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New South American Fleets for Imperial Skies

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Personal logo Tony Francis Sponsoring Member of TMP of Brigade Models writes:

We're getting into the swing of our South American project for Imperial Skies – redesigning the existing fleets and creating new ones for all ten nations in the continent.

The largest of the countries, Brazil, has had a complete makeover. It now has a total of twelve different models in the fleet, including four brand-new ones, ranging from the Timbira-class Torpedo Sloop at the smaller end of the scale up to the imposing Rei Andreas-class battleship.

Rei Andreas Battleship

The new ships are the aforementioned Rei Andreas and Timbira, the Amazonas Light Armored Cruiser, and the Japura destroyer. The Brazilians also get a second fleet pack and a torpedo flotilla pack. Most of the ships are metal, with the exception of the resin-hulled Sao Paolo and Rei Andreas.

Sao Paulo Batllecruiser

The first all-new fleet is Ecuador. When we were initially assessing the countries to determine the size of their air fleets, Ecuador ranked quite low, coming in just above Paraguay. As a result, the largest class are the Tunguruhua heavy cruisers, supported by a number of smaller craft.

The Ecuadorian airships are all armored dirigibles, with their self-sealing gasbags supplemented by small Loewe Graviton Engines for additional lift. Only the Tunguruhua class have rotating turrets, with casemate guns on other ships plus flotillas of torpedo-armed small craft. Vessels use the prefix DAE – Dirigivel de la Armada del Ecuador.

Ecuadorian Aero Navy


VANFP-801 – Brazilian Fleet Pack #1 – £21.50 GBP
VANFP-802 – Brazilian Fleet Pack #2 – £21.50 GBP
VANFP-811 – Brazilian Torpedo Flotilla – £5.50 GBP

VAN-801 – Sao Paulo Class Battlecruiser – £6.50 GBP
VAN-802 – Minas Gerais Class Heavy Cruiser – £3.50 GBP
VAN-803 – Gustavo Sampaio Class Light Cruiser – £2.00 GBP
VAN-804 – Barroso Class Patrol Sloop – £0.50 GBP
VAN-805 – Pernambuco class Frigate – £1.00 GBP
VAN-806 – Júlio de Noronha class Cruiser – £3.00 GBP
VAN-807 – Tamandare class Torpedo Cruiser – £2.00 GBP
VAN-808 – Paraná class Frigate – £1.00 GBP
VAN-809 – Rei Andreas class Battleship- £8.00 GBP
VAN-810 – Japura class Destroyer – £1.50 GBP
VAN-811 – Timbira class Torpedo Sloop – £0.50 GBP
VAN-812 – Amazonas class Light Armoured Cruiser – £2.50 GBP


VANFP-3201 – Ecuadorian Air Guard Squadron Pack – £13.00 GBP
VANFP-3211 – Ecuadorian Torpedo Flotilla – £4.50 GBP
VANF-3201 – Ecuadorian Flag (1860-1900) – £0.50 GBP
VANF-3202 – Ecuadorian Flag (1900-2009) – £0.50 GBP

VAN-3201 – Tunguruhua class Heavy Cruiser – £3.00 GBP
VAN-3202 – Zamora class Light Cruiser – £1.75 GBP
VAN-3203 – Chimborazo class Destroyer – £1.25 GBP
VAN-3204 – Isla class Frigate – £1.00 GBP
VAN-3205 – Isabela class Torpedo Cutter (x 3) – £1.50 GBP

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