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Brigade Models: New Year, New Spaceships

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unknown member writes:

I've still got the initial release of Soviet ships waiting on my painting table (always more miniatures than time!) so maybe I can slip these into the queue?

BTW, has anyone ever come up with ship stats for the Soviets in Iron Stars?

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unknown member of Brigade Models Ltd writes:

Happy New Year, Everyone!

As a New Year comes around, our Neo-Soviet spacefleet receive a boost in the form of three new vessels. The Slava-class Missile Cruiser is fitted with two missile pods each carrying four 18K64-series missiles and a decent gun battery to back them up.


The Yerevan-class heavy destroyer is an attempt to bring long range firepower to escort units, by fitting a capital ship class turret at the expense of pretty much any other weaponry.


The Burun-class missile corvette carries the same 18K64 missiles as the Slava, and little else – it's virtually a fire-and-forget ship.


SFS-1222 – Slava class Missile Cruiser – £2.50 GBP
SFS-1231 – Yerevan class Heavy Destroyer – £1.25 GBP
SFS-1250 – Burun class Missile Corvette – £0.75 GBP

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