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STEVE LBMS Supporting Member of TMP writes:

Yes the elephant has a choice of spotted or striped swimwear or a Mankini.

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onmilitarymatters Sponsoring Member of TMP of On Military Matters writes:

If you haven't already started thinking about the holidays, now's a good time. Order early to avoid the last-minute rush. Most of these new items will be in the shoppe in early December.



African War Elephants: 28mm Plastic Miniatures

Victrix African War Elephants: 28mm Plastic Miniatures Parts included for two elephants and 14 crew. Elephants have separate left halves, optional trunks, neck bells, javelin cases and decorative ribbons offering many model choices. Mahut has head and arm options adding much variety. Crew options for Carthaginian, Ptolomeic, Numidian, and Roman. All crews have multiple head, arm and weapon options. Very highly detailed figures with superb detail achieved by digital sculpting. $45.00 USD

Gripping Beast 28mm Dark Age Cavalry

Gripping Beast 28mm Dark Age Cavalry This box contains all the parts to assemble twelve plastic cavalrymen, plus bases suitable for the Swordpoint gaming system. Supplied unassembled and unpainted. Basic modeling skills required to assemble. They can be used to represent any unarmored cavalry of the period from around 300AD to approximately 800AD including Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Vandals, Franks, Germans, Heruls, Lombards, and more. Parts from this box are compatible with many parts from all our other boxed sets so you can do many, many conversions. For example, use some Roman helmets from Late Roman Infantry box to make Roman light cavalry. $28.00 USD

Miniatures Rules…

Swordpoint: Chariot Armies Ancient Rules

Swordpoint: Chariot Armies Ancient Rules Contains 35 army lists for provides Swordpoint armies from the period 3000 BC to 700 BC. You must own Swordpoint to use this book. Contains the following lists: Sumerian and Akkadian, Old and Middle Kingdom Egyptian, Elam Minoan & Early Mycenaean, Libyan, Nubian, Harappan Indian, Arab Nomad, Early Assyrian, Early Babylonian, Shang Chinese, Early Eastern Tribes, Old Hittite Kingdom, Hyksos, European Bronze Age, Mitanni, Syrian and Canaanite, Aryan Indian, New Kingdom Egyptian, Hittite Empire, Middle Assyrian, Sea Peoples, Trojan War, Philistine, Dark Age Greece, Israelite, Zhou Chinese, Libyan Egyptian, Cimmerian and Scythian, Urartian, Kushite Egyptian, Later Babylonian, Neo-Assyrian, and Saite Egyptian. $32.00 USD

Wellington's Armies: British Supplement Supplement for the ruleset Grand Battles Napoleon covers the British armies. Lists are included for: Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, KGL, Hanover, Brunswick, Nassau, Dutch/ Netherland, and Emigre. Bonus: A recipe for Beef Wellington. $38.00 USD

Wargame Annuals…

Wargamers' Annual 2018

Wargamers' Annual 2018 Contains: A Winter Interlude: Napoleonic Wars French versus Polish; How to… Construct a Baltic German Town Center; Famous Cavalry Regiments: Saxon Von Zastrow Cuirassiers; The Battle of Kuhstall in the Seven Years War; How to… Make an 18th Century Landing Barge; Participation in Suez; In the Footsteps of Elephants: Wargaming The Indian Mutiny; Vignette Challenge; All Your Base: Basing Tips for WWII Wehrmacht; The Lion, the Bear and the Winged Hussar: Kliszow Re-imagined; and Wagons Roll! Wagons in ACW games. Available early December. $26.00 USD

Against the Odds 2015 Annual: Four Roads To Paris

Against the Odds 2015 Annual: Four Roads To Paris Yes, it's the 2015 (two thousand fifteen) annual – ATO is a bit behind but catching up. Contains magazine and four wargames covering German 1940 invasion of France and Benelux countries…

Wargames: Strange Victory: Solitaire design that illustrates how just a few crack German divisions paralyzed the allied decision cycle, but the better the German player does may well panic his own High Command into ordering a halt! Springtime for Hitler: Area-impulse game system, this design explores the angle that the Germans at this time were at the top of their game. The Seeds of Disaster: Examines how pre-war plans and on-going intelligence and counter-intelligence efforts were the key factors in 1940. Betrayal!: The two players are Britain and France respectively, nominally allies, against an automata German player governed by the game system. $50.00 USD

