman Army Service de Sante, Roman Soldier Impedimenta, Chateau Reutte, Roman 10th Legion in camp, Battle of Taillebourg (1242), and more. $18.00 USD
Gloire & Empire #76: L'offensive de Wellington en Espagne en 1812 Articles include: Wellington in Spain 1812, Ciudad Rodrigo, Siege of Badajoz, Wellington's Victory, and more. $28.00 USD
Gloire & Empire #77: Articles include: Borodino, Grand Redoubt 1812, Premiere Attack, Decisive Assault, and more. $28.00 USD
Traditions #17: Borodino Articles include: Borodino, Victory at Neerwinden, Palace of Blenheim, Retour des Fonds de Giberne, and more. $18.00 USD
Traditions #18: Les Francais Victorieux a Waterloo en 1794 Articles include: Combat Bourget 1870, Russian Army in France, Cannon Making by Frerejean, and more. $18.00 USD
GBM: Blindes & Materiel: # 121 Articles include: Corap and disaster at Meuse 1940, Berry au Bac 2017, 1914-1918 Trenches, 1940 cavalry, 1st DCR 26th BCC a Flavion, and more. $20.00 USD
GBM: Blindes & Materiel: #122 Articles include: AMC 35 Tank 1940, Belle Epoque: La Voiture de cantiniere, WWI Infantry Cannons, Motos: A nous les petites Anglaises, 26th BCC a Mauberge, and more. $20.00 USD

Italian Magazines…

Soldatini # 129

All the following magazines have Italian text.

Soldatini #128 Maternita 70mm di Antonio Leveque e Salvatore Lamonaca; Brown Bess – Land Pattern Musket; La guerra in solitudine, Dolomiti 1916 54mm; El milagro de Empel 80mm; A friendly boxing match 1/35; Monte San Savino Show 2017; Parata; and more. $12.00 USD
Soldatini #129 RCTC 54mm; Cyborg Nexus; Decurione Romano 54mm; Balles, Poudre. et vin 75mm; Fucile da fanteria austriaco modello 1798; Da oben! Schnell, Schnell! 54mm; Smaug Fantasy notturno; Eclaireurs d'avant garde passant une riviere 54mm; Skin job 100mm; Tempora Aquileia 181 a.C; Bacheca e parata; and more. $12.00 USD

More On the Website…

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