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Crusade Scenario Book Available for Starfire

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Generally considered one of the best Starfire scenario books, and one of the best for any system. Ken Burnside is using the general format of fiction pieces between the scenarios in the scenario books for Squadron Strike.

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Wargame Vault announces the availability of:



From Starfire Design Studio

Watermarked PDF – $9.99 USD

Crusade is a scenario supplement for third-edition Starfire, based upon the novel Crusade written by David Weber and Steve White. Crusade tells the story of the Theban-Terran War of 2298-2302, when the Theban Navy "Sword of Holy Terra" surprise-attacked the Terran Federation in a religious war to liberate "Holy Mother Terra" from the unbelievers. Crusade includes new rules for boarding combat and new technologies from HT8 to HT11.

Crusade was designed by David M. Weber, the author of the Starfire novel of the same name. Crusade requires the third-edition Tactical Rulebook to play out the scenarios that are included as part of the story line.

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