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A Rod Longer Than Yours Free Flintloque Scenario to Download

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Gavin Syme GBS Sponsoring Member of TMP of Alternative Armies writes:

The near silence was shattered by a thundering retort. Birds soared into the air and the Goblins looked at each other in surprise. It was not a cannon, but it was too loud to be a Ferach musket. Several troopers looked over the piles of furniture and at the distant tree line. There were a dozen more loud shots, and two curious privates of the 6th Company died from massive wounds to the head and upper chest. Almost as one, the rest of the company reached for and then checked their muskets. The enemy was upon them.

A Rod Longer Than Yours

Carefully, Sergeant Telgoba peered into the trees from behind a stout, overturned table. He saw tall figures moving towards them carrying the biggest firelocks he had ever seen. Several of the figures stopped and raised their weapons, and he saw the flash of the black powder igniting. A moment later, the table shook as a large lead ball struck it. Telgoba looked at the large divot now driven into the thick wooden table. They has bigga firelocks, sir. Longa rods for dem too.

Captain da Fartado grimaced and pulled a splinter out of the shoulder epaulette of his jacket. A drop of blood shone on the brutal end of the wooden spike. Ci, Telgoba, we must hold until da others arrive. To arms!

The brand-new releases 53514 18th Al-Garvey Foot and 53014 18th Al-Garvey Foot Casualties were detailed on our blog, and it is our pleasure now to present to you a scenario which features these miniatures as a wee gift to begin the festive season. Enjoy!

A Longer Rod Than Yours

A Rod Longer Than Yours

War rages in Catalucia, and ahead of the maneuvering armies are the screens of the light infantry. A company of the 18th Al-Garvey Foot are getting ready to make camp after a hard march, having found the abandoned possessions of a previous fleeing populace when they are set upon by the 1o Condottierie. While the Goblins outnumber the elite Wild Elves, they are outgunned by the huge Ogre Rifles the Elves carry… which have very long ram rods for reloading. Can they hold the barricades for ten turns without losing too many troops? Find out in this full, three-page Flintloque scenario for two players or one solo player. Click here to download from our website storage. There are links into this scenario to download other free files for Wild Elves and the Tuscani, with rules for their use.

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We have a "free downloads" page on the website which has links to more than 100 free files for our game systems. Downloads for Furioso, U.S.E.M.E., and of course, Flintloque and Slaughterloo. Have a browse and enjoy!

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