TMP Special offer: Save 10%. New price: $45.00 USD


Refighting History Volume 4: The Seven Years War – Battles and Actions of 1760

Refighting History Volume 4: The Seven Years War – Battles and Actions of 1760 Battles of Corbach, Emsdorf, Leignitz, Strehla, and Torgau. Large format booklet fully illustrated in color with maps, uniform plates, photos of the games, plus all the usual extras. $55.00 USD

The War of Sardinia and Sicily 1717-1720: Part I: The Sabaudo Army in 1718-1720 and the War for the Defense of Sicily Devoted to the forces and arms of Savoy, Spain, and Austria. Includes 20 color tables and numerous images. 102 pages. [Italian text] $42.00 USD

Giacomo Costantino Beltrani: The Italian Who Discovered the Sources of the Mississippi Covers the Sioux, Chippewa, and many other Indians who, with Beltrami, discovered the Mississippi springs in the early 1800s. Includes 20 beautiful color charts for fans of American history. 88 pages. [Italian text] $48.00 USD

SH-60 Seahawk: In Action First introduced in the mid-1980s, the U.S. Navy's Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk helicopter fulfills a wide range of functions from combat to providing relief to populations stricken by natural disasters. Based on the U.S. Army's UH-60 Black Hawk, and developed in accordance with the Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System or LAMPS concept of helicopters that extend the search, detection, surveillance, and attack capabilities of ships, the Seahawk family of Navy choppers is distinguished by its hinged tail that facilitates operations from giant aircraft carriers or diminutive destroyers and frigates. Illustrated with more than 260 full-color photographs. $20.00 USD

TMP Special offer: Save 15%. New price: $17.00 USD

1915-1918 La Guerra Italo-Austriaca: The Great War in Color on the Italian & Austrian Front When you look at old black-and-white photos, the past seems very far away. This is especially apparent with First World War photographs. These are colorized images of the WWI that feature the great battles of the war, but also life on the home front, wartime industries, hospitals, advances in the field of technology and communications, and more. Text is Italian and English. $48.00 USD

And Don't Forget the Magazines…

Miniature Wargames: Issue # 417

Miniature Wargames: Issue #417 Articles include: Forward Observer: New products including Jerwood, Warlord, Deep Cut, Knuckleduster, TimeCast and Victrix; Send Three and Fourpence: Part One of Civil War U.K. '79: Scenarios for Black Ops; Nothing More Gallant: Tabletop Scenarios for Black Powder Period Game; Embracing Crisis: Takes His Camera to Antwerp; Pig Pen Pandemonium: Scratch-build Shed; Fantasy Facts: News in F&SF gaming, including Black Pyramid, GZG, Slave 2 Gaming, Puppets War, CP, Warlord, and Crooked Dice; Alien 3: Building the Prodos Aliens APC for the Wargames Table and More; Stars and Lasers: Scenario for Shooting up Asteroids; Bayonet and Ideology: Introducing the Idea of Wargaming: The Next Generation; Recce: What Books to Keep and What to Re-gift to Your Wargaming Friends; Wargames Window: Burning Down the House; and more. $9.00 USD

Miniature Wargames: Issue #416 Articles include: How to Build 28mm ruinous building for use in eastern Europe; Street Fighting Man: WWII Warsaw uprising scenario; Gaslands: Scenarios; Personal guide to worthy YouTube locations for wargamers; Reinventing an Old Friend: Scenarios and army lists for his re-invented Ancients Hoplite rules; Shows: Recap of shows Derby Worlds and SELWG; Building Fenris: Build a host of robots; Reviews: Releases from Lucid Eye, Titan, Osprey, North Star, Ion Age, Skull & Crown, and Brigade; Forward Observer: Wargaming reports on Rubicon, Warlord, Deep Cut, Daemonscape, Stoessi and Victrix; Recce: Dozen book reviews; Club Directory; and more. $9.00 USD

More On the Website…

Visit for all our stock in the shoppe. Or email or call 609-466-2329.

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