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onmilitarymatters Sponsoring Member of TMP of On Military Matters writes:

Discounted items in stock. New items due in at the end of February.

Discounted Rules…

Combat Action Command

Combat Action Command: WWII Miniatures Rules for 10/12mm, 15mm, & 20mm and the Expansion Packs Discount Bundle The 50%-off CAC Bundle Deal: Core Rules and all four supplements: Eastern Front 1942-43 (Germans and Soviets), Late War '44 (US, U.K., Germans, and Soviets), Anzio 1944 (U.S. and Germans), and The Pacific 1942-43 (U.S. and Japanese). Supplements include specialty rules, scenarios, and collectively add 192 data cards. $129.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 50% New Price: $64.50 USD

Bulge: Watch on the Rhine September 1944 – February 1945 two new FoW hard-cover books compile Blood Guts & Glory, Devil's Charge, and Nuts, along with plenty of exciting new Intelligence Briefings for German, U.S., and British forces in the final stages of WWII. $60.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 50% New Price: $30.00 USD

Discount Books…

March of the Death's Head Division

March of the Death's Head Division 8.5 x 11-inch size. Includes four pages of color illustrations and 140 plus black-and-white photos. Covers division battles from France 1940 to Russia 1941 to Poland 1944 and Hungary 1945. $18.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 60% New Price: $7.20 USD

Remarks on Cavalry Reprint of 1798 edition. Extensive introduction by Brent Nosworthy places Warnery in context of the period and examines his major impact on Napoleonic cavalry tactics. Includes ten black-and-white plates illustrating cavalry formations and 31 line drawings. This is a prime source for 18th/19th century study. $30.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 60% New Price: $12.00 USD

In Flight With the Eagle: A Guide to Napoleon's Elite An exhaustive Who's Who of both the major and minor characters that surrounded Napoleon Bonaparte. Detailed guide to the many hundreds of people who immediately surrounded the Emperor: the magic inner circle of Marshals and Near-Marshals, members of his administration, his often treacherous family, wives, and mistresses and the members of his household staff. An in-depth chronological table charting the Emperor's progress provides the historical backdrop within which we can place the elite. $20.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 60% New Price: $8.00 USD

Life and Campaigns of Field-Marshal Prince Blucher This prime source of Blucher's career covers his early service with Russia and Sweden as a cavalry commander in the 1790s, and progresses through all the major battles he fought in. Includes eleven original battlefield maps and major index. $40.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 60% New Price: $16.00 USD

Operation Overlord: Volume 4 – Utah Beach and U.S. Airborne A1 size at 8.25 x 11.75 inches. Each O/B describes organization, fighting formations down to battalion level, divisional and corps support units, and includes four color maps. Nice concise overview. One page profiles of army, corp, and each U.S. division and each regiment of U.S. units (through to the end of the war) that landed at Utah Beach and beyond (airborne units), with color maps of where each unit went after the landing. Includes tactical battle descriptions for various units. $12.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 80% New Price: $2.40 USD


Rome Rules the Waves

Rome Rules the Waves: A Naval Staff Appreciation of Ancient Rome's Maritime Strategy 300 BCE – 500 CE Revises the commonly-held view of Rome's naval history essentially ended at Actium in 31 BC, which left Rome with no rivals at sea just as the Republican period gave way to the Empire. Appraises the crucial role of both the Roman imperial navy and the steep learning curve of its predecessor, the naval forces of the Roman Republic. Contends sea power is the steadfast exertion of command of the sea lanes to project trade, suppress piracy, transport troops and supplies, and protect land-based military garrisons and expeditions. This grand-strategic survey treats Roman naval power as an instrument to support Roman imperial policy. Applies modern naval strategic theory to Roman naval operations. Includes 20 black-and-white illustrations.

Appendices will include scale drawings of the various ship types discussed in the text with their characteristics displayed in tabular form, several maps illustrating the maritime factors of the empire, and a resume of maritime exploration and discoveries in Roman times. $43.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15% New Price: $36.55 USD

God's Viking: Harald Hardrada – The Life and Times of the Last Great Viking Prior to forcibly occupying the Norwegian throne, Harald had an interesting (and lucrative) career in the Varangian Guard, and he remains unquestionably the most notable of all the Varangians who served the Byzantine emperors: in the latter employment he saw active service in the Aegean, Sicily, Italy, Anatolia, Syria, Palestine and Bulgaria, while in Constantinople he was the hired muscle behind a palace revolution. $45.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15% New Price: $38.25 USD

Siege Warfare During the Crusades Considers the history of siege warfare in the Holy Land from every angle – the tactics and technology, the fortifications, the composition of the opposing armies, and the ways in which sieges shaped Frankish and Muslim strategy at each stage of the conflict. The differences and similarities between the Eastern and Western traditions are explored, as is the impact of the shifting balance of power in the region. Includes 50 color and black-and-white illustrations. $43.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15% New Price: $36.55 USD
Great Northern War Compendium

Great Northern War Compendium Oversized at 11.5 x 8.5-pages. A two-volume set with over 600 pages on the armies, battles, campaigns, events and personalities of the Great Northern War. An international team of academics, authors, and other experts have written articles on the armies, battles, campaigns, events and major personalities of the war. Over 70 articles are included, all fully illustrated in color. Note: This is a heavy 2-volume set and U.S. postage will be about $12.00 USD. Canadian Postage will be about $44.00 USD and Insured International postage will be about $68.00 USD. In stock. Slightly damaged. Limited Quantity. First come, first served. Price: $125.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15% New Price: $106.25 USD
The Napoleonic Wars: A Global History

The Napoleonic Wars: A Global History Comprehensive global history of the Napoleonic Wars across six continents and the entire period from 1792 to 1815. France struggled for dominance not only on the plains of Europe but also in the Americas, West and South Africa, Ottoman Empire, Iran, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mediterranean Sea, and the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Discusses major political-military events around the world and situates geopolitical decision-making within its long- and short-term contexts. Includes 29 maps. $40.00 USD

The Alamo's Forgotten Defenders: The Remarkable Story of the Irish During the Texas Revolution The largely Ireland-born garrison of Goliad raised the first flag of Texas Independence months before the Alamo's fall. More than a dozen natives of the Old Country fought and died at the Alamo, and the old Franciscan mission's garrison primarily consisted of soldiers of Scotch-Irish descent. Irish Protestants and Catholics made invaluable and disproportionate contributions in the struggle for Texas Independence. Includes rare newspaper articles, journals, and diaries, together with quality secondary accounts, to paint the dramatic saga of the Irish in Texas. The result is a broad-based cultural, economic, social, political, and military history of the Texas Revolution from the perspective of its Irish participants. Includes twelve black-and-white images and four maps. $30.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15% New Price: $25.50 USD

M1 Abrams: The U.S.'s Main Battle Tank in American and Foreign Service, 1981-2019 Since its introduction in 1981, the Abrams main battle tank has been one of the most visible and iconic symbols of American military power. This heavily illustrated historical and modeling guide in the TankCraft series includes 200 color illustrations. Seven different models, covering the service history of the Abrams, are featured, as is a modelers' guide to the existing kits and accessories in all the popular scales. $27.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15% New Price: $22.95 USD

On the Road to Victory: The Rise of Motor Transport with the BEF on the Western Front The Great War produced many innovations, in particular the spectacular development by the British and French armies of motor transport. Using many previously unpublished illustrations, including artists' impressions, this book tells the story of the men and women who made motor transport [MT] work for the victorious British Army on the Western Front, so that in 1918, the humble lorry did indeed help propel the British Army forward. Includes 100 black-and-white illustrations. $40.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15% New Price: $34.00 USD

Airmen of Arnhem There is no doubting the gallant and valorous contribution of the airmen of Arnhem. All of their incredible, illuminating and often understated accounts of extraordinary courage, camaraderie, shared terror and encounters with the enemy offer a more personalized view of Market portion of Operation Market-Garden. $43.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15% New Price: $36.55 USD

The Wreck Hunter: Battle of Britain & The Blitz Biography created from Terry's original notes and photographs stretching back almost 70 years about aviation archaeology related to the Battle of Britain. As long ago as 1961 a young Terry Parsons, then still in his twenties, began his long search for lost aircraft and memories of the Battle of Britain and the Blitz. What he discovered over the decades that followed went far beyond the tangled wreckage of military aircraft, both fighters and bombers. For with each of the thousands of RAF and Luftwaffe artifacts he unearthed, came the intricate weave of life stories linking the valiant and the brave, the living and the dead. $50.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15% New Price: $42.50 USD

Tango 1-1: 9th Infantry Division LRPs in the Vietnam Delta Soldiers on Long Range Patrols were all volunteers aged from 18 to 30. They operated in precision movements, like walking through a jungle quietly and being able to tell whether a man or an animal is moving through the brush without seeing the cause of movement. They could sit in an ambush for hours without moving a muscle except to ease the safety off the automatic weapon in their hand at the first sign of trouble. They were kind in some ways, deadly in others. They were men who believed in their country, freedom, and fellow men. They were a new kind of soldier in a new type of warfare. These men were good because they had to be to survive. $33.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15% New Price: $28.05 USD

When the Tempest Gathers: From Mogadishu to the Fight Against ISIS, a Marine Special Operations Commander at War Combat experiences of the first Marine to command a special operations task force, recounted against a backdrop of his journey from raw Second Lieutenant to seasoned Colonel and Task Force Commander; from leading Marines through the streets of Mogadishu, Baghdad, Fallujah and Mosul to directing multi-national special operations forces in a dauntingly complex fight against a formidable foe. Includes 23 color illustrations. $33.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15% New Price: $28.05 USD

And Don't Forget the Magazines…

Wargames Illustrated: Issue #389

Wargames Illustrated: Issue #389 Articles include: Charging Into Battle, First Look at Muskets & Tomahawks, HG Wells' Little Wars Paper Soldier edition, Air Strike (Blood Red Skies Compendium), reviews, and more. $9.00 USD

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy #107: The Year of the Four Emperors – AD 69

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy # 107: The Year of the Four Emperors – AD 69 Special Feature: The Year of the Four Emperors – AD 69: Introduction: The Game of (Roman) Thrones; Putting the Skirmish Back into Ancient Warfare – No Pain, No Grain!; The Battle of Forum Julii (15 May, AD 69) – Beware the Ides of Maius; Ambush at the Temple of Castor and Pollux – Locus Castorum; Building an Early Imperial Roman Army – Roma Invicta; The Ultimate Winner in AD 69 – Vespasian triumphant. Features: A Highland Fling… With Axes and Swords – The Battle of North Inch; The Algeciras Campaign of 1801 – Humbling the Lion; France Versus Britain in St. Lucia – The Battle of La Vigie; An Oosterbeek 1944 Scenario for Chain of Command – Borders on Van Borsselengweg; Tarting up 4Ground's Mordanburg Blacksmith – I Love the Smell of MDF in the Morning; How to Make a Plastic Tree Armature Bloom – Flowering Cherry Trees; Making Fortifications for the American Civil War – Building a Blockhouse. $10.00 USD

More on the Website…

